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  1. Michael D. Bunting

    No longer for sale!

    No longer for sale!
  2. Michael D. Bunting

    What is your favorite Ice Cream and how much can you eat in a sitting?

    I love just about all ice cream....this is definitely one of my favorites:
  3. Michael D. Bunting

    Call for help! Can anyone translate this for me (Hangul/Korean) New microwave!

    I have been living in Seoul for the past couple months and really like it thus far. I picked up a new microwave today and wanted to see if I could get the 8 buttons above the dial translated. Here is a pic: Many thanks for anyone willing to help out!
  4. Michael D. Bunting

    Epson 3020 vs 5020 vs 6020

    Gregg! I'm actually planning on picking up either a 5020UBe or a 6020 (most likely the 5020) here in the next couple months. I'm living in Seoul the next time you come over this way please add Seoul to your calibration stops if you can! I'll be here for the next 2 years and 11 months :)
  5. Michael D. Bunting

    HUGE HD-DVD Bundle 4 Sale! (3 Players & 188 HD-DVD Titles)

    $400 Shipped for everything!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Michael D. Bunting

    HUGE HD-DVD Bundle 4 Sale! (3 Players & 188 HD-DVD Titles)

    Hey Gregg! Yep...I'm in Germany for another 9 months, then I have another assignment to Korea (for a year). Not sure where I'll be headed after that...hopefully back stateside or maybe Hawaii (fingers crossed). Time certainly does fly...hope you are doing well and wish you the best...
  7. Michael D. Bunting

    HUGE HD-DVD Bundle 4 Sale! (3 Players & 188 HD-DVD Titles)

    3 Players & 188 HD-DVD Titles 1) Toshiba HD-XA2 (Toshiba's Flagship player! Beautiful 1080p picture!!!) 2) Toshiba HD-A3 3) XBOX 360 HD DVD Player 188 HD-DVD titles (far too many to list! See the pictures below for all titles) - Some titles are still factory sealed! All 3 players...
  8. Michael D. Bunting

    Huge HD-DVD Collection for sale! (2 Players & 184 Titles!)

    Lot includes: 1. Toshiba HD-XA2 player - In excellent condition 2. Toshiba HD-A3 player - In excellent condition 3. 184 HD DVD Titles (See all my titles here...the HD DVD titles listed are all included! Most are still sealed/brand new...
  9. Michael D. Bunting

    Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season Seven

    Larry fainting was indeed hilarious!
  10. Michael D. Bunting

    New Function Added

    What about my +73 (#2 on the list)! Good system though...I think this will be a better way of keeping track in the long run...
  11. Michael D. Bunting

    Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 720 Projector - Basically brand-new (0 hrs on the bulb!)

    Hey gang.... I have a brand new Epson Home Cinema 720 that I purchased on 12/15/08 from Visual Apex for $1179. I was planning on using this while stationed in Korea for the next year. Well, I'm in Korea now and there just isn't a suitable place for me to use this right now - so - it still has...
  12. Michael D. Bunting

    FS: Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook (Loaded!) Nearly 2 full years remaining on Warranty!

    Last bump! $700 shipped for everything (or I'm keeping it!)
  13. Michael D. Bunting

    8 Blu Ray's (7 still sealed) for $110 Shipped! (Amazon has these for $170+)

    New Years Day special: All 8 titles for $96 shipped!
  14. Michael D. Bunting

    8 Blu Ray's (7 still sealed) for $110 Shipped! (Amazon has these for $170+)

    8 Blu Ray's for $110.00 Shipped 1. Spider-man 3 2. Juno (Sealed) 3. Flags of our Fathers (Sealed) 4. The Untouchables (Sealed) 5. Night at the Museum (Sealed) 6. Live Free or Die Hard (Sealed) 7. Windtalkers (Sealed) 8. Predator (Sealed) Shipping: Via USPS Priority Mail w/ Delivery...
  15. Michael D. Bunting

    FS: Slingbox Pro (SB200-100)

    Ravi You have a PM (still available!) Thanks!~
  16. Michael D. Bunting

    FS: Slingbox Pro (SB200-100)

    How about $145 shipped!
  17. Michael D. Bunting

    Lindsay Lohan

    I can't believe this thread is still alive... I still like the LiLo though...
  18. Michael D. Bunting

    FS: Slingbox Pro (SB200-100)

  19. Michael D. Bunting

    FS: Dell Desktop Computer / 24" Dell Widescreen LCD

    Dell PC: SOLD! Dell 24" LCD: Sold! Thanks! [email protected]
  20. Michael D. Bunting

    FS: Acer Aspire Desktop PC

    Acer Aspire AST180-EA350M In excellent condition. Was very rarely used - as it was setup in my workout room Will be reformatted and ready for the new owner. I do not have the original retail box - but will double box it and ship via FedEx Ground. Features/Specifications: * Windows...