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  1. Brent S

    Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie rewatch

    I'm sure that is not Robert Conrad. WILD WILD WEST filmed at CBS Studio Center in Studio City. BEWITCHED filmed at Columbia Pictures in Hollywood.
  2. Brent S

    Time Life's new JACK BENNY releases.

    Are the 10 TV specials unedited?
  3. Brent S

    Question About "My Three Sons"

    Yes. Earlier in season 5, there is a 2-part episode where Bub takes the family to Ireland to visit his 104-year-old Aunt Kate (his father's sister) and her family. Several episodes later in "A Woman's Work," Bub decides to return to Ireland and celebrate Kate's upcoming birthday. It's only...
  4. Brent S

    THE SMITH FAMILY (1971-1972) from VEI, May 1

    VEI and CBS are releasing Henry Fonda's 1971 - 1972 dramedy sitcom THE SMITH FAMILY on May 1. I don't see it on Amazon or other e-tailers yet, but VEI has it available on its website.
  5. Brent S

    Universal Vault Series - exclusive DVD-Rs

    A periodic "Stooges" search with Joe Besser. The Region 2 DESERT HAWK showed up, but it had a 2nd DVD availability covered by Amazon Prime. Seemed unusual, and clicking on that, it turned out to be Universal Vault.
  6. Brent S

    Universal Vault Series - exclusive DVD-Rs

    THE DESERT HAWK (1950) now available at Amazon.
  7. Brent S

    The Joey Bishop Show

    Released this week, "THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW The Complete Series" (1961 - 1965) on DVD. An MOD-DVD release from SFM Entertainment, the manufacturer is Allied Vaughn. Individual season sets will also be available, but are still pending their respective listings at Amazon and the usual lineup of...
  8. Brent S

    Spotted an interesting Jerry Lewis triple pack of his later movies coming out on 1/16/2018

    Mill Creek's sell sheet confirms that it is only one disc.
  9. Brent S

    Best of the West DVD?

    Amazon update this morning... BEST OF THE WEST is being prepared for shipment, with delivery eta next week.
  10. Brent S

    Charley Chase Vol. One 1930 - 1931

    From VCI Entertainment and Kit Parker, "Charley Chase: The Hal Roach Talkies Vol. One, 1930 - 1931" is coming on November 7. A press release is still pending, but preliminary information indicates that VCI is presenting restorations from the best available Roach elements. No pre-orders yet...
  11. Brent S

    Warner Archives Announces Porky Pig Collection 1934-1943

    The color MM toons are I HAVEN'T GOT A HAT (1935) and OLD GLORY (1939).
  12. Brent S

    Time/Life Press Release: Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: The Complete Series

    No. An MGM production, it's owned by Warner Bros. Available on DVD from WB's Warner Archive.
  13. Brent S

    THE BOWERY BOYS on DVD: continuing discussion of Warner's eventual release plans (NEW UPDATE 10/2 Po

    Billy also guest stars in Season 5's "Opie and the Carnival."
  14. Brent S

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    July pre-orders are listed... for classic film, it's another month of DVD reissues and Blu upgrades.
  15. Brent S

    The Andy Griffith Show: Missing Scenes, Laugh Tracks, And Other Issues

    TAGS sponsor was General Foods. The GF products varied over the years, with Post cereal and Sanka coffee the most frequent in the earlier seasons. Gaines was a GF division.
  16. Brent S

    The Abbott & Costello Complete Universal Pictures Sets: Could A Blu-Ray Version Be Next?

    It is on DVD. It's a Blu/DVD combo pack.
  17. Brent S

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Any news for June 2017 titles? WAC hasn't updated its webpage for preorders past May 23. Someone found a HONDO [TV] series announcement at VideoETA, but that's the only news I've read.
  18. Brent S

    The Abbott & Costello Complete Universal Pictures Sets: Could A Blu-Ray Version Be Next?

    Steve posts updates on his CartoonResearch blog. The "A&C Rarities" status is provided on his most recent post... Thunderbean Thursday, April 20, 2017
  19. Brent S


    AntennaTV has shown it for a few years. It's currently on the Spring '17 schedule, Saturdays 8AM - 9AM Eastern.
  20. Brent S

    CBS/Paramount Complete Series Craze

    CBS MOD available for pre-order, but no release date yet listed... DePatie-Freleng's THE ODDBALL COUPLE (1975).
  21. Brent S

    ROOM 222: Season Two January 19th

    The times I've seen season 3 - 5 episodes on ASPIRE, Fox has given the cable channel equivalent quality, mediocre copies as provided to Shout! for the S1 - 2 DVDs.
  22. Brent S

    Joey Bishop Show on Antenna TV

    January 1 5AM - January 2 5AM Eastern, with 90-minute Johnny Carson breaks at 10PM and 1:30AM. The ongoing schedule is weekdays at 1PM & 1:30PM, and Sundays at 9AM & 9:30AM.
  23. Brent S

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    TOP CAT The Complete Series (1961) MOD re-release, January 10.
  24. Brent S

    Green Hornet TV series

    R.I.P. Van Williams Word is circulating from his family, on FB and other media, that he passed away on November 28. Edit Variety has posted his obituary.
  25. Brent S

    77 Sunset Strip / Hawaiian Eye, etc.

    Sadly, as of November 28, Van Williams is unable to provide any future commentary on SURFSIDE 6. R.I.P.
  26. Brent S

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    WAC is now offering MOD reissues of "Forbidden Hollywood" Vols. 1, 2, and 3. They're up for pre-order, with a release date of December 6. Product descriptions do not indicate if the original bonus materials are included.
  27. Brent S

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Maybe. GLIMPSES OF AUSTRALIA (1939) was duplicated on Vols. 1 and 2, while GLIMPSES OF ARGENTINA (1938) was overlooked. The press release indicates that Vol. 3 covers 1940 - end of series. Edit... It appears we will have all of 'em. WAC replies that the IMDb listing of 1938 for ARGENTINA is...
  28. Brent S

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Some more November pre-orders are up, including Volume 3 of the FitzPatrick Traveltalks.
  29. Brent S

    Wheeler & Woolsey Vol. 2, Oct. 18

    Warner Archive has some October pre-orders up, including Wheeler & Woolsey: RKO Comedy Classics Collection Vol. 2 for October 18.