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  1. Evan Case

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Lawrence of Arabia -- in Blu-ray

    Preparing to dive into everything right now. My thanks to Sony, RAH, Mr. Crisp and all who've made this possible. Quite pleased with my film frame. Not the most visually sumptuous image, but it features my second favorite line from the film (after "Nothing is written"), and one of the early...
  2. Evan Case

    BFI Sight & Sound 2012 List (Greatest Movies)

    Adam, thanks for compiling the entire list. You are correct, that website is relentlessly counterintuitive to us list-makers. :) Evan
  3. Evan Case

    BFI Sight & Sound 2012 List (Greatest Movies)

    Well, only 2/3 of the way through Satantango thanks to my 1-disc-at-a-time Netflix subscription. Thoughts so far: It's 7 hours and it definitely feels it. Some interesting things seem to be brewing and I liked seeing several of the same plot highlights presented from the POV of different...
  4. Evan Case

    Sight and Sound (2002) Greatest Films Club

    I remember that 1930s thread, as well as that one participant who called us all xenophobes because we had not listed a number of German films that had to that point been extremely hard-to-find in the United States. I loved Berlin Alexanderplatz. Even to this day, there are many moments from...
  5. Evan Case

    BFI Sight & Sound 2012 List (Greatest Movies)

    Only two from this Top 50 that I need to see Sátántangó - At 450 minutes, I hope it's more Berlin Alexanderplatz and less Jeanne Dielman Histoire(s) du cinéma - Appears to be a series of films by Godard, not currently available on Netflix. Stange that a set of different films would make it...
  6. Evan Case

    Sight and Sound (2002) Greatest Films Club

    City of Sadness, A Traveling Players Voyage to Italy Floating Clouds Los Olvidados (have on VHS from TCM) Time to Live and the Time to Die, The Black God, White Devil India Song (on Youtube as of a few months ago) Mother and the Whore (Youtube) Providence Through the Olive Trees And Life...
  7. Evan Case

    Sight and Sound (2002) Greatest Films Club

    Well, this is a blast and a half from the past... I still have the 2002 list on my computer and I'm down to 19 left to see. Let's see, since my last update in 2003... :o Shadows, The Devils, Woman Under the Influence, Pandora’s Box, The Tingler, woman next door, once upon a time america, kind...
  8. Evan Case

    Vivendi and RHI Press Release: Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection

    Oh, now this is something I've been waiting for for over a decade! I bought each of the silent film discs as they were released back in the late 90s, but my talkie fix had to rely on thrice-dubbed SLP-recordings from AMC and an ever-weakening and forlorn hope that my favorite comedies of...
  9. Evan Case

    Beatles in Mono.

    Well, I was first in line at my Best Buy today and I didn't get a set (I was not even looking for the Mono box especially). Didn't see it on the display pallet at first glance and headed to music section instead. Came back 30 seconds later to find all the boxsets had been on a side of the...
  10. Evan Case

    2009 MLB Thread

    Manny being Barry. Man, I hope my guy, Ryan Howard, is clean. He comes from a naturally big family and has never even been mentioned in any rumors, but you can just never tell nowadays. Being a fan in the "Steroid Era" sucks. Evan
  11. Evan Case

    *** Official STAR TREK (2009) Discussion Thread

    Apparently, classic Trek fans are none too happy! Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable' | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  12. Evan Case

    Jules Dassin passes away at 96!

    Rififi is simply one of the greatest films of all-time, and certainly unmatched in its genre. The 25-minute, all-but-silent heist sequence is more heart-pounding than any smash cut modern action sequence you can name. If Dassin had made no other great films, I would mourn his passing for...
  13. Evan Case

    2007 MLB Season

    Phinally! :) Evan
  14. Evan Case

    Porgy and Bess screens in LA

    Had to wait until today to pre-order tickets for this (to see who else could get off work, etc.). Good thing too, because every show except Thursday at 8 p.m. was already sold out. I figured I'd be all right, as the Ziegfeld is a huge theater, but I certainly underestimated just how many...
  15. Evan Case

    Rio Bravo and The Cowboys to HD DVD/Blu-ray on June 5th

    So is Rio Bravo HD going to be feature-less? If so, I'm going to a have a difficult choice between the 2-disc standard def version for $13 or a barebones HD-DVD in the $20s. Evan
  16. Evan Case

    Universal, we might have a problem - Children of Men (pls. ignore posts before #22)

    No issues. Amazon-purchased, viewed with the X-Box player. Evan
  17. Evan Case

    Review for Bonnie and Clyde?

    Amazingly, it looks like we're still waiting for this film to be re-released as a special edition (to say nothing of HD). I just got the 1997 snapper version of this classic for my birthday (I had held off on purchasing for years in anticipation of a great Warner 2-disc set) and I'm wondering...
  18. Evan Case

    Worst DVD covers!

    The new Full Monty cover... Quality paste work on those heads! Evan
  19. Evan Case

    Betty Hutton has passed away!

    RIP, Mrs. Ratzkywatzky. Evan
  20. Evan Case

    2006 NFL Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    Some tough choices for me this week: At QB: Brady vs. Jets Romo @ Cardinals Both are comparably poor pass defenses, Romo's been hot so far on my bench, but I keep expecting the other shoe to drop. Brady had been consistently at 18-20 all year for me, then scores 36 vs. the Vikes...
  21. Evan Case

    Disney's Robin Hood: Most Wanted Edition - 11/28/06!!

    No, but there may be one by an "Emilio Epson". ;) Evan
  22. Evan Case

    Little Rascals (Our Gang) DVD's...

    I'm wondering if the Laughsmith set will be predominantly composed of the silent Our Gang comedies, being as how many of Laughsmith's prime contributors are members of the self-described "silent mafia." While I definitely pine for more of the 30s' output, I'm just as interested in the silent...
  23. Evan Case

    New Laurel & Hardy

    Anyone know yet what the B&M prices are going to be for this set? If they're at or above $30, I think I'll go with Amazon ($24 + S/H) or DDD ($26 - Free S/H) and wait a few extra days. While I'm interested in basically all things L&H and will readily purchase this and the TCM box, the...
  24. Evan Case

    MST3K Volume 7 unveiled.....

    Replacement disc came today. Evan
  25. Evan Case

    NCAA Football 2005 Season

    Retroactive Heisman? Kidding, of course... sort of--Young's performance given the stage was at least the equal of Bush's 500+ yard day. Not a big fan of either team, so this ended up as well as I could've hoped--a legendary game and some variety at the top of the polls. Also, some...
  26. Evan Case

    MST3K Volume 7 unveiled.....

    Still waiting... Evan
  27. Evan Case

    2005 at the Box Office

    A Peter Jackson Film: The Somme :emoji_thumbsup: I wonder what kind of business an SPR-like World War I film would do? Evan
  28. Evan Case

    "The HTF 100 Great Films of the 1930's Challenge"

    What needs sending again? Evan
  29. Evan Case

    ML Baseball 2005 Playoff thread

    Astros fans must be feeling like I felt when Craig Biggio took Billy Wagner deep with two outs in the 9th against the Phillies last month (Wagner strikes him out and everything else remains the same, it's Philly as the wildcard and Houston left out). I guess I'm mildly pulling for the Astros...
  30. Evan Case

    Simpsons Season 6 alternate box revealed

    Email sent 2 weeks ago; no box yet (not that I'm really looking forward to it anymore--when I sent the check I was expecting that since they said it would be the same as the old boxes it would be, you know, the same). Evan