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  1. Troy Madlem

    Terre Haute, IN??

    I bought my wife's engagement ring in Terre Haute while I was a student at Rose-Hulman. I don't remember the name of the place, but the store was located right downtown on the main street. It was run by an older gentleman and his wife whoe were great to deal with and worked out a pretty good...
  2. Troy Madlem

    any civil / geotechnical engineers among us??

    Here are a couple thoughts on your project. 1. When footings are constructed on fill, engineered fill should be compacted to 97% modified maximum dry density in accordance with ASTM D-1557. When footings are constructed on undistributed native soils, the site is proof rolled with a medium...
  3. Troy Madlem

    Anyone have Expreience Moving an Outdoor Shed?

    Not knowing what your experience/tools available are, but one option not mentioned is to install a couple 4x4 "runners" under the shed, then tow it with a pickup truck. You would want to cut the ends of the runners to sort of resemble the front of a ski so they don't just dig into the ground. As...
  4. Troy Madlem

    Credit problems/Mortgage loan.... Help?

    If you're going to buy a house you'd be better off to purchase it on your own, then if your girlfriend is going to live there let her pay rent on it instead of paying half the mortgage. If you two do end up together the house is paid for and you continue living there. If you split up the...
  5. Troy Madlem

    My Father's Day gift

    Congratulations. :emoji_thumbsup: It looked like for awhile I was going to be getting the same present from my wife but then her labor stopped again and so we wait.
  6. Troy Madlem

    electricians around? need some help.

    I'm afraid I can't help with your problem but if you don't find your answer here I suggest you trying posting over here: They guy that runs the site is a licensed electrician and he quickly (sometimes within a few hours) posts responses to most any...
  7. Troy Madlem

    CSI: MIAMI "Spring Break" (4/28/03)....

    I hear you Nathan. I usually get so damn mad at Horatio that I never see the endings of the show. Both my wife and I are big fans of the original CSI and I keep trying to watch CSI-Miami, but everytime Horatio drives me away. Too bad because the rest of the cast is really pretty good.
  8. Troy Madlem

    Contemplating renting a power rake for the lawn

    In general they work fine for removing all the thatch from your yard. Be warned though, once you finish the job the appearance of your lawn isn't going to be pretty. In the long run I think you'll find your lawn better off from removing the thatch as the healthy grass should spread and fill in...
  9. Troy Madlem

    Have you ever taken a long break from working?

    Hey Wade, we'll be watching for your return to the Hoosier State! We settled into a place just outside a quite little in the northern part of the state. For what one of those "cookie-cutter" tract houses on 1/4 acre in the big city would have cost us we were able to buy a nice ranch house...
  10. Troy Madlem

    Have you ever taken a long break from working?

    Wade, I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the Family Medical Leave Act applies to ALL companies except a few small businesses that employ less than a certain number of people (I want to say 10 but I'm halfway guessing on the #). My mother-in-law took time off when mother-in-law was diagnosed...
  11. Troy Madlem

    MTV Video Music Awards

    Rich - How funny was it when Michael Jackson thought he was being awarded teh "Artist of the Millenium" Award? All they were doing was giving him a cake and some cheesy trophy to celebrate his birthday. Brittany confused him by saying how he was HER artist of the millenium, then it was on. I...
  12. Troy Madlem

    Do you have parking lot sleepers???

    Well said Ryan. My lunch hour is my time so if I wanted to go out to the car to sleep (I don't) its my business. I usually end up eating my lunch at my desk and invariably a call comes in or an architect or other engineer pops in to ask me a "quick" question. I bet alot of the people using...
  13. Troy Madlem

    Texas Don't Call List Sign Up

    We had a similar Do Not Call list start up back in January here in Indiana, only our politicians must not have been sharp enough to think of taxing the list because ours is free. So far so good for us. Since January when the list went into affect, the only marketing calls we've received have...
  14. Troy Madlem

    Now that is sound

    I feel the entire Klipsch Reference line is very revealing. Have you tried listening to a pair of RF-7s yet? When pushed with a quality amp they really open up the soundstage of 2 channel recordings. Just remember garbage in garbage out... Troy
  15. Troy Madlem

    No sound from 16-46+

    Joel, I just posted this over in the thread at HTSpot. I'm running into what appears to be the exact problem with my new CS-Ultra sub. I have a Denon 4800 mated up with a Parasound 1201A monoblock to push it. Even with the sub-out level calibrated at +12dbs I still don't get any bass output...
  16. Troy Madlem

    Looking for Center Speaker Stand

    After trying to purchase a Wood Technology center channel stand (they never responded to any of my emails) I ended up building a stand similar to what Nick did. I picked up a 1"x12"x4'oak board at the local home improvement store for $16 which yielded the top and bottom shelves. Then with a...
  17. Troy Madlem

    where to find crimp style rca connectors?

    The last time I bought Canare rca plugs they were down under $2.50 each. Check-out Have-Inc.
  18. Troy Madlem

    My PLUS has shipped !!

    I finally pulled the trigger on a CS-Ultra Monday morning but UPS played a cruel trick on me. When I checked the tracking number yesterday afternoon they had updated my delivery day from the 31st to the 30th PLUS they showed it was out on the truck for delivery. After staring out my window...
  19. Troy Madlem

    Speaker Stands

    Nice to see some of you guys are having good luck with the Wood-Tech stands. I wanted to order one of the center channel stands, but their online website for orders didn't even list the model I was after.:thumbsdown: After numerous emails to them asking HOW I could order one, I gave up and...
  20. Troy Madlem

    My PLUS has shipped !!

    Jay, I'm in the same boat as you. I just picked up a CS-Ultra yesterday morning. We may stand a fighting chance of getting them this week though. I heard back from Erik at SVS yesterday afternoon that my CS-U should ship out yesterday afternoon or today at the latest and that I should have...
  21. Troy Madlem

    B-Stocks in Stock! 2 1646CS and 1 CS Ultra..

    :emoji_thumbsup: Well that CS-Ultra should be sitting in the corner of my place any day now! I made the mistake of telling myself I'd wait on an SVS UNLESS I happened to stumble across a B-stock CS-Ultra. Well, luck was on my side for once I guess (or working against me depending on my wife's...
  22. Troy Madlem

    Anyone use Boltz shelves?

    Ditto on the dvd racks. Excellent value in my opinion. They also included some spare nuts/bolts in my package so if you happen to lose a couple you're still in good shape. My assembly went pretty fast, maybe 20 minutes or so (much shorter than the time it took to organize all those dvds on...
  23. Troy Madlem

    Can you get ABC HDTV in Indianapolis?

    Hey there Gabe. What part of Indy are you located in? I'm over on the west side in the Eagle Creek area. Our local ABC affiliate is indeed up and running and routinely has their signal on, including the HD lineup as well as upconverts of the standard programming. In fact, I'm a bit suprised...
  24. Troy Madlem

    Curious where to get dish netowrk accessories

    Dish Depot has everything you need along with excellent service and competitive pricing. Call Mark (the owner) at 877-983-DISH with all your questions. He'll get you straightened out, whether you place an order that day or not. Based on my experience, I give him :emoji_thumbsup...
  25. Troy Madlem

    ABC's (mature)

    Kewl! Quite the suprise at the end. I suppose my wife wouldn't appreciate me showing it to our daughter in hopes of teaching her the ABCs.:thumbsdown:
  26. Troy Madlem

    WANTED: Avia

    You've got mail.
  27. Troy Madlem

    FS: Klipsch RC-3 Center Channel

    Having recently upgraded to the Klipsch Reference 7 series, I no longer need my Klipsch RC-3 center channel. This speaker is just over a year old and is in perfect condition, with all manuals & original boxes. With its 97dB efficiency, this center chanel delivers outstanding dynamics with its...
  28. Troy Madlem

    SVS Ron and Tom! What kind of systems do you guys have?

    Having just upgraded to the new Klipsch Reference 7 series speakers from RF-3s, then RP-5s, I can attest to what a drastic improvement they made. You thought the older lines were revealing? Wait till you hear the RF-7s. Even without a lot of tweaking to their position and but a few hours...
  29. Troy Madlem

    Home Theater Furniture?

    I recently added a leather sofa to our theater from the Leather Center. They custom build the furniture to suite your tastes - plus it only takes 3 or 4 weeks for the finished piece to arrive at your doorstep (compared to the more typical 3 to 4 months we found from other dealers). They also...