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  1. Josh LeClair

    HTF REVIEW: "Willow"

    I almost forgot this was coming out. For those of you that haven't seen it, Sci Fi channel is showing it this sunday and in widescreen.
  2. Josh LeClair

    Plot problem in Toy Story 2 (SPOILERS!)

    The real plot problem with TS 1 and 2 was the fact that the toys frickin TALKED. When the heck did this start happening? Do other people's toys talk to them? Is this normal? Did my toys just not like me??? ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  3. Josh LeClair

    HT in a Box connected to computer???

    Unless his soundcard already has a digital output for outputting surround sound then yes he would need a new soundcard. I've heard of a couple soundcards in the $49 range that have one so you might want to look into that. The only ones that I know of for sure that have it are the SB Live 5.1...
  4. Josh LeClair

    BetterCables vs. Monster 2.4s?

    Not to sound like a complete moron here but could someone possibly point me to a site detailing what bi-wiring is or possibly explain it to me? I'm slowly getting into all of this and heard the term often but don't know what it is.
  5. Josh LeClair

    Cerwin Vega Speaker Package

    Was searching the forum to see if anyone else mentioned these and I turned up a post that said you had already purchased this set.
  6. Josh LeClair

    Is Best Buy Spreading Incorrect Information?

    In all honesty you can't put much blame on most of these BBY employees. Most of the information they relay is shit they probably picked up from their supervisor or senior. BBY REALLY lacks in the area of training and unfortunately it tends to fall on the supervisor to train all incomming...
  7. Josh LeClair

    HTR-5490 for $575 ??

    Thats close to what an employee at best buy pays for it. It's possible that they are simply selling the unit for close to their cost, are authorized retailers even allowed to sell the units at that low of a price?
  8. Josh LeClair

    More info on Yamaha RX-V1200/2200/HTR-5490

    I don't think my Best Buy has gotten them in yet, i'll check when I head in for work later today. As for $899 I can't honestly see them going for that much. As it was the 5280 at the $799 price didn't sell as well as Yamaha had expected, dropping the price to $599 helped move the 5280 a lot...
  9. Josh LeClair

    Enterprise Episode - 1010.01

    I think the accident would of gone over better if he had died. Heck, could of been the first "red shirt" death of the ST universe.
  10. Josh LeClair

    Best Buy adventure

    What department does he work in? If you know for sure he worked in video then yes, rather pathetic. If he worked in any other department then there is no reason he should know. [Edited last by Josh LeClair on October 13, 2001 at 01:27 AM]
  11. Josh LeClair

    OAR vs. Pan & Scan: A call to action

    Another thing. Instead of going after the retailers that tend to only carry P&S and pressure the studio to put every movie out in P&S why not try getting retailers that would have a vested interest in widescreen DVD's sticking around. Best Buy, Circuit City and any other retailer that sells...
  12. Josh LeClair

    Is anyone else as excited about the new "Tick" show on Fox?

    Still haven't seen any preview spots for the show. Does anyone happen to have a link to a place online that has one?
  13. Josh LeClair

    Phantom Menace is OUT (part 2)

    Anyone that happens to know what chain it is please email me at [email protected]
  14. Josh LeClair

    Help me's music that matters to me...who else might I dig?

    You might want to check out Kasey Chambers too. ----edit---- Also check out John Hiatt I should be getting in a new CD in the next couple days titlet "Sputnik and the Angel". Supposedly rather good, i'll let you know in the next couple days. [Edited last by Josh LeClair on October 07, 2001...
  15. Josh LeClair

    What's up with the Klingons?

    Gene didn't have a problem with this. He was still alive and kicking when the first ST movies and TNG shows were being made and had no problem whatsoever with just showing Klingons with the ridges and not bother explaining it. They simply did not have the money, the current writers should not...
  16. Josh LeClair

    What's up with the Klingons?

    Why must everyone have some theory as to why they didn't have ridges before? Just accept it, they couldn't afford to give them ridges, end of story. No surgery, no disease, no silly plot elements, they simply couldn't afford it.
  17. Josh LeClair

    New Yamaha Flagship DSP-AZ1 Details-

    I can only hope that my work (Best Buy) will start carrying the 5490, this does give me a good reason to hold off on my receiver purchase though.
  18. Josh LeClair

    Warner bros chat thread

    Let me just toss in the Babylon 5 season by season box sets.
  19. Josh LeClair

    Please recomend good Over-Ear Headphones.

    Wow, i've never had to wait so long to register for a message board, I feel special :) Back to the topic. You could also check out for a pair of headphones, I picked up the Sennheiser HD 535's for about $30 and their a great pair of headphones.