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  1. Wayne_j

    Twisters (Twister Sequel)

    I just saw this and rewatched the original last night. I think this new one is slightly better because the characters seemed slightly more fleshed out and had less corny things like the flying cow. I like how Chris Stuckmann pointed out in his review that they needed a youtube consultant for...
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    2024 At The Box Office

    My mom and I saw Fly Me To The Moon today, we were the only people in the theater. We both enjoyed the movie but they could have easily trimmed 20 - 30 minutes.
  3. Wayne_j


    I think I heard that the evidence that lead to the report that the prosecution failed to turn over was obtained after Gutierez-Reed's trial so they didn't withhold that evidence from her in her case, only Baldwin's.
  4. Wayne_j

    Weekly RoundUp 7-23-2024

    Risky Business, Fall Guy, and The Lady From Shanghai for me.
  5. Wayne_j

    Weekly RoundUp 7-23-2024

    Yes, that looks nothing like Jaws 3 (or 3D) which takes place at a place like SeaWorld.
  6. Wayne_j

    Shelby Oaks (2024)

    Just acquired by NEON. I watch Chris Stuckmann's youtube videos and am looking forward to seeing this movie.
  7. Shelby Oaks (2024)

    Title: Shelby Oaks Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller Director: Chris Stuckmann Cast: Camille Sullivan, Brendan Sexton III, Michael Beach, Robin Bartlett, Keith David, Charlie Talbert, Emily Bennett, Sarah Durn Release: 2024-07-20 Runtime: 99 Plot: The Paranormal Paranoids, a...
  8. Wayne_j

    R.I.P Shannen Doherty

    She was way too young.
  9. Wayne_j

    John Lennon - Mind Games (The Ultimate Collection) - July 12, 2024

    Something strange is going on with the first CD. It shows up having 90 tracks on both my Oppo and computer as read by ExactAudioCopy. It ripped ok when I only selected the first 12 tracks. The first track starts in what is supposed to be around 3 minutes into the disc. The last 78 tracks are...
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    I'm glad this happened, Baldwin shouldn't have been charged in the first place.
  11. Wayne_j

    John Lennon - Mind Games (The Ultimate Collection) - July 12, 2024

    My 2 disc order from Amazon has shipped.
  12. Wayne_j

    Regal Plans to Upgrade Its Movie Theaters

    That's not up to them.
  13. Wayne_j


    I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. Nice conclusion to the trilogy but less shocking than X and Pearl. This movie took place in 1985 when St. Elmo's Fire was doing well in the cinema and music charts. Also features a re-creation of the Bates Motel and Bates House that characters in the movie...
  14. Wayne_j

    St. Elmo's Fire (1985)

    Mentioned several times in the just released Maxxxine. That movie takes place at the time St Elmo's Fire was in theater and you even hear Casey Kasem introducing the theme song as #1 on America's Top 40.
  15. Wayne_j

    Weekly RoundUp 7-16-2024

    I was wondering what happened to the 16th.
  16. Wayne_j


    Judge rules that Baldwin's role as producer on Rust can't be mentioned to the jury.
  17. Wayne_j

    Weekly RoundUp 7-16-2024

    Maybe Rocky collection and Brokeback.
  18. Wayne_j

    Weekly RoundUp 7-9-2024

    Abigail, Twister, and Doctor Who. I'm always up for Tom Baker.
  19. Wayne_j

    Today 4th July 2024 is Eva Marie Saint's 100th birthday.

    Happy Birthday Eva! She graduated from the same High School as me but several decades earlier. Strangely I did not know this while I was in High School even though I was heavily involved in the theater department.
  20. Wayne_j

    Weekly RoundUp 7-2-2024

    I would consider getting Revival 69 but if I remember right it is a concert that features Yoko screeching for a long time. I'm surprised that Klaus Voormann and not Eric Clapton is on the poster. They were both in the Plastic Ono Band for that event.
  21. Wayne_j

    UHD Review Purple Rain UHD Review

    You might have been too tired due to studying for your finals. The musical performances are incredible.
  22. Wayne_j

    John Lennon - Mind Games (The Ultimate Collection) - July 12, 2024

    John Lennon - Mind Games Ultimate Edition Coming on July 12th, 2024 is the Ultimate Edition of John Lennon's "Mind Games". This set includes 6 CDs and 2 Blu-Rays. The Blu-Rays have all the audio from the set in stereo, 5.1, and Atmos. Images appear or change on the discs and booklet when hit...
  23. Wayne_j

    2024 At The Box Office

    Two Stranger Things stars star in the top two films of the week.
  24. Wayne_j

    Theatrical Thelma (2024)

    I saw this twice in the past week and absolutely loved it. I recommend this for the elderly and adults who live with or work with the elderly. It puts the elderly in a good light.
  25. Wayne_j

    UHD Review Purple Rain UHD Review

    I got this last Tuesday and it looked and sounded great.
  26. Wayne_j

    Official 2024 Oscar Nominations And Discussion Thread

    My biggest problem with gender-neutral categories is that it will cut the number of acting awards in half as well as the number of people who get nominations.
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    R.I.P Donald Sutherland

    I will be watching Animal House tonight.
  28. Wayne_j

    Merrily We Roll Along (2040)

    Here is the Merrily We Roll Along Tony performance.
  29. Wayne_j

    The One...The Only...JAWS

    I'm pretty sure that Jaws was #1 at the box office when I was born.
  30. Wayne_j

    Untitled Star Wars Film (Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy)

    As analyzed in this video: The rumored title comes from a strange feedback loop.