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  1. Adam T

    List Your TV show DVDs

    Own: 24 - Season 1 5ive Days to Midnight Band of Brothers Boomtown - Season 1 Chappelles Show - Season 1 Dark Angel - Season 1 Homicide: Life on the Street - Seasons 1 & 2 Profiler - Season 1 Profiler - Season 2 MillenniuM - Season 1 MillenniuM - Season 2 The Shield -...
  2. Adam T

    US Open Golf HD?

    The Masters looked great in HD. Those overhead shots from the chopper previewing each hole was great too. Nothing like the outdoors and 1080i.
  3. Adam T

    Quick X-Files Guide Please

    Forgot about the new documentary. Probably be the traditional 30-45 minute documentary, unless they went all out on it like the 24 documentary on season 2. That would be sweet.
  4. Adam T

    Quick X-Files Guide Please

    I would probably pick it up for the commentaries too. Probably buy it if it didn't have commentaries. In the last press release it said the new set was in widescreen not fullscreen. I thought it was a mistake too but there hasn't been a correction from fox. But then again they have been making...
  5. Adam T

    TV Shows on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Would you buy something you already own ?

    All you hear today is the battle of the format and I have not heard or seen any information about what each format can do. I thought that there would be no compression on HD-DVD considering there will be 15GB or more of space on the DVD. (But then again this is coming from someone who knows...
  6. Adam T

    Jag And The Sentinel Paramount Poll Page

    Anyone heard anything new about The Sentinel coming to DVD?
  7. Adam T

    TV Shows on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Would you buy something you already own ?

    I have looked forward to seeing HD on DVD for a long time and since the announcement of HD-DVD and the movie studios releasing HD-DVD's, I had this question I needed to ask. I think everyone in this forum has heard of the battle of the formats between the major electronic companies, HD-DVD and...
  8. Adam T

    New Soundtrack to Tour of Duty Season Two!!

    Dave when I read the news that there would be a "new music soundtrack" released with TOD season two, I was suspicious and confused. How could a company that has already released a product that did not have to what some consider an “important part of the show”, all of a sudden add a "new music...
  9. Adam T

    New Soundtrack to Tour of Duty Season Two!!

    According to Columbia not only dropped the price of the second season but it now says on the cover art "TOUR OF DUTY features a new music soundtrack including popular songs from the Vietnam era!" Does this mean some of the music will find its way to the DVD and does it include...
  10. Adam T

    Is The Mini Series The Grid Coming To DVD?

    Fox making another error with their information. Anyone remember the Harsh Realm error?
  11. Adam T

    Is The Mini Series The Grid Coming To DVD?

    It was shown in High Def on TNT-HD and shown in widescreen on its regular channel. I don't see why it would be in 4:3 if viewers saw it in 16:9. Probably just an error.
  12. Adam T

    TV Shows coming to DVD in 2005??

    My Wishlist, which just so happens to be 20th Century Fox owned Productions. Brimstone John Doe The Lone Gunman The Pretender (along with the movies)
  13. Adam T

    Profiler- Season 4

    I agree the first two episodes are worth putting on dvd. There were a few episodes that are worth being on dvd, including the crossover episode with The Pretender. (If that ever gets released by 20th Century Fox)
  14. Adam T

    Best TV DVD Ever

    I think Band of Brothers.
  15. Adam T

    TvShowsOnDVD down??

    Just tried it again. Works now
  16. Adam T

    TvShowsOnDVD down??

    I've tried going to but I have no luck. If I recall they had a problem on friday night of saturday night, one of those nights and had a problem on their server. Anyone know whats going on??
  17. Adam T

    24: Day 3 - 4/27/04 - Hour 20

    Day 3 just means the 3rd season. Day 2 would be season 2 and Day 1 would be the 1st season.
  18. Adam T

    Boomtown on DVD!!!

    Boomtown was one of the best shows on tv. These great shows always go unwatched. July 20 is around my birthday and last year I bought some tv shows. Guess what im getting. :)
  19. Adam T

    Millennium Season 1 in July!

    Definitely getting Millennium. Gonna think about Harsh Realm and would without a doubt go out and get Lone Gunman. It has to be released.
  20. Adam T

    Cover Art: Tour of Duty Season 1

    I don't remember if they had the original music when it was on TNT. I'm going to check that out and I am not surprised that original music won't be released. I really enjoy the show and haven't seen it for a while. I would definitely pick it up.
  21. Adam T

    The X-Files: 9th Season a 7-disc set

    I remember seeing the first box set in one of those FOX promo books in there DVDs. When I first saw it I thought it was weird. Weird enough where I bought it and now look at what as happened. I thank you FOX and curse you for those prices.
  22. Adam T

    Cover Art: Tour of Duty Season 1

    I really like the cover. I could see why they use a shot of the cast since it changed from year to year. I cant wait for this DVD. Its been off the air for a year now. Any news yet on specs and extras??
  23. Adam T

    The X-Files: 9th Season a 7-disc set

    I would assume that Chris Carter had a big hand in producing these sets. So it was probably his decision not to put them in. I can probably see that putting in bloopers could take something out of the set in terms of the show itself. But who knows. Maybe there will be an easter egg with the...
  24. Adam T

    The X-Files: 9th Season a 7-disc set

    Here are some of the details and specs from The X-Files: Season 9 Specs and Extras Tons of extras on this release. Fox is really going all out but not with everything. The two FOX specials are here but I see no Bloopers on here. I think I speak for everyone when I say...
  25. Adam T

    The X-Files: 9th Season a 7-disc set

    Fox released the cover art for The X-Files 9th and final season. Which was rumored to be coming out in November but looks like it will in fact (I hope) be released in May. But look at this picture.... I think I may be seeing things but this box set has 7-discs, not 6. How many extras...
  26. Adam T

    which x-files season/episode

    It is "Duane Barry" and it happens a few minutes into the episode. It's not Scully talking to him but Alex Krycek.
  27. Adam T

    The Rocketeer

    This was my favorite movie when I was a kid and there's no doubt I would definitely buy a special edition.
  28. Adam T

    where do you buy your DVD's at?

    LaserLand is this great place in Long Island, New York. They have an unbelievable selection of DVD's and are usually a little less then Best Buy.
  29. Adam T

    The Pretender coming to dvd!.....

    Since Fox owns the rights to the Pretender. We should see it soon. Especially since Fox had that poll a few months back. I'm glad Fox owns the rights and not NBC. Fox produces better box sets. NBC just dumps there shows to different disturbers and we get these half a-- box sets.
  30. Adam T

    I am surprised Baywatch is not out on dvd...

    I don't think many of the viewers watched the show for it's storylines.