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  1. BarryS

    Question about installing an OS

    Yeah I've heard about VirtualBox. The computer in question is too old and with too little memory to be able to handle that. I think I'm just going to use DBAN, then try to install Ubuntu. It's an old PC that I'm not too worried about, so if it screws up it's no big loss. I appreciate all the...
  2. BarryS

    Question about installing an OS

    If I install Ubuntu on the hard drive as it is right now (majorly screwed up), everything will run okay? The installation will wipe out the virus, or malware (whatever the case may be)? I am unable to get the computer to even recognize a disc in the cd-rom drive. Whatever drive has a cd or...
  3. BarryS

    Question about installing an OS

    Thanks SethH. My plan now is to use DBAN to erase the drive since I can't format it, then install Ubuntu on the fresh clean hard drive. Would that be the easiest way?
  4. BarryS

    Question about installing an OS

    So I have an old PC (Dell Dimension 4400, about 5 or 6 years old) that I believe is virus-infected. I'm not positive it's a virus but I'm pretty sure. The computer doesn't work right at all. It's very very slow. The antivirus software malfuctioned for some reason and it's old and bogged down...
  5. BarryS

    *** Official "INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS" Review Thread

    Four out of four stars. I'm going to try to do this without hyperbole. I'm a huge QT fan and love everything he's ever directed (or written). I love Inglourious Basterds. A lot. I love Tarantino's directing probably more than anything, although certainly his choice of actors, his dialog, music...
  6. BarryS

    Catalogue lovers: best eye candy cinematography?

    Delicatessen or any Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.
  7. BarryS

    *** Official HELLBOY 2: The Golden Army Review Thread

    Loved it. The best assortment of creatures and monsters in any movie since Lord of the Rings. I can't wait to see what Del Toro does with The Hobbit. It will be awesome. The Troll Market scene certainly rivals the Mos Eisley cantina scene from Star Wars.
  8. BarryS

    I'm feeling masochistic: Which Uwe Boll film should I watch?

    Don't do it!!! You have so much to live for!! There's always hope!
  9. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Song Remains the Same: Two-Disc Special Edition

    This release seems to be out of print after only being available for less than 2 months? Does anyone know what the deal is here??
  10. BarryS

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    Everybody's raving about the 5-disc set. I bought the 4-disc set. Is the 5 disc really that much better? It's basically just the packaging and the addition of the workprint version isn't it? I personally didn't see that justifying an additional $20.
  11. BarryS

    *** Official HALLOWEEN (2007) Discussion Thread

    I didn't find her annoying. Annie and Linda on the other hand, did annoy me quite at bit at first, but grew on me. I really grew to like Laurie as the film progressed.
  12. BarryS

    *** Official HALLOWEEN (2007) Discussion Thread

    Yes, I felt she brought a charming innocence to the character and really seemed like a fun-loving teenager as opposed to Jamie Lee Curtis' introverted nerd. Scout just seemed more like a teen girl than Jamie Lee. I know Jamie Lee was only 19 or 20 when the film was made, but she looked like she...
  13. BarryS

    *** Official HALLOWEEN (2007) Review Thread

    I just now saw this so I thought I'd contribute. :star::star:1/2 out of four. I seem to feel the opposite of the general consensus. I mostly hated the first half of Halloween, but really dug the second half. The little blond kid just did not work for me at all. I liked the idea of...
  14. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: Ratatouille

    I agree. I watched Ratatouille on a 16:9 monitor in 480p and it looks beyond amazing. I can't even imagine what 1080p would look like.
  15. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: Ratatouille

    Well, that makes sense, but it still makes me wonder why Disney would risk drawing the ire of parents who just want the movie. Why not release separate 1-disc and 2-disc editions? Let the easily-annoyed parents have theirs, and let us have ours.
  16. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: Ratatouille

    So if that's the reason for the lack of extras (parents being annoyed by 2 discs and not having the movie start up right away) then why are the recent Disney Platinum editions such as Lady and the Tramp and The Jungle Book both two discs loaded with extras? Is Disney only willing to lavish this...
  17. BarryS

    Stanley Kubrick is overrated

    This is very, very true. A former coworker of mine used to proclaim anything that he had a distaste for as being overrated. Such as Clerks, or A Clockwork Orange, or Pulp Fiction. I say, that may be, but hype or critical praise doesn't change the movie. The movie is what it is. Kubrick's films...
  18. BarryS

    Rob Zombie's Halloween coming on December 18

    I will probably buy this. I'm a big Rob Zombie fan and it looks like a sweet DVD package. I'm glad there's a director's cut. From the very mixed reviews, I got the impression that the film could use some tweaking.
  19. BarryS

    Criterion Bottle Rocket?

  20. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF Review: Death Proof - Extended and Unrated

    Question for Death Proof fans: I remember hearing about a scene where Abernathy, Kim and Lee go to the airport to pick up Zoe. I think a brief clip of it is in one of the trailers and I've seen pictures of it too. I expected it to be in the extended Death Proof cut, but it's not. They...
  21. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: Planet Terror - Extended & Unrated

    If you intend to buy Death Proof and Planet Terror, now is the time. But get them separately. Each one includes a $5.00 off coupon for the other. Curiously, the Grindhouse logo still appears at the beginning of Planet Terror. I would have thought they would have removed it.
  22. BarryS

    New Kubrick SE's

    The new Kubrick DVDs are just a week away. I'm surprised that the conversation has died down. I'm most excited about getting A Clockwork Orange. I used to have the old DVD (the old, old one. Not the remastered one). I haven't seen the movie in a long time so I'm really looking forward to...
  23. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: Planet Terror - Extended & Unrated

    I will definitely be buying it, especially the Death Proof DVD had the $5 off coupon. I liked Death Proof better, but Planet Terror still kicks ass. The opening credit sequence - Rose McGowan's dance routine with Rodriguez's music playing - is just amazing. It gives me goosebumps. And the rest...
  24. BarryS

    A film you think is underrated, and critically ignored.

    I'll say Oliver Stone's Alexander. I just watched the "Final Cut" version and found it to be a beautiful, fascinating epic. I love the period detail, it really feels like 300 BC. The two battle scenes are amazing, the acting pretty good for the most part (a couple of performances are less than...
  25. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF Review: Death Proof - Extended and Unrated

    You never call a Kiwi an Aussie..... unless you want to get your ass kicked... But seriously... As far as Tarantino's feelings regarding adapting other people's material, I can understand what he means. He certainly likes to create his own characters and situations. However, there are plenty...
  26. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF Review: Death Proof - Extended and Unrated

    Yes. Death Proof is "Blockbuster Exclusive" because it's a Weinstein Company release. Other rental outlets have to buy the movie retail in order to rent it. The Blockbuster version is just a single disc version with no extras except for an exclusive Hot Rods of Death Proof featurette.
  27. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF Review: Death Proof - Extended and Unrated

    Yes, Tarantino talks about that in the DVD extras. He mentions that the scene with McGraw was intended be his version of the psychologist scene in Psycho. In case you haven't watched the extras...
  28. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF Review: Death Proof - Extended and Unrated

    Black and white films that involve a killer stalking female victims, sure. Psycho is certainly one of my favorite movies. It has been ripped off repeatedly by many of the "pscyho killer" movies of the past 40 years. You don't have to look too hard to see traces of Hitchcock's film in many other...
  29. BarryS

    DVD Review HTF Review: Death Proof - Extended and Unrated

    Thanks a ton for posting that, John. That was fascinating. I do hope there is a part three!