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  1. Garry Cowell

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    If they do this ala Star Trek Into Darkness with regards to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns it could be interesting... Personally I'd love Man of Steel 2 to be along the lines of Lex Luthor trying to kill Superman for his part in the mass destruction of Metropolis by recruiting a long...
  2. Garry Cowell

    NAPOLEON Gala Event 2012 (San Francisco Silent Film Festival)

    At last! I was lucky enough to see this in London (UK) in 2004 (thoughts here) and would seriously consider flying from London to see it again, if I wasn't already booked up on a snowboarding holiday. :( I urge anyone with a love of cinema to consider checking this out. I just hope it sells out...
  3. Garry Cowell

    Alexander Revisited: The Unrated Final Cut -- Due 2/27/07

    Like Nathan says the finally battle in India is astounding, so much so I find it hard to understand why Stone didn’t editing the battle in the same way for the unrated Director’s Cut. It not only more brutal but it contains a lot more pathos…My favourite scenes in any version were the one...
  4. Garry Cowell

    My Name is Nobody (Image Release) - TERRIBLE!

    Here's some grabs from the current (UK) R2.
  5. Garry Cowell

    "Region Free" DVD

    Try this program...
  6. Garry Cowell

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Warner Brothers Gangster Collection (VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    That scene has always been in the versions I've seen!? :confused:
  7. Garry Cowell

    What (if anything) needs to be done to bring NAPOLEON up to snuff?

    Abel Gance's Napoleon at the Royal Festival Hall Well I was lucky to see this on Saturday and what a great experience it was! :emoji_thumbsup: I was initially amused to discover upon reading the programme when I got there that the thing was running from 14:30 until 22:35! :crazy...
  8. Garry Cowell

    Roy Disney supports Song of the South release - Eisner does not

    Cool! What's even cooler is that following... Song of the South Thu 5 Aug, 11:00 am - 12:35 pm another M.I.A. DVD classic... The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) Thu 5 Aug, 12:55 pm - 2:45 pm
  9. Garry Cowell

    DVD Review HTF Review: Robocop Trilogy

    The R2 used branching to play either the R or X version of Robocop - unfortunately it wasn't SEAMLESS branching - so there was about 5 layer change like pauses throughout the movie. :thumbsdown: Is this fixed on the r1?
  10. Garry Cowell


    New transfer. I believe the original Red/Black WB logo has been reinstated. :emoji_thumbsup:
  11. Garry Cowell

    Kill Bill V2 - Shogun Assassin???

    The 'Samurai' movie is available on R2 UK DVD quite a scabby transfer but considering the history* of this bastard child it's not all bad. "Ohhhh mad one we see your trap!!!" *History In a pre-Miramax move a US company in the early 80's took the first two Japanese Lone Wolf movies; cut...
  12. Garry Cowell

    Lone Wolf & Cub: Sword of Vengance OAR?

    It's 2.35:1
  13. Garry Cowell

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Wonderland (Limited Edition w/Wadd: Life and Times of John Holmes)

    Erm Tony Scott, Ron Howard, Oliver Stone. :confused:
  14. Garry Cowell

    Last Boy Scout DVD quality?

    Grainy as hell picture with decent sound.
  15. Garry Cowell

    ATTN: Kung-Fu Movie Buffs HELP!!!

    36th Chamber of Shaolin aka Master Killer I believe both DVDs out are uncut and 'scope so it's a toss up between the r1 Steeplechase version (called Shaolin Master Killer) with the 'classic' English dub or the newly remastered Celestial r3 DVD for a vastly superior image but Mandarin Only...
  16. Garry Cowell

    DVD Review HTF Review: To Live and Die in L.A. - Special Edition (Highly Recommended!!)

    Ok now some other people have finally seen it... A couple of things I wanna discuss.Car Chase What I love about this is the fact is comes from absolutely no where. The car ain't some hi-performance type affair. I mean Chance is driving a Dodge pickup most of the movie, and there no...
  17. Garry Cowell

    LOLITA (1998) DVD region 1 question

    Well I liked it. The Morricone score helps tremendously. :emoji_thumbsup:
  18. Garry Cowell

    Terminator 3 DVD -Interesting Observation

  19. Garry Cowell

    To Live and Die in LA - Specs & Cover!

    Just stumbled on another early dvd review... :)DVD Clinic
  20. Garry Cowell

    Why isn't GYMKATA on DVD yet?!

    Sooooo low budget! :emoji_thumbsup:
  21. Garry Cowell

    Any news about Ren & Stimpy on DVD?

    Good review here
  22. Garry Cowell

    A new MANHUNTER disc is coming July 8! (MERGED THREAD)

    Here's some grabs from the French MGM r2 DVD... (click images for full size version) I suspect it's not quite as good looking as the remastered Anchor Bay versions (but personally I WANT the true theatrical version!!!)
  23. Garry Cowell

    The Deer Hunter - 2-disc R2 Special Edition!

    ...and here's some grabs from the NON-SE. (click images for full size version) The two transfer have bitrate peaks of 9.8Mbps on the SE and 9.5Mbps on the non SE. Therefore I conclude the SE is 0.3Mbps better!!! :b :b :b
  24. Garry Cowell

    The Deer Hunter - 2-disc R2 Special Edition!

    Bought the SE today... At first glance it seems to be an identical print to that used in the non SE r2 version... Here's some grabs from the SE. (click images for full size version)