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  1. Clint B

    HT receiever will not stay on. Please help.

    Hi, folks. I've got a Yamaha RX-V596 5.1's about 3 years old. I went to fire it and a CD up earlier today and some problems ensued. At first the CD played, but I noticed I had little to no bass coming out. I then figured that someone didn't hook up the subwoofer correctly, which is...
  2. Clint B

    Recommendations for best TV to DVD sets

    I own several of the Seinfeld and Sopranos sets and each one of them are well worth it. Specifically, though, I wanted to mention Coupling again. The show (BBC version, of course) is utterly hilarious! Yes, some of the humor is ribald, but the acting, writing and the general set-up of the show...
  3. Clint B

    DDD 20% Off Sale?

    Someone from DDD posted in the DVDTalk thread about the price fluctuations. Computer glitches, apparently. Some people believe the guy, some people don't. All I can say is that I was very happy with the (small) order I placed as far as prices were concerned. Still beat anyone else on the net...
  4. Clint B

    Dead Poets Society & Good Morning, Vietnam SEs: 01/17

    I've not seen the longer cut of DPS, but I would like to. Both of these films will probably be must buys for me...IF they are anamorphic. No anamorphic = no sale, regardless of how much I love the movies.
  5. Clint B

    New BEN FOLDS DVD coming soon!

    I'm a huge Ben Folds fan and look forward to this DVD's release, but I must ask...will it be Region 1 (or at least all-region)?
  6. Clint B

    Weird geometry problem with old Mits. HDTV...please help!

    Thanks, Jim. That sounds like it could be a big deal. It obviously involves opening the set. Who would I get to do this and how much would it cost, if that is indeed my problem?
  7. Clint B

    Weird geometry problem with old Mits. HDTV...please help!

    Hi. Earlier this year, my father gave me an old Mitsubishi 46" widescreen HDTV (I believe the model number is either WT-46805 or WT-46807...the TV's manufacturing date was sometime in 2001). Recently, the TV has been distorting the picture upon power-up so the picture looks "concave"...that is...
  8. Clint B

    Seinfeld Season 5??

    Don't know how reliable it is, but this website has statements indicating November. This is not in English; I believe the site is representative of Scandinavian countries. On the home page you click on the "flag" on the far left. That country's site indicates November for seasons 5 and 6. The...
  9. Clint B


    What an excellent film! I really enjoyed the realism portrayed in the film that humanized these players and showed what heart and determination can help you accomplish, as well as the emotional devastation that often happens when the world as you knew it is suddenly no more. This better be up...
  10. Clint B

    Seinfeld Season 5??

    While there's obviously been no definitive announcement yet, I've been to a website or two that indicate Season 5, and possibly Season 6, will be out in November.
  11. Clint B

    Movies that make you feel happy

    Amelie, Before Sunrise/Sunset, Dead Poet's Society, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Almost Famous, and Airplane always manage to bring a smile to my face.
  12. Clint B


    You can watch the trailer at It doesn't come out in Dallas for another week or two, but I'm really wanting to see this film.
  13. Clint B

    Pink Floyd said to reunite for Live 8....Really!

    Watched bits and pieces of coverage today...based on the timetables I saw online (or at least my reading of them, which may have been wrong), I almost thought MTV/VH1 weren't going to show Floyd. I'm glad they did, but I'm also hacked off that they cut away during Comfortably Numb. I'll look to...
  14. Clint B

    Singer songwriter recommendations?

    Julia, that's cool! I met him earlier this year after he opened for Tori Amos in Dallas. Really nice guy, and he signed my CD. I, too, hope he "goes places." I have some other recommendations, with the websites for each artist: --David Wilcox (a "folkish" singer out of North Carolina who...
  15. Clint B

    New track from the band "Europe" - Got to Have Faith

    I can't speak for "Oceania" (too broad a geographic area), except to say that maybe "The Hobbits" will leave Middle Earth and tour, with the blessings of that famous Kiwi, Peter Jackson. As far as "Antarctica" is concerned...I guess a group of research scientists could go there and train some...
  16. Clint B

    DeepDiscountDVD 20% discount begins 6/17 to 6/25

    Order #1 SIDEWAYS (WS) $16.23 SOUTH PARK-5 SEASON PACK $116.88 Shipping: $0.00 Order Total: $133.11 Order #2 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (CE) $17.03 Shipping: $0.00 Order Total: $17.03 Order #3 WHEN IT WAS A GAME COLLECTION (3 DVDS) $18.72 Shipping: $0.00 Order Total: $18.72
  17. Clint B

    Singer songwriter recommendations?

    There's a guy called Matt Nathanson out of California who's very good. He has his own unique style, but if I had to describe his latest record, much of it sounds like a cross between John Mayer and Vertical Horizon before they went completely electric.
  18. Clint B

    New track from the band "Europe" - Got to Have Faith

    Their website has streams of partial clips of three songs from their new album. Not bad...quite unlike the "cheese" that they used to put out.
  19. Clint B

    Did anyone see Katie Holmes on Letterman last night?

    Supposedly, Katie's now converting to Scientology. I hope she's doing that because she really wants to, but one does wonder. By the way, I'll take the under.
  20. Clint B

    Pink Floyd said to reunite for Live 8....Really!

    If this indeed comes to pass, I say that the Eagles were wrong...Pink Floyd, with Waters, playing again would indicate that hell has really frozen over indeed.:laugh:
  21. Clint B

    Covers of Beatles' songs U favour over the original

    While I love the Beatles original, I think Joe Cocker's version of "With A Little Help From My Friends" beats it.
  22. Clint B

    How to listen to the new U2 album before it's released--LEGALLY

    I'm listening to it right now, through the good graces of the folks at You do have to register to hear it, but it's free. You listen to the tracks one at a time, but the entire album is there for the listening. It's quite good so far!
  23. Clint B

    Deep Discount DVD 20% Off Sale!

    I second the question about Deep Discount they have these sales, too?
  24. Clint B

    ur favorite Albums that last the test of time, and why

    Beatles "Revolver" Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach "Painted from Memory" Tori Amos "Little Earthquakes" Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" U2 "The Unforgettable Fire" Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" Van Halen "Van Halen" Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Patsy Cline...
  25. Clint B

    ER season 11 thread

    One of the better episodes I've seen in a while. Ray Liotta was great.
  26. Clint B

    Capitol to Release First Four US Release Beatle Albums

    I don't really see the point of releasing these (other than to make money, of course). It's been widely reported that the Beatles didn't like the way that Capitol released their albums, from the album covers to the content. As far as stereo mixes being released are concerned, I compare that to...
  27. Clint B

    Coupling S4 in R1...any idea when?

    Thanks, Andy. I looked on and I couldn't find it, so I guess I missed it.
  28. Clint B

    Coupling S4 in R1...any idea when?

    Subject says it all. I'm currently watching the reruns of it on BBC America and liking it very much. Thanks for any info you can provide.
  29. Clint B

    Need some suggestions on Singer/Songwriters to listen to.

    There's a guy from North Carolina called David Wilcox who is really good. While his shows are mostly just him and his guitar, he does branch out a bit on his albums. Some people have compared him to James Taylor, and in many ways I think that's accurate, but I think David Wilcox writes better...
  30. Clint B

    How is the new Van Halen release?

    I was wondering the same thing. I've heard one of the new songs, but not the other two, so I'd like to know if it's worth buying this release for three new songs and a bunch of re-released tracks.