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  1. Jeff_B


    I am looking to sell my PS2 for $275.00 This price includes all original packaging and Madden 2001. I have used it for approximately 5 hours.
  2. Jeff_B

    Sub Decisions? Please Help

    I have auditioned the Paradigm PW-2200 and the Mirage BPS-400. I was wondering if the SVS 20-39CS/Samson combo would give me more bass than the others I have listened to.
  3. Jeff_B

    Paradigm Studio 60/Studio CC/Speaker Cable?

    I am wondering what HTF members were using or could recommend to use as far as speaker cable with their Paradigm Studio 60's/Studio CC. I have debated on several brands and can not decide what to use. Please help....JB
  4. Jeff_B

    Amp w/Denon AVR-3802

    I am looking to possibly purchasing a 3802 and Parasound HCA-1000 to run Paradigm Studio 60's/CC/ADP? Does anyone have any opinions on the HCA-1000 for running such mains?
  5. Jeff_B

    Denon 4800--Is this a good receiver.

    I was considering buying the Denon 4800 to power either Mirage speakers or Paradigms Studio 60's/Studio cc/ADP. Do you think this is a good combination. Also where could I find the AVR-4800 for a good price from an authorized dealer?
  6. Jeff_B

    Component Cables---Bettercables vs. CatCables

    I was looking for opinions on the Silver Serpent Component Cable against the Catcable Tigress Component Cable. I am having a tough time on deciding which one to purchase to get the real detail from my Sony Wega. Which one would give me the best picture detail and clarity.