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  1. Anthony Lopez

    Ultimate Jordan: 20th Anniversary DVD. What are the 5 complete games?

    Yeah no problem, Brent. :D
  2. Anthony Lopez

    Jet Set Radio Future

    Yeah, the path was blocked by some junk cars I think. I have no clue how I opened it though.
  3. Anthony Lopez

    Jet Set Radio Future

    Dave, as soon as you enter Rokkaku-Dai Heights from the garage, there's a path close by the birds and spray cans, look for two columns. Follow that path and take a left. :)
  4. Anthony Lopez

    Jet Set Radio Future

    Yeah I noticed at the beginning it seemed like only the same 3 or 4 songs were being played. I'm up to chapter 6 now though, and I'm starting to hear some new music. Anyone else past the sewer yet ? Man, I hated that level.
  5. Anthony Lopez

    Dark Forces: Jedi Knight 2

    Lucasarts finally posted the system requirements on their site. :)
  6. Anthony Lopez

    Dark Forces: Jedi Knight 2

    Donny, everyone keeps saying sometime in March. There's a quicktime trailer available at the official Jedi Outcast website.
  7. Anthony Lopez

    Grand Theft Auto III

    Here's a website that lists most of the cars in the game. The Idaho is a car, it looks kind of like a stallion but with a more square looking front end.
  8. Anthony Lopez

    What accessories will I need to get with a PS2?

    If you have an extra 15 dollars don't forget the vertical stand. It serves no purpose whatsoever, but the PS2 looks so cool standing up. :)
  9. Anthony Lopez

    Van Gundy resigns as Knick coach....

    Good for him, did you guys see how tense he looked most of the time ? At least he can finally get some rest. Seriously though, he's a great coach and he will be missed.
  10. Anthony Lopez

    TPM Reviews

    Hey I don't agree with that either. :D Seriously though, something has always bugged me about Phantom Menace also, but I can't figure out what it is. I think it's because it's only an introduction, and the film doesn't stand up well on it's own. I think if a fan had control over the series it...
  11. Anthony Lopez

    *** Official "Metal Gear Solid 2 (MGS2)" Review & Discussion thread

    Here's a tip for anyone that is trying to collect all the dog tags, once you get the coolant you can use it on any unconscious guards to wake them up faster, this really helps when you're in a room with multiple guards. :)
  12. Anthony Lopez

    **Spoiler** The First Secret Character in Tony Hawk 3 is ...

    Oops, sorry guys, I was excited about finding him and I didn't even think about this as a spoiler. I'll ask a mod to change the header. Sorry again. ------------------
  13. Anthony Lopez

    **Spoiler** The First Secret Character in Tony Hawk 3 is ...

    Just thought I'd let you guys know, that when you beat the game your first time through, Darth Maul is the first secret character thats unlocked. I didn't believe it when I heard it, but I'm playing as him right now. Have fun. :) ------------------ [Edited last by Anthony Lopez on November...
  14. Anthony Lopez

    easter eggs

    The only site I can think of right now is ------------------
  15. Anthony Lopez

    Mmmm, doughnuts

    Glenn, I think that article pretty much sums it up, I haven't heard anything else about it, or maybe I just missed it. I only saw a small mention of it on the local news. If I hear anything about the officers that flew the chopper, I'll be sure to post it. ------------------
  16. Anthony Lopez

    Phantom Menace is OUT (part 2)

    quote: I scoped out the electronics department for about 30 minutes. Carl, I applaud your discipline. :) ------------------ [Edited last by Anthony Lopez on October 10, 2001 at 09:26 PM]
  17. Anthony Lopez

    Will the Wizards/Jordan game be on TV?

    Michael decided he would play, after he realized how many people bought tickets just to see him play. ESPN - Jordan changes mind, will play on Thursday ------------------
  18. Anthony Lopez

    Will the Wizards/Jordan game be on TV?

    I don't think so, TNT is going to show a Wizards preseason game on the 20th though, and TBS should have the Washington/New York matchup on the 30th. Checkout ------------------
  19. Anthony Lopez

    Mmmm, doughnuts

    The second that I read the topic header, I knew exactly what this post was about. The Krispy Kreme store in question is about ten minutes from my house. ------------------
  20. Anthony Lopez

    Speaking of do you get "this" car??

    Yeah, I remember trying to get Nissan R390 for about an hour and a half before giving up, the next day I gave it another try, and I got it the second time. I think Polyphony Digital did that on purpose to mess with our minds. :) ------------------
  21. Anthony Lopez

    Speaking of do you get "this" car??

    You can win the GT40 Race car from the Grand Turismo World Championship Series in the Professional League, and the Ford GT40 from the Gran Turismo All-Stars Series in the Amateur League. :) ------------------
  22. Anthony Lopez

    Goonies Video Commentary: The Best Ever?

    I loved when Martha Plimpton was making fun of "It's our time down here ..." and Donner says something like "Up there it's daylight savings time." Absolutely cracked me up. ------------------
  23. Anthony Lopez

    Get this! (or better yet, don't!): New Wonka SE? Pan 'N Scan ONLY! Part II

    Is anyone checking out what they're saying on the petition ? From #9151: "I WILL NOT BY THE DISK IF IT HAS STOPID BLACK BARS. I BY A TV SO I CAN SEA THE WHOLE PICTURE NOT TO HAVE IT COVVARED BY BLACK BARS; YOU SILLY BILLIES" Our petition is being mocked ... ------------------