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  1. Adam Ray

    Athena Point5 6-Piece Surround Package

    Well I recently just purchased the athena as-f1 and the center channel from best buy. I waited to test the fronts out before purchasing the rears as-b1. Needless to say I will be completing my athena package this weekend by picking up the rears. I am really impressed with the price and the WOW...
  2. Adam Ray

    Finnaly down to Three... Ascend, Athena, Paradigm... HELP

    Its really down to the following Ascend Acoustics with the new center channel Athena with the fronts being the AS-F1 and the smaller bookshelf models for surrounds and the Center to go along and finnaly Paradigm Mini Monitors for fronts and surrounds then the comperable center...
  3. Adam Ray

    Kenwood 6070 Problems?

    Today I finnaly set down to exercise my kenwood 6070 with some cd's. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks for DVDs only (which it has performed great). Well today during each song I noticed that when only music was playing the volume was nice and loud but when the singer started singing...
  4. Adam Ray

    Paradigm monitor question

    Does anyone have the monitor3s. If so how do you like them. Also how does this look for a speaker setup. Paradigm Monitor 3s front Paradigm Mini Mon surrounds Paradigm Center ... havent decided and possibly a SVS sub.... How much can the monitor3s and the mini mons be had for, thanks.
  5. Adam Ray

    Paradigm Mini Monitor price?

    How are the mini mon. I am really looking for new speakers and just wondering how you guys like them
  6. Adam Ray

    Kenwood VR-6070 closeout at BB: worth it?

    All I know is that back in November Sound and Vision did a review of the 6070 when it was around 600 bucks. THEY WERE ENAMORED WITH IT. Of course they stated the flaws in HD video switching but for someone like me with enough inputs on the back of their tv, I dont care. I am happy that I bought...
  7. Adam Ray

    center channel for a VR6070

    You may want to also post this in the reciever section of the forums. I know there are several 6070 owners over there, Myself included. I am unable to help because I have yet to upgrade speakers and am still running a cheap sony 5.1 setup.
  8. Adam Ray

    Release Dates for new Plaques

    Does anyone know when they are finnaly going to release those new Dolby Digital Ex and DTS EX plaques. I am dying to get this in my HT. I keep going to but it still says "coming soon". Does anyone have any more info. Thanks.
  9. Adam Ray

    Kenwood 6070 THX Receiver $279

    I picked one up NEW at best buy today for 320.... LOVE IT.... and this thing really pushes some nice power.
  10. Adam Ray

    Most powerful receiver under $500

    David James, I have found that kenwood reciever at a local best buy for 329. How has yours worked out for you. I am highly considering this reciever and would like to hear your opinion
  11. Adam Ray

    Need advice on Kenwood 6070 or a new reciever for that matter

    Well the right now I am only running a 5.1 setup. This reciever offers 6.1 so I would be set for future setup. The reciver offers DD DTS and THX. All those are great but really means nothing if the sound isnt clear and the reciever is cheaply built. I appriciate quailty and I guess I just dont...
  12. Adam Ray

    Need advice on Kenwood 6070 or a new reciever for that matter

    o.k. My current reciever is a 3 1/2 year old sony that only has Prologic 1 /// dd 5.1..... VERY cheap. I have been saving up here recently for a new reiever to go along with my toshiba sd4800 and Mitsu 55511. I usually use my reciver for 90% DVD, HT, DVD A.... and about 10% for music cds...