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  1. Shaun Graham

    question: cranking the volume on my H/K

    Thanks to everyone for your replies. Mike is getting to the heart of what I was asking, and I think that might have been a little unclear in the original post. I was worried that because it seemed I was having to turn up my receiver much more than the Sony to achieve the same SPL (this I was...
  2. Shaun Graham

    question: cranking the volume on my H/K

    I have a question about an older receiver I have, the Harmon/Kardon AVR 225, which I bought a few years ago and which I have enjoyed immensely. It's powering 5 JBL Studio Series speakers (S38s, S-center, and S26s) and a Parts Express 120w sub. I've never heard the thing clip, despite running...
  3. Shaun Graham

    JBL decision - comments please

    I have setup 3, minus a rear center channel, and I love 'em. I haven't tried the S38s as center, so I can't comment, but the S-Center is a great speaker. But unless you know something I don't, I think you'll have some real trouble finding any of these speakers..they're all discontinued. You...
  4. Shaun Graham

    Appreciable audio difference b/w DVD players?

    I realize that the video capabilities of DVD players vary widely, depending on the de-interlacer chip a particular player uses and whatnot. But is there a significant audio difference between players, not counting DVD-A/SACD? This is assuming you're using the DD/DTS decoder of your receiver and...
  5. Shaun Graham

    Static sound in speakers

    Your problem is one i've experienced, and it seems to be a common one with a common theory attached to it: it's the DVD itself that is the problem. Supposedly if the master recording levels aren't set right, there is distortion on the source material as it is recorded. Run a search for...
  6. Shaun Graham

    H/K AVR-225 vs. H/K AVR-230

    A few other significant advantages of the 230 over the 225: -audio pre-outs (to add an external amplifier) -component video switching -increased bass management controls (crossover for the 225 is fixed at 100hz) That first one would probably be the biggest factor to justify the price...
  7. Shaun Graham

    Hk Avr 225

    Yes, the 225 crossover is fixed at 80 hz.
  8. Shaun Graham

    Upgrade-H/KAVR225 to AVR630

    *edit* just read earlier post about 7200, oops.
  9. Shaun Graham

    Distortion in DVD dialogue...any guesses?

    I just got The Rock: Criterion today and to my dismay discovered the soundtrack has similar problems peppered throughout. I find it hard to believe that the DVD studios could consistently make an error that is obvious on the systems they intended the DVDs to be shown on: high-quality home...
  10. Shaun Graham

    Choosing entry reciever

    Just to throw another one out there, the Harman/Kardon AVR-125 can be found refurbished for $230 shipped at It's authorized retailer too so it will carry the same 2 yr warranty as if it was new. I have the 225, which is basically the same unit except for OSD and an extra...
  11. Shaun Graham

    Distortion in DVD dialogue...any guesses?

    Thanks to both of you. Scott, as you said I found a bunch of threads on this same issue (the one time I don't do a search :rolleyes:) They're below if anyone's interested.
  12. Shaun Graham

    Distortion in DVD dialogue...any guesses?

    I am using a Harmon/Kardon AVR-225 connected to a JBL S-Center and a pair of S26's via 14 ga Home Depot speaker wire. The AVR is connected to a cheap Norcent DVD player by digital coax. I've had the whole system less than 6 months. Okay, here comes the question. On certain parts of movies...
  13. Shaun Graham

    H/k Avr125

    Yes, the "z" in the 125-z means it is a refurbished product from Harman Audio.
  14. Shaun Graham

    What is bitstream PCM???

    From Crutchfield, I find the following: "PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) The digital audio signal format used for Compact Discs. Digital outputs on DVD players are often labeled "Bitstream/PCM" because they can send the Dolby Digital or DTS bitstream from a DVD, or the PCM bitstream from a CD."...
  15. Shaun Graham

    JBL vs. Infinity .. what's the deal ?

    You can find those speakers chepaer than that...I just picked up a pair of S26's at JandR for $150 and an S-Center for $150 too...both free shipping.
  16. Shaun Graham

    HK AVR125 or AVR225

    The "EZ-Set" feature on the 225 is handy too if you don't have an SPL meter like myself...but I agree with Chris; save the (insignificant) 10 watts per channel and the OSD they're the same. Check out SoundCity for cheap 125 refurbs, they're an authorized dealer, too.
  17. Shaun Graham

    S26's as large?

    Thanks, Phil. They sounded great but I just wanted to make sure. Good to put my mind at ease.
  18. Shaun Graham

    S26's as large?

    I'm just starting out in Home Theater, right now I'm using JBL's S26II's as mains and a Harman/Kardon AVR225 as the receiver. I don't have a subwoofer just yet. I was wondering if running such bookshelf speakers as mains and set as "large" on the receiver could damage them while playing movies...
  19. Shaun Graham

    Damaged driver in speaker?

    Thanks. To make a long story short, after 3 hours at Fry's trying to get them exchanged for the same speakers, I ended up just getting a refund since they said the speakers are now discontinued and none of their stores have them in stock. It's a shame cause I liked them while I had them, but can...
  20. Shaun Graham

    ONKYO HT-650 help!

    First you're going to want to upgrade that speaker wire...the stuff that comes with the system is crap. I have the same system and bought 50 ft of 14 gague wire at Home Depot for $10, and the sound improvement is evident. As for the other interconnects, there are people on these forums that...
  21. Shaun Graham

    Damaged driver in speaker?

    I'm using Onkyo's HTiB HT500 speakers connected to an old Sony STR-D615 receiver. I only have the two fronts connected at the moment (for music listening), and the left one is giving me pause. Compared to the right one, its bass response is pitiful and the bass it does put out is cracked and...
  22. Shaun Graham

    A couple questions on max power

    Thanks for the info Michael. I suppose Reference Level will have to wait until my budget allows for it...and even then 105 or 115 db sounds uncomfortably loud to me. Oops, excuse the pun. :)
  23. Shaun Graham

    A couple questions on max power

    I currently have Onkyo's HT500 HTiB 5.1 speakers hooked up to a Pioneer 811S receiver. The Pioneer is 100 W per channel for 8 ohm speakers and the Onkyo fronts, surrounds, and center are all 8 ohms rated at 100 W maximum power. Seems about right. I have two questions: 1) In the manual, I...
  24. Shaun Graham

    Subwoofer connection question

    That would work...except the sub doesn't have L/R inputs; it only has a single subwoofer cable connection, one that would be connected by an RCA male to male cable. Is there another option?
  25. Shaun Graham

    Subwoofer connection question

    I was wondering if it is possible or feasible or both to connect a new subwoofer with only a subwoofer cable connection to an older reciever without a dedicated subwoofer connection; it only has inputs for 2 fronts, a center, and 2 surrounds. I've read something about connecting the subwoofer in...
  26. Shaun Graham

    What kind of surround sound can I get for $4-500?

    Mike, I can't actually vouch for any equipment but I too have been looking into a home theater at around your price range. I've been looking around these forums and on other sites like CNet and seem to have found a set of highly regarded components for quite a value. Here's what I have...
  27. Shaun Graham

    A prospective home theater...comments appreciated

    Thanks everyone for your comments, as for some of your questions:
  28. Shaun Graham

    A prospective home theater...comments appreciated

    I'm a poor college student working on a limited budget, so I'm trying to put together a system that will suffice what I like to think are audiophile ears but leave some room to grow as well. Here's what I have lined up, I'd appreciate if people could help me decide on a reciever or give...