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    Key Digital Component video switcher

    Nope, I was just trying to help you out a little with a bump. I do have a Sony Remote commander touch-screen programmable remote that I was going to stick on Ebay soon.
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    Key Digital Component video switcher

    I have $100 to buy a component switcher with :frowning: Free bump for you.
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    Question about Samsung TV service menu

    How exactly do you get in the service menu on this TV? I have the TSL3293HF. Also, can you turn on the PiP mode? What kind of stuff can I do in there? Thanks!
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    FT: Criterions, Horror, TV Shows, Westerns, More!

    Would you sell Rushmore, Sleepy Hollow, and The Recruit? Thanks!
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    TRUCKLOAD OF DVDS - Trades Welcomed

    OK, thanks, after I posted, I looked at Rick's first posts and the one where he said he received the DVD's and did the math. Yup, it does seem to take awhile. I was just starting to get worried since I didn't check his credentials out before I sent Paypal. Whoops :b But I'm sure I'll get them...
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    TRUCKLOAD OF DVDS - Trades Welcomed

    I haven't received my package yet, I'm starting to get a little worried...Also, no response from Dennis regarding the shipping. He said he shipped it August 25th, should I be worried? I mean it's going from Canada to Oklahoma, so I understand the delay, but he hasn't responded to my emails.
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    TRUCKLOAD OF DVDS - Trades Welcomed

    About how long does it take to get to the US from Canada?
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    TRUCKLOAD OF DVDS - Trades Welcomed

    I didn't get the response for some reason. Try me at [email protected]
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    TRUCKLOAD OF DVDS - Trades Welcomed

    Sent you an email, let me know if you don't get it.
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    Oklahoma City HELP! re: Wizard of Oz Tickets

    My fiance wanted to go to the Wizard of Oz performed at the Myriad Civic Center. She told me a long time ago. I just now remembered. I bought mezzanine seats, but I was hoping to find a season ticket holder or someone generous enough to trade me floor seats for my tickets, plus a nice helping of...
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    DVDs F/S......Moulin Rouge, Tron, Hitchcock....

    I'll give you $23 shipped (all I have in Paypal at the moment) for Three Kings and Moulin Rouge. What condition are they in? The Moulin Rouge have all the extra stuff with it? joerferreira AT yahoo DOT com
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    FS: Samsung SIR-T150 hdtv tuner

    This would go great with my new Samsung HDTV...
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    Longshot: The High and the Mighty (old John Wayne flick)

    If anyone has this on any format, please let me know. It doesn't look like they have it on DVD or VHS, but if you have a copy of this movie, or anything at all, I would appreciate it. My dad is a John Wayne fan, and this was his favorite movie when he was growing up. IIRC, he said it was about...
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    FT: 3 Criterions, A Bug's Life: CE (OOP)

    If you are willing to sell A Bug's Life and Three Kings outright, please PM me.
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    DVDs - (Over A 100) For Trade & A Big Want List - "Also" 2 GameCube Games

    Would you outright sell Monsters, Inc. and Lilo and Stitch? joeferreira99 AT msn DOT com
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    FT: Fellowship (4 Disc) - Brotherhood (3 Disc) - Lots More!

    Would you outright sell LOTR and Fight Club? joeferreira99 AT msn DOT com
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    FS Energy ES-12XL Subwoofer

    Too bad I am not local...
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    Silly question: JBL N24's vs. Paradigm Atoms?

    Yes, I am for real. I have the NSP1 from JBL but the upgrade bug tells me to buy Paradigm Atoms and a matching center. Will I notice an improvement?
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    JBL Speker Set

    It was brand new, but I am not sure about being an authorized reseller. I am actually looking to sell it (only had it for 6 weeks) because the upgrade bug is telling me to get Paradigms...
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    JBL Speker Set

    That price is way too high, even for the NSP1 II set. I bought mine (NSP1 II) from for $200.
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    Rockets Pictures!

    Brian, She just keeps reminding me about the house that we are buying and all the furniture we are buying and the wedding we have to pay for, etc. Sucks being 22 and having so many hobbies (guitar collection, home theater, computers, etc.). So we talked it out and looks like $350 is the...
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    Rockets Pictures!

    Sean, do we have a release date for the new entry-level subwoofer? I would order one now...
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    can anyone help my sister get the most of her $300

    Or sell yours to her for $300 and you'll have a reason to upgrade!
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    Any difference: JBL NSP1 vs. NSP1II

    Alright! Now I won't even think twice when I pull stuff out of nowhere! Sorry for the thread jack, but if I wanted to upgrade the N24s to N26s or the next step, how will the sound using the same N-center?
  25. J

    FS: Klipsch KSW-12

    Tim, you still have this?
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    JBL vs Sony speaker system.

    What kind of front speakers do you have that need to stay with your surround system? I have some dinky JBL N24 and a N-center with a decent sub, and it is fully capable of reproducing great music sounds and excels at movies. The reason for the sarcasm is that every time someone says they are...
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    Should this be?

    What output are you using? I think the PS2 has some kind of digital out, but even if you are using that, is the produced in 5.1 DD?
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    Any difference: JBL NSP1 vs. NSP1II

    I read somewhere that Bose sued them for using their porting system. They redesigned them and I understand that they sound the exact same. FWIW I have the NSP1 II and it sounds great. But please, someone correct my wholly unsubstantiated claims here. Oh, welcome to the boards, I made my...
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    Decorate an SVS?

    Hey Dan, I wouldn't exactly call that hiding the sub. You can still tell there is something huge in the corner pumping out 25Hz all day with no problem! I looked at your project website. I have to say that picture of the whole room cracked me up! All the components are built above the...