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  1. Daneel

    SVS PB2-Ultra Test & Review

    Sorry to revive this thread so late after the fact but I have a question. When measuring with limited THD, @ 30Hz the highest output we get is: 30 Hz: 110.4 dB (3.9% THD amp limited) So how was: 119 dB @ 30Hz achieved in the previous test? Both tests using a 25 Hz tune and ground...
  2. Daneel

    Dawson's Creek Season 4

    I have been very disappointed with the DVD releases so far. I emailed the studio after S1 to day that I didn't mind paying $10-15 more for a good release with anamorphic picture and decent extras spread over a more appropriate number of DVDs. I've watched S4 all the way through and noticed a...
  3. Daneel

    JM Labs electra 927Be review

    Thanks a lot Mike. I don't have to decide for a while yet, after all the new range isn't out for some time yet. I think I'll hold off the centre for a while and wait for the new range to appear. If I decide I don't feel the new ones are much better I should at least be able to pick up a CC900 or...
  4. Daneel

    JM Labs electra 927Be review

    Mike, Have you had any experience of the 926s? I have them as my fronts and was intending to add a CC900 or CC901 early next year as funds become available. It seems that while the Electra Be range is limited, the Electra range will be replaced next year. I'm guessing the impressive cabinet...
  5. Daneel

    Comparing B&W Nautilus 805 to LSi9

    I've heard the 805 hooked up to a Parasound Halo setup. It sounded harsh to me, not bad for HT but poor for music. When I upgraded from my B&W 600 series speakers I looked at a load of speakers, in the end it came down to JM Lab Electra 926 vs B&W 703. The 926s had a more natural sound with...
  6. Daneel

    Experience with JM Lab Electra 936???

    I demoed the B&W 703 head to head with the Electra 926. The 926 sounded far more natural particularly with live recordings. I also noticed treble to be more natural, the B&W could be harsh at times. The only area I felt the 703 to have any advantage over the 926 was for bass which seemed a...
  7. Daneel

    Subwoofer Isolator review on Secrets

    Scott, if I had a suitable sub to go with it, then yes!
  8. Daneel

    Subwoofer Isolator review on Secrets

    I'd like Tom V's opinion on these. A few of my friends have similar things for their subs and swear by them.
  9. Daneel

    Aside from Bose, speakers you would never buy?

    Having demoed about 15 different speakers I eventually settled on the JM Lab Electra range, I'm gonna have to say no on that one :) I was very disapointed with Totem, but I only heard one from their range so I can't write them off just yet. The fact that they cost twice as much here as in...
  10. Daneel

    Bryston prices in Canada?

    BTW, am I right in thinking Bryston amps are cheaper in Canada that the US?
  11. Daneel

    Bryston prices in Canada?

    Can anyone tell me the list price for a 4B SST in Canada and how much I might expect to pay on the street? I have a cousin who is asking me to visit him and I thought I might as well pick up a bargin while I'm there. Also, how much for a mint 2nd hand 4B ST? Would it be possible to have...
  12. Daneel

    Has anyone bought the Denon AVR-3805 yet?

    Any comments on the EQ of the 3805? I'm particularly interested in how it compares to the MCACC EQ od the Pioneers.
  13. Daneel

    Pioneer VSX-45TX

    GregHC if you run the preouts of the 45tx to those Sonys that should work fine. MikeRP, what's going on man? Still got your 45tx and considering a 47tx? Get the outboard amp! Much better use of your cash than going 45tx to 47tx IMO.
  14. Daneel

    Pioneer VSX-45TX

    If you have the patience but not the money just grab some decent front speakers for now. It works out cheaper in the long run than multiple upgrades, trust me :) Plus if you go for 5.1 speakers at the price you won't be doing justice to the 45tx.
  15. Daneel

    Pioneer VSX-45TX

    That is an absolute bargin. Snap it up, fast!
  16. Daneel

    Parasound HCA-1205A vs 855A

    Yes it is, I just bought one. I do feel that there can be big differences between the amps in the Parasound range. I home demoed the A23 and found it to have very clear highs with a touch of brightness but became sharp very quickly. It wasn't the characteristic smooth Parasound sound :) The...
  17. Daneel

    Subs.....SVS better than my sub???

    This week I listened to a B&W 750 sub and dual servo 15s. The servo 15s went lower but for tightness and detail the 750 was better. The guy with the servo has a PB2+ on the way, so I should have a better answer in a few days. Different rooms for the two set-ups though.
  18. Daneel

    SVS PB2 Ultra a beautiful addition to any room

    Ed, the problem is I haven't moved yet and I don't know where I'm going, hence just a guess at room size and no further details. I will do my best to get the sub in a corner. Listening is about 70% stereo music, 10% multichannel music, 20% movie. I listen to and watch all sorts of music and...
  19. Daneel

    SVS PB2 Ultra a beautiful addition to any room

    I don't want to side track the thread too much but as you guys have been so helpful can you recommend which sub I should go for? I would guess the room it will be used in will be 2500 to 3500 cubic feet. Fronts will probably be something like B&W 703 or JM Lab Electra 926. I would like...
  20. Daneel

    SVS PB2 Ultra a beautiful addition to any room

    Ed, thanks a lot for the detailed response. With regard to the driver differences, do they become apparent at lower volume levels? Although I like to have headroom and playing at reference level is cool to demo to friends, most of the time I wouldn't exceed about 90 dB (i.e. 15 dB below...
  21. Daneel

    SVS PB2 Ultra a beautiful addition to any room

    A few questions for you guys: 1. Why do the PB1+ and PB2 Ultra weigh so much more than their equivalents with lesser drivers? The PB1+ weighs nearly as much as a PB2 and PB2+! Is it made entirely out of solid wood rather than MDF? 2. What does the bass plate do exactly? Does it limit the...
  22. Daneel

    New sub, opinions please?

    I just bought this from a local hi-fi shop. It's a one off using a Mackie 12" driver (no more details than that) and his own 140W amp. Dimensions are 625mm tall and 474mm width and depth. I'd guess it weighs somewhere between 30 and 35 kg. The design is something I've never seen before. It...
  23. Daneel

    Parasound Halo A52 vs Bryston 9BST

    If I were in Canada I'd suggest the Bryston is a no-brainer. :) I'd love to be able to pick up a 9B ST for that price.
  24. Daneel

    Marantz CD4000 to Arcam CD72T - any difference?

    I just got an Arcam CD72T and have it setup next to my Marantz CD4000. I have run the same interconnect between the CD players and my Pioneer 45tx. I put on the same CD in each player started them both at the same time and switched to see how my new CD player had improved over the old one...
  25. Daneel

    Looking at a Musical Fidelity

    I demoed a Primare A30.5 with my 45 tx and the difference was huge. I had thought that the amps in my receiver were good but they were totaly outclassed. The bass response on my speakers improved dramatically, stereo seperation was better, the sounstage was much clearer and highs that could on...
  26. Daneel

    Anyone read Stereophile Guide to Home Theatre?

    ChrisHeflen, thanks very much but I've now missed my oportunity. The guy who was selling it got an offer while I was pondering.
  27. Daneel

    Anyone read Stereophile Guide to Home Theatre?

    The January issue has a review of the Primare A30.5 which I would very much like to read. Any extra information I can get on it would be very useful. A scan of the review would be ideal but if not a summary of what they say, particularly about the power supply and its ability to drive hard...
  28. Daneel

    Help on power amp selection

    Hey guys I did a spreadsheet of the first review comparing the output of all three power amps. Also I got the 160 VA figure from here. I hope it's wrong and have emailed to ask them but there has been no response so far. Any advice at all?
  29. Daneel

    Help on power amp selection

    Does anyone have experience of the Primare A30.5 power amp? I’m particularly interested in comparisons to the Rotel 1075 and 1095. After a lot of research I’ve found it uses 5 separate power supplies which is good from some points of view, however each one is only capable of 160 VA. The 1075...
  30. Daneel

    PW-2200 Beats SVS....NOT!!

    JohnSmith: Some of us UK guys know our stuff. You are supposed to come here and bash the americans not the other way around! :)