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  1. Nathan W.

    Don't You Hate it When.........

    Actually, I'm in San Diego. I don't really need speakers at all. I've got too many pairs as it is. But I still would have bought the five BICs at that price if they were local to me. That's what kills many seemingly good deals on Ebay, shipping charges that is. That and the high risk of shipping...
  2. Nathan W.

    Don't You Hate it When.........

    you stumble across a fantastic deal on Ebay and then find out it's "Local Pickup Only" and nowhere near you? Kinda like this one: I would have snatched those up in a heartbeat.
  3. Nathan W.

    Good for a laugh - Bent Polk Speaker Auction

    Easily straightened, you say?! I think not! The carrier must have delivered the speakers without stopping the truck! I'd have liked to see the cabinets. Probably a pile of chips.
  4. Nathan W.

    Infinity Prius150's for $40.00

    DLP is not susceptible to magnetic interference. Only CRT based sets are.
  5. Nathan W.

    White Van Speaker Scams

    That site also has some "PVC" towers. Don't know if they're pvc coated or solid. Either way, that's also a new one on me.
  6. Nathan W.

    White Van Speaker Scams

    Here's another obvious copycat to add to the list: And here's the real deal: Link Removed Even the logo design is being copied. These can be found on Ebay also.
  7. Nathan W.

    White Van Speaker Scams

    They're just a distributor of those high end products, not the mfgr. Does seem a little suspect though.
  8. Nathan W.

    White Van Speaker Scams

    .62992" of excursion to be exact. They must be using pro sound 18" drivers. Some of those have less than 4mm Xmax (8mm peak to peak). I guess you can tell I didn't finely sift through the site like you did. I basically just looked at the pretty pictures.
  9. Nathan W.

    White Van Speaker Scams

    I gotta agree with ya on the package price vs the driver cost. I would not pay anything close to the full asking price for those speakers, a couple hundred maybe. In that light, it's pretty scammy. While I don't view the Hi-Vi drivers as high end, their quality appears to be better than the...
  10. Nathan W.

    White Van Speaker Scams

    Oh. Coherent electrons. Never did like 'em. Man. Some people only listen to their equipment, not the source.
  11. Nathan W.

    White Van Speaker Scams

    Huh? What's a tice clock?
  12. Nathan W.

    White Van Speaker Scams

    That site doesn't strike me as a scam in any way. Those speakers look really nice with those various veneers and flush mount drivers. I didn't see any B.S. specs or terminology for marketing purposes on that site. The midrange drivers and tweeters look to be from Hi-Vi Research, definitely not...
  13. Nathan W.

    Advice on these eBay speakers?

    I'd wait for some of those opinions.
  14. Nathan W.

    HTiB Speaker Sound Better Than My Polks?

    Maybe (man, I hope not) the system is emphasizing a certain frequency range to seem to stand out like Bose does with their cube systems. You would have to listen to the system longer with movies and music to see if it actually performs decently or if it would just get irritating after awhile...
  15. Nathan W.

    Davinci audio?

    I guess they use some other decoding process like Bose does since it's cheaper. I wonder if that "pure marketing B.S. name" decoding even works? A lot of uneducated people on Ebay are eatin' this stuff up. It's too bad they're gettin' suckered into "a little better than TV built in speaker" sound.
  16. Nathan W.

    Davinci audio?

    I get a kick outta reading specs on these hastily thrown together web sites such as the Divinci one. Wow, diamond cut drivers and hydro cooled tweeters!!! All of my speakers are so lame compared to these. What name will they use next, I wonder, for the exact same product? I actually saw some...
  17. Nathan W.

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    If this were true then all headphones would sound like tweeters, but they don't. Some have excellent deep bass, although you don't get the tactile effect on your skin or through the furniture as you could with a good sub throwin' out some deep notes.
  18. Nathan W.

    Bose Lifestyle 38

    I'm sure you already know this, but Bose will not allow a proper and thorough test report of their squawkers - not published at least. S & V will now only do "User Reports" of Bose stuff that show no specs so that Bose won't sue and will still advertise in the mag. I feel sorry for Ken P. He had...
  19. Nathan W.

    DLS 10 Blown...replacement?

    A blown driver doesn't necessarily mean the amp was too powerful. An underpowered amp that is clipping can also do this to a driver. That Goldwood driver requires a 9 1/8" cutout so some trimming of the hole would be required. I would just go with one of Dayton's Series II woofers which will...
  20. Nathan W.

    Bose Lifestyle 38

    Actually, it's because we understand the laws of physics. We need not be out $3k to discover that small cheap paper drivers cannot break these laws. You can be sure that most Bose employees, including Amar himself, don't use those systems either. I doubt that they use any of their own speakers...
  21. Nathan W.

    JA Audio

    I'd steer away from any company that doesn't even provide one single phone number for contact. Plus, I believe the name "JA Audio" was chosen because it sounds like the well respected "JL Audio" name (JL makes car audio products). I once bought a 15" Merak sub from Ubid that turned out to be...
  22. Nathan W.

    D+S Sound Labs

    I stumbled across THIS company on Ebay. They have a 15" sub up for auction starting at $1199 which seems steep considering the driver and amp are from Parts Express. The cabinet IS nice, but that's about $770 just for the cabinet. 'Looks like they use several drivers from PE plus some high end...
  23. Nathan W.

    JBL E250P - pictures from the INSIDE:

    I believe the large surround on the JBL woofer may be a marketing ploy. I highly doubt that it actually needs a surround as wide as that, but lots of folks will see it as a more powerful driver without knowing about the relatively small motor structure behind it. I don't doubt that it puts out...
  24. Nathan W.

    Let's talk the friend out of the Bose speaker system.....

    Klegg may appeal to him. I cannot speak for the sound quality of these since I haven't heard them. They appear to be of good quality, though. These carry about the same prices as Bose. But with the satellites being made from a laser machined zinc alloy they're most certainly of higher quality.
  25. Nathan W.

    $400 Sub Face-off: SVS PB10-ISD Takes On a Few Competitors

    It sure is sad to see the relatively cheaply constructed drivers in those mass produced subs - namely the motor structures. This is no doubt the biggest reason these subs can't compete with the SVS - that and probably cabinet volume. SVS obviously knows where you cannot cheap out. That's a...
  26. Nathan W.

    Anyone heard of Wizard speakers?

    Damn! The magnet on just one 12" woofer weighs 38lbs according to their site! I wanna see a pic of that woofer. OH NO! Check this out! (taken from site)....... "Through Tom and Debi’s effort, Wisdom Audio sold many pairs of speakers out of the back of a truck at $25k a pair in 1997......"...
  27. Nathan W.

    <---White Van Scammed: How bad did I get it?

    Except Meridian speakers. I gotta be honest. Those speakers do not look any worse than the components and cabinets used by some mass market companies like BIC and DCM, who both used to make higher end stuff, but now just mass market stuff. That woofer you show has a stamped and plated steel...
  28. Nathan W.

    Yamaha Subwoofer / Pioneer Receiver Help

    Did you try turning off the "midnight" setting like I suggested? Even "just over half way" on the level control seems high. And 0db for the sub setting in the receiver may be the center point of it's range. At least that's how my Kenwood is. I can go above or below 0 to a value of 10/-10.
  29. Nathan W.

    To sub or not to sub?

    Why not 3 sub?
  30. Nathan W.

    Is this a good deal??

    Maybe with the free shipping and the fact that I couldn't find that system anywhere else. The five speakers are easy to find by themselves and so is the sub, but not together. The price here was no cheaper than some other online places I saw, but on par with them. Free shipping though.