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  1. WinstonCely

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: After Hours (1985) (4k UHD Combo)

    This will be controversial, but this is my favorite Scorsese film. I think his best so far (other than one specific scene) is The Irishman, but I can’t watch this film enough. It hits my comedy bone in the sweet spot, has all the visual Scorsese trademarks I love, and (for me) still deals with...
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    Pre-Order In Bruges (2008) (4k UHD Combo) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    My wife and I love this. So much in fact that when we went to Europe, we actually made a point to stay in the same hotel that’s in the film. (Granted most if not all the interior scenes in the movie are on a stage.) it really is a great place, and we went to the top of the tower and there is a...
  3. WinstonCely

    UHD Review A Few Words About While we Wait for A few words about...™ No Time to Die -- in 4k UHD

    I would only compare it to the other Bond films in terms of filmmaking, not in terms of Bond films. In terms of filmmaking, yeah, hands down the best. In terms of Bond films it's the best of Craig.* I don't really buy into comparing Bond films across actors because most of the time the tone...
  4. WinstonCely

    How do you explain your love of physical media in an era of streaming?

    I remember having this discussion a number of years ago on the cusp of Netflix starting its streaming service. For me, other than the obvious reasons of picture and audio quality being superior on disc (I just wrote about this a few months ago when I compared a “remastered/updated” version of...
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    Blu-ray Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Shawshank Redemption -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    I listen to that podcast and can confirm he has mentioned it a number of times.
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    Press Release WHV Press Release: The Shawshank Redemption (1994) (4K UHD)

    I wonder if they consulted with Roger Deakins on this release. I’ve been listening to his podcast and he’s been rather upset with the previous releases.
  7. WinstonCely

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ National Lampoon's Animal House -- in 4k

    True. I tell this to my students all the time because they always want to write funny short films. “Be careful. It’s way easier to make a bunch of different people cry than it is to make those same people laugh. Sadness is universal, humor is not.”
  8. WinstonCely

    Blu-ray Review Mission: Impossible 25th Anniversary Edition

    Sorry, but I’m a bit confused. Is this not the same Blu-ray that’s packaged with the 4K?
  9. WinstonCely

    Press Release PHE Press Release: Friday The 13th 8-Movie Collection (Blu-ray)

    I wish they would let Buechler do a directors cut of 7. Other than some brief nudity and language, I’m surprised it’s got an R rating. It’s pretty tame. My dad worked on that one and told me how they did a lot of the special makeup effects. He was really bummed not to see them in the finished film.
  10. WinstonCely

    International Studio Canal Basic Instinct Restoration (Blu-ray)

    I've been seeing articles stating that Sharon Stone is unhappy that a "XXX directors cut" is going to be released. Essentially stating that she was too inexperienced as an actor at the time to stand up for herself in terms of the nudity and what she was asked to do on screen. Is this release...
  11. WinstonCely

    Goodfellas: HBO max vs 2010 BLu-ray

    The colors look very muddy; as though it's a bad VHS copy. It didn't look HD at all. From my understanding, the first film has had numerous problems with home video releases in terms of massive tampering with the color, especially in the scenes that take place in the "matrix" itself. I can...
  12. WinstonCely

    Goodfellas: HBO max vs 2010 BLu-ray

    Going on long with this theme, I watched The Matrix last night on HBO max and it looked dreadful as well.
  13. WinstonCely

    Goodfellas: HBO max vs 2010 BLu-ray

    Oh wow! That's not cool. Granted, this all reminds me of a conversation I had with some friends when Netflix was first making its big transition to mostly streaming. I am an advocate for physical media for image and audio quality, while my friends are advocates of streaming because of ease...
  14. WinstonCely

    Goodfellas: HBO max vs 2010 BLu-ray

    Thank you for the clarification! I like the idea of changing those small details to make a movie more period accurate, but I was worried that the color had been changed too in order to reflect a more modern aesthetic. The color change in the Final Cut of Blade Runner was the only thing that...
  15. WinstonCely

    Goodfellas: HBO max vs 2010 BLu-ray

    So, as it is Henry Hill day (May 11th) I was watching Goodfellas. That being said, I was being lazy and instead of getting my 2010 blu-ray out, I was watching on HBO Max. Right off the bat, the Hue, Contrast and focus were off. It looked as though a bronze filter has applied that turned...
  16. WinstonCely

    UHD Review The Shining (1980) UHD Review

    Wow, there are like 3 pages of this thread just for the aspect ratio...... again...... I just watched the blu-ray packaged with the UHD release last night. It was amazing until one very specific shot when Jack first talks with Llyod. The shot directly after Jack takes his first "drink" we cut...
  17. WinstonCely

    Mortal Kombat (2021)

    I actually really enjoyed it, granted I had no anticipation of it rising above a B movie, and this was definitely a B movie. That being said, I also felt like they finally got a Mortal Kombat movie right. Not to mention the ridiculous over-the-top violence was a blast... if you're into that...
  18. WinstonCely

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Mad Max – in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    "It’s an extremely low budget affair, neither well directed (by George Miller)... It simply exists." I couldn't disagree more. I use the opening of this up to The Nightrider's death as an example of how to quickly and efficiently introduce characters without the need for massive amounts of...
  19. WinstonCely

    UHD Review Full Metal Jacket UHD Review

    One wonders if there is some new box set coming with new features... Probably not. I suppose as more and more people turn to online sources for titles, the money and time spent in creating special sets with new features are going to become less likely. It is odd that they didn't create a new...
  20. WinstonCely

    We need Coppola do finally issue the Godfather Epic on Blu Ray or UHD. It was released on Laserdisc and needs to be made available on the newer forma

    I wouldn't be surprised if they're going to wait and see how sales of the recut third installment do before they spend more money on the mini-series version. Having just gotten to Boardwalk Empire (yes, I'm super late to that party) I'd be down for a mini-series version of The Godfather story.
  21. WinstonCely

    WHV Press Release: Full Metal Jacket (1987) (4k UHD)

    Based on Kubrick's embrace of newer technology (video assist, computers, lens', etc) I agree that he would be open to the idea of newer technology lending itself to aspect ratio differences. Then again, we're talking about an individual that grew up in a different time than we are, where there...
  22. WinstonCely

    WHV Press Release: Full Metal Jacket (1987) (4k UHD)

    'Cause they wanted to disregard the striking simplicity of the original poster. Not to mention, did anyone else notice they don't have Vincent D'Onofrio's character in the design?! I mean, his character is kind of a big part of the movie... Granted, I actually like the Best Buy metal case...
  23. WinstonCely

    WHV Press Release: Full Metal Jacket (1987) (4k UHD)

    From what I've read it wasn't that Kubrick necessarily wanted it framed for 1.85, it was that he had no alternative. Once the 80's rolled around and the move towards multiplexes which kept the filmmaker from making acute/specific choices in ratio, he had no choice but to ensure that 1.85 was...
  24. WinstonCely

    WHV Press Release: Full Metal Jacket (1987) (4k UHD)

    Does anyone have any idea if this will have the 1.37:1 original aspect ratio, or the cropped 1.85:1? I'm guessing cropped, but HBO Max is currently showing the "boxy" version right now: Granted, this is going to open a...
  25. WinstonCely

    UHD Review Batman UHD Review

    I just watched a Youtube review of this new 4K release, and they noted the horrible blue/teal look that's been added to the 4K release. In fact, when I was looking at comparison footage, it doesn't looke like a good job of the blue/teal look. More like they slapped a LUT on the whole thing and...
  26. WinstonCely

    Onkyo TX-RZ610 Loss of OSD

    Oh, I didn't mention it, but the Quick Menu button will give me an OSD. However, that's only for a few settings, and not the full OSD menu options.
  27. WinstonCely

    Onkyo TX-RZ610 Loss of OSD

    Just thought I'd post back here to update this thread. I still have no OSD with my TX-RZ610. Receiver seems to work fine otherwise. Anyone else have this issue? There are no local certified repair shops near me. I am willing to open it up and check connections on my own. Anyone?
  28. WinstonCely

    UHD Review Batman UHD Review

    I wasn't allowed to see it (I was 9 and my mom thought it was too dark) until I was 12 or 13. Yeah, I liked it then, I like it now, but I agree that it is simply a darker version of the TV series. I totally get that it's a step in the right direction, but I also think that Michael Keaton is...
  29. WinstonCely

    Onkyo TX-RZ610 Loss of OSD

    Update: So, I followed the directions on the Onkyo site to update the firmware via a USB drive, but it didn't work. In fact, the AVR won't give me the option to update the firmware. Because I don't have an OSD to look at on the TV, there is no "greyed out" option, it simply doesn't exist. If...
  30. WinstonCely

    UHD Review 2001: A Space Odyssey UHD Review

    Gotcha. Now, if I can just convince my wife to let me get a 4K TV and player...