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  1. ChristianB

    Disturbing Blockbuster Situation

    Although as one who also lives pretty much by "the rule of principle", I have some questions. 1. WHY do customers always think that they are entitled to some form of compensation for *their* inconvenience? Just so I get this straight - you had The Big Lebowski before July 25, when you decided...
  2. ChristianB

    "Smokin' Aces"...

    Love the film, haven't watched my DVD yet. For some strange reason Best Buy (here in town - up here in Canada) is charging $2 MORE for the Widescreen version. :rolleyes
  3. ChristianB


    They've even taken a cue from Rocky Balboa's title and the film is now called John Rambo.
  4. ChristianB

    Six more Universal HD DVD titles for 5/29/07

    The Big Lebowski!!!! sweet!!!!
  5. ChristianB

    Flags of Our Fathers Collector's Edition Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

    Finally! Been holding off buying the bare-bones initial release...
  6. ChristianB

    Criterion Press Release: April Titles

    APRIL RELEASES: 381: La Haine (1995; Matthieu Kassovitz) 382: Overlord (1975; Stuart Cooper) 383: Brute Force (1947; Jules Dassin)
  7. ChristianB

    New "Tango and Cash" on 1/30/07?

    Sounds like more catalogue repricing to me?
  8. ChristianB

    The Dr. Mabuse Collection from Image

    Image has delayed the release to January 23.
  9. ChristianB

    Quality of Warner Bros. 80's/early 90's action movies?

    Still hoping Warner re-releases Showdown In Little Tokyo in widescreen... :D
  10. ChristianB

    Widescreen Movie that don't fit right on the screen.

    I believe the Bonnie & Clyde DVD has one side in Widescreen (non-anamorphic) and the other in Full Screen.
  11. ChristianB

    replacing all of my non-anamorphic titles

    Region 1: a clockwork orange - no anamorphic DVD exists as far as I know? beautiful girls - no anamorphic DVD exists as far as I know? blair witch project - no anamorphic DVD exists as far as I know? boondock saints - 024543233879 - that UPC is for UMD for PSP - try this UPC...
  12. ChristianB

    Future Shop's Boxing Week - BD/HD-DVD 2 for 1 sale!

    I noticed they have dramatically jacked up pricing too for this "deal" Miami Vice went from $32.99 to $54.99 (!) - no thanks!
  13. ChristianB

    International Retailers for HD-DVDs?

    Starstruck Entertainment at Sherway Gardens (just west of Toronto) presently imports HD-DVDs - as they had Reign of Fire and Harry Potter.... Call them at 416-695-2743
  14. ChristianB

    Criterion's Eclipse line

    Criterion: March 13, 2007 Fires On The Plain (Kon Ichikawa) The Burmese Harp (Kon Ichikawa) March 20, 2007: The Naked City (Jules Dassin) Eclipse: March 27, 2007 Early Bergman: Eclipse Series 1 5-Disc set includes: Torment, Crisis, Port Of Call, Thirst and To Joy
  15. ChristianB

    New Editions of Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch and Wardrobe for the holidays

    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is slated for release in 2008.
  16. ChristianB

    Lion's Gate to Continue to Release Republic Library

    I believe The African Queen is Fox?
  17. ChristianB

    A new low from Fox for bilingual covers in Canada...

    Unfortunately, DVDs are treated just like any other "packaged good" available for sale in stores.
  18. ChristianB

    Cars: November 7

    Perhaps they're saving the extras for the inevitable Blu-Ray release?
  19. ChristianB

    "Lords of War" :lame dvd is wrong AR

    I believe Lionsgate quietly fixed this. I think they just covered the part where they tell you of the "DVD SCREEN FORMAT" with a new sticker stating 2.40:1 (thanks for the reminder - I still have to get mine switched).
  20. ChristianB

    Warning..John Wayne/John Ford Canadian Edition

    Stagecoach was always N/A in Canada. It was treated as an import DVD. There's no French language track on the DVD anyway so it wouldn't have been an issue. Christian
  21. ChristianB

    Since when did Warner go bilingual on the Canadian covers?

    This whole bilingual packaging issue has been on-going since Feb of 2002 when Hardball was released from Paramount. DVDs are nothing more than packaged goods and are bound by the same laws for other packaged goods. Simply put, if the DVD has a French language track, then the DVD has to have...
  22. ChristianB

    Any idea when the new Curious George DVD arrives?

    Never said you doubted me dude, but I do work in the "biz" :)
  23. ChristianB

    Any idea when the new Curious George DVD arrives?

    I work for a video distributor, so I asked :)
  24. ChristianB

    Any idea when the new Curious George DVD arrives?

    September 2006
  25. ChristianB

    Criterion Olivier Shaeksphere Set in August

    July 18:
  26. ChristianB

    Dazed And Confused: Criterion?

    Chapters And Song Guide ...Page 2 Cast And Credits ...Page 4 "Dream On" ...Page 8 "The '70s Obviously Sucked-Not! (Or At Least Not The Music, Anyway)" ...Page 16 "Not So Long Ago, But Very Far Away" ...Page 26 "The Spirit Of '76" ...Page 32 "Profiles In Confusion" ...Page 58 About The...
  27. ChristianB

    Dazed And Confused: Criterion?

    I have a sample of the Dazed And Confused packaging here and it's very nice. It's a digipack style case with an outer sleeve (similiar to Mr. Arkadin). Inside there's the folded collectible poster and the 72-page book. :)
  28. ChristianB

    Dazed And Confused: Criterion?

    FYI, the DVD will have both English 5.1 and DTS 5.1 tracks - there will be no stereo track included on the DVD... :) The "sell sheet" I got from my distributor states this.
  29. ChristianB

    Basic Instinct sequel back on?

    It's a sequel that even warranted, is about a decade too late... glad this tanked!!