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    need drivers for JBL Pro III

    Out of curiosity, how much was the replacement? Was it the woofer? Thanks
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    need drivers for JBL Pro III

    Out of curiosity, how much was the replacement? Was it the woofer? Thanks
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    Speakers dat don't get no love ...

    Maybe I missed it but how about Phase Technology? I have a pair of PC 8.5's.
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    SVS = Bad Neighbors...?

    Didn't know paper "dishes"would rattle. Guess I'm lucky, neighbors are my landlords and they don't care how loud I crank it. And they feed me too:D :D
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    SVS packaging

    Sorry to hear that. As John said, everytime you think you hear a rattle you'll wonder. SVS is doing an outstanding job in helping you out. I wish all companies were like this. UPS did a number on a pair of Phase Technology PC 8.5's. The guy I bought them from sent me pictures of the speakers...
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    Type of glue use in surround repair?

    I have some gorilla glue but that stuff expands to much. I went ahead and ordered a surround repair kit from Parts Express. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for the help.
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    Type of glue use in surround repair?

    Thank you Robert I've thought about the glue from Parts Express but what I wondered is there any compatible glue I could pick up at a Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. Guess you could say I'm a little antsy to get these speakers making noise:D Happy Holidays to you too.
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    Type of glue use in surround repair?

    Is the glue used in repairing the foam on the surround basket a special type? Why I am is because I have a woofer that the foam has become unglued. It is not rotten or ripped, the glue just let loose. Thanks, Dan
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    4 ohm speaker question

    which Denon do you have? I imagine that I will be making the switch to HK after the years end.
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    4 ohm speaker question

    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Now if we can find a way to ship these without breaking my bank.;)
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    4 ohm speaker question

    Thanks John. The receiver is rated 6 or 8 ohms. I might have misunderstood the whole impedance, ohm, heat issues. If I play the receiver at normal levels would there be a problem? I am not apposed to getting a new receiver but not at this time. As the saying goes, One thing at a time.;)
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    4 ohm speaker question

    I'll be getting a pair of PHase Technology PC 8.5's that I have been told are 4 ohms. My current receiver is a Denon 1602. Will there be any problems running the 4 ohm speakers with this setup? From what I have read I might be looking at an overheating problem. Anything else I should be...
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    Phase Technology PC 8.5

    Thanks! The deal is done. Hopefully I will have them by next weekend. From the pictures I was sent the look to be in excellent condition. Can't wait to hear Keb 'Mo's fingers picking the guitar strings;) I got them for $400 with the option to return the speakers if I don't like them.
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    Phase Technology PC 8.5

    Thank you all for the responses.
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    Phase Technology PC 8.5

    Are you sure? I believe this company has been around for 40+ years.
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    Phase Technology PC 8.5

    I have a chance to buy a pair of Phase Technology PC 8.5's. The only drawback is I won't be able to listen to them as they are several states away. Has anyone heard these before. How do they compare to other speakers. Thanks, Dan
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    I bought the Athena 5 point MKII set...looking for $300.00 Subwoofers now

    sabryan, I am fairly certain that Best Buy only carries the PS-300 sub. I suggest you go back to BB and give it a listen. I am very happy with mine.
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    Help! I need to expand my music horizons!

    You might try Widespread Panic's Bombs & Butterflies and Ball. WSP is a pretty diverse group. A little country rock, a little funk a little hard rock and a lot of jammin'.
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    Ready for a silly question about speakers? Get ready...

    That's not a silly question at all. Dave, out of curiosity, what brand of cleaner do you use?
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    Need your opinions on the Infinity Entra Three

    If the speakers sound good to you, then that's all that matters. I have the entra 2's and think they do a good job. AHowever they are laking in the bass department but a decent sub (Athena AS-P300)makes up for that.
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    Krispy Kreme To Open Outlets in Walmarts

    The wally world where I live has had a KK for a year now. They set up a table outside the entrance way and sale stale donuts. At least it's not out of a white van.:D
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    Anyone have a Denon 1603?

    I'm thinking about getting and would like some opinions about this receiver. Thanks, Dan
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    Newbie needs help! has the Denon 1603 for $199 plus 6 cents shipping. I dont think you can beat that price. I think this would be a great entry level surround unit for you. I have the 1602 and am happy with it. PM me and I will give you the link to that has the denon 1603.
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    Help me choose a Sub

    I have the Athena AS-p300. It's a nice little sub with plenty of power and fairly tight base. If there is a best buy around you go and give it a listen. I demo'd the other subs you have listed and found the Athena to sound tighter, cleaner and powerful.
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    Athena Sub, is it broke?

    Exchanged the sub for another. New one works great but now I'm worried about the plaster cracking.:D
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    Athena Sub, is it broke?

    Hello all!! I guess I'm looking for conformation that the sub is bad before I make the 3 hour round trip to return it.:frowning: I have been known to miss the obvious. I just picked up an Athena AS-P300 sub from Best Buy. Read the instructions hooked it up and nothing.:frowning: The red...
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    Recommend a Sub

    Thanks all for the help and links. I probably could go up to $400. I've checked out Velodyne at Circuit City and JBL at the nearest Best Buy. They sounded OK but a little to boomy. The BB I went to didn't have any Athena but I see BB offers free shipping. Thanks again! Dan
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    Recommend a Sub

    Thanks Chris. I don't have "Champagne taste",:) but I want something that has a tighter bass. I'll check out the link. Dan
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    Recommend a Sub

    What sub in the $300 price range offers the tightest bass? I have a cheap Sony SA-WM20 that's too boomy. Thanks.... Dan
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    DirecTV info needed!

    You can gohere and read up. I'm on a second line from my landlords dish. All equipment is leased which means they do the installation, service and repair. So far it's payed off as in the last year we've had the dish replaced twice, the receivers 3 times. Some places like Radio Shack are giving...