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  1. markonesmile

    UHD Review The Italian Job (1969) – UHD Blu-ray Review

    Now I know some 4K releases do sometimes darken the image to what we are used to, whether accurate or not. But I find this release massively darkens the image to the point we are losing so much shadow detail. A major disappointment.
  2. markonesmile

    ‘Avatar 2’ Renews Push for 3D Format in Movie Theaters

    The art of cinematography or any photography or painting for that matter has been about creating the illusion and depth in the 2D medium. I can watch 'Lawrence of Arabia' and wallow in the depth of its imagery without even thinking about it. I did have a 3D TV and saw a few films at the cinema...
  3. markonesmile

    UHD Review Spider-Man: No Way Home UHD Review

    It's funny how the extras are described as nice. Considering, as is the practice today, they consist of the usual press kit fluff. Why does everyone go on about how wonderful everyone is, how they are the best team they have ever worked with, how everyone does their own stunts, how everyone was...
  4. markonesmile

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ - Death on the Nile (2022) -- in 4k UHD

    I am with most of the negatives. It was dire as was Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express.
  5. markonesmile

    Blu-ray Review A Few Words About A few words about…™ The HD to Blu-ray upgrade saga: Part 3 - The Untouchables – in Blu-ray

    I saw a wonderful interview with Bob Hoskins once who was originally cast as Al Capone. DePalma was honest with him and said they were really after De Niro but would he mind being stand by. When they did get De Niro, being more expensive and also paying off Hoskins the original shoot-out on the...