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  1. Jim Beaver

    Tales of the Gold Monkey in the works ?

    I too am intertested if there are any updates on this. I really want to see this show.
  2. Jim Beaver

    Runaway coming to DVD!

    I'm very excited. I've been waiting for a DVD since I missed the show when it first aired. I can only hope that news for DVDs of Smith, Thief, Vanished and The Nine are right around the corner. I missed those shows the first time around as well.
  3. Jim Beaver

    Shows Sony Need To Release on DVD

    I'm really happy that The Real Ghostbusters has come out and I'm hoping that for 2009 Sony realeases the following Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot Phenom Werewolf Sleepwalkers It's Your Move The $treet Cupid
  4. Jim Beaver

    CBS releases!! Great. Other shows they need to release

    I'm really glad that Dave's World and Jake and the Fatman is selling well and continueing. I'm also glad that Friday the 13th has come out and Tales From The Darkside is on the way but there is just two things I want from Paramount and I would be a happy man and they are Sightings Do Over...
  5. Jim Beaver

    Tales of the Gold Monkey in the works ?

    That really sucks that it's been put on hold. I was really looking forward to this. Hopefully it gets worked out and fastracked on DVD. Has anyone else heard more on this? Dave or Gord perhaps?
  6. Jim Beaver

    Is burn-on-demand the future?

    I'm also curious if some of the titles will be given a mainstream release. I think this is quite a neat idea and a good way to get many obscure titles that may not get released out on DVD. I personally would love to see many Canadian shows such as "Edison Twins", "The Little Vampire", "An...
  7. Jim Beaver

    Likelihood of new shows coming to DVD?

    I wanted to bring this up again as it is now a year later. What new tv shows from this season would you like on DVD. I'm hoping that we hear news for Pushing Daisies, Journeyman, Life, New Amsterdam, Breaking Bad, Aliens in America and Chuck soon.
  8. Jim Beaver

    I guess no more of the Nickelodeon Rewind Collection?

    Is there any status on Nick Rewind Collection? Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts are currently on the top ten unreleased list over at tvshowsondvd. I can't believe they haven't been released yet. Not to mention Are You Afraid of the Dark, You Can't Do That On Television, Doug, Rocko's Modern...
  9. Jim Beaver

    Any news/rumors re: Reaper, Journeyman??

    I hope so. It's always nice whether a show is cancelled or not to have the complete series or season set available. Journeyman is owned by Fox so they might put out a complete series. Reaper is owned by ABC and it's fate is still yet to determined if if comes back for another season. I really...
  10. Jim Beaver

    CBS releases!! Great. Other shows they need to release

    I'm so excited that Jake and the Fatman and Dave's World are finally coming out. Now if only Sightings and Do Over can follow. C'mon, Paramount don't let me down.
  11. Jim Beaver

    Any news on Standoff (2006) or Saved (2006)

    I'm hoping that Saved will come out on DVD. I was looking forward to watching it because of Tom Everett Scott (who I really like) so I was really disappointed when not only was the show cancelled but there's also no DVD in sight.
  12. Jim Beaver

    Tales of the Gold Monkey in the works ?

    Is anyone else hoping to here more news on this soon? I'm pretty psyched for it's release and I hope it's released for summer/fall.
  13. Jim Beaver

    Mad Men DVD Rumor

    Jason, do you think it's as good as Damages? Because Damages was one of the most amazing shows of last year and it would be great if I could sink my teeth into another equally amazing show.
  14. Jim Beaver

    Mad Men DVD Rumor

    I have anxiously anticipating for this show to come on DVD because I have heard so many great things about it. According to this Mad Men blog it will be released on July 1. If this is true, I can't wait. Can Dave or Gord confirm this? Scoop!!! Are we the first to announce? « Basket of Kisses
  15. Jim Beaver

    If you could release 10 shows on DVD for 2008 what would they be?

    Brimstone Sightings The Edison Twins Eyes Line Of Fire Glory Days Do Over Happy Family Run Of The House Jake and the Fatman
  16. Jim Beaver

    CBS releases!! Great. Other shows they need to release

    I don't have alot of titles I want from Paramount but if these were ever finally released I would be a happy man. Sightings Jake and the Fatman Do Over (Not my most most wanted shows but should finally be released anyways) Friday the 13th: The Series Tales From The Darkside Monsters
  17. Jim Beaver

    Most TV shows out on DVD?

    I have to agree. We are nowhere close to having to having everything out yet. In the last few years a lot has come out including some stuff I never thought would see the day but we aren't close by a long shot. Oh, annd Chris I hate to break it to you but Britney & Kevin has been on DVD for...
  18. Jim Beaver

    Crossing Jordan May Be Crossing Over to DVD Sometime This Year

    I wanted to bump this up again. Is anything happening with Crossing Jordan? Is it still tied up with music rights?
  19. Jim Beaver

    Why Isn't Mighty Max Not Yet On DVD?

    Thanks. That's really too bad. Mighty Max is one of the cartoons I have been waiting to be released. I hope the situation gets figured out eventually because it would be a shame if this great show was never released. It seems to have a big fan base as well who would hopefully buy the DVD if...
  20. Jim Beaver

    According to Jim May Finally Be Coming to DVD

    ABC's long running comedy starring Jim Belushi may be coming to DVD next year around January reports TVShowsOnDVD I really hope this comes to fruition as I love this show and have been waiting a couple years for this eventual...
  21. Jim Beaver

    Tales of the Gold Monkey in the works ?

    I hope this is true also as this is one of the many short lived tv series that I have heard about that I really wanted to check out. This show sounds so cool. I'm crossing my fingers this is true.
  22. Jim Beaver

    Likelihood of new shows coming to DVD?

    Well it looks like a fair amount of the new shows are being released, which is great. I love it when a show is released on DVD before the next season. You get a chance to catch up and check it out. You can also add 'Till Death to the list of shows being released as well. I'm surprised I...
  23. Jim Beaver

    Real Ghostbusters DVD Box sets ?

    This is one of my most wanted shows. Every year I cross my fingers that finally Sony will wise up and release this in season sets. Well at least we got 3 best-of DVDs.
  24. Jim Beaver

    Two and a Half Men Season One in September

    I'm looking forward to this. I've been wanting to check out this show for a while. Now if only CBS/Paramount could release New Adventures of Old Christine and I'd be good.
  25. Jim Beaver

    I guess no more of the Nickelodeon Rewind Collection?

    I hope that the Nick Rewind Collection will someday continue. I would love to have Are You Afraid of the Dark? and You Can't Do That on Television on DVD.
  26. Jim Beaver

    The Warner Chat 5/7: Official Discussion Thread

    I was pretty sad but really not that surprised that Warner Bros once again said they had no plans for Brimstone. I ask every year and always get the same response. Sometimes I feel that Brimstone will never be released. Right now this is my most wanted show on DVD, I hope I will finally be able...
  27. Jim Beaver

    State of Grace Television Show

    This is the one that starred Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development right? I never got to see this show, it seemed very interesting though. Sorry I don't know anything about it coming to DVD. But I hope it does. Keep crossing your fingers.
  28. Jim Beaver

    Where are the UPN shows?? (ie-Special Unit 2, Jake 2.0,etc)??

    You know what UPN show I would love to see on DVD? The Burning Zone. I don't really remember much but I'd love to see it again just to see what it's about. I'm still surprised Jake 2.0 isn't out as well.
  29. Jim Beaver

    Eureka: Season 1??

    Like everyone else I've been trying to find out if Eureka is coming on DVD anytime soon. I think I found my answer while browsing Sci-Fi's Eureka boards "Yes, there will be a season 1 dvd. At that FX Con Colin talked about how he was going through all of the deleted scenes and watching them...
  30. Jim Beaver

    Any word yet on Jake 2.0?

    This is another one of those shows I didn't get a chance to watch. I completely forgot about it until I saw this thread. I'd love to see this released just to check this out.