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  1. Steve Peterson

    Csi 11/25/04

    This "split" could lead to some interesting possibilities. 1) They leave things the way they are after the shake up for the forseeable future. Gil and Catherine now have to compete for lab resources and Ecklie gets to ride Gil much like the Sheriff did in seasons 1 and 2. I'd give this a high...
  2. Steve Peterson

    CSI: Season 5 thread

    Shall we take any bets on whether or not Catherine gets the promotion? I'm betting that she'll come in second with all the Sam Braun stuff coming out and biting her in the butt. Especially the check. Steve "She only gets promoted if she leaves the series." Peterson
  3. Steve Peterson

    CSI: Season 5 thread

    You forgot Sarah's drinking problem that popped up last season. Gil had to "bail" her out on the season ender. Steve "Did you know that the CSI DVDs are great to watch on a cross-country plane trip?" Peterson
  4. Steve Peterson

    Twister music question

    Be careful. There are 2 "soundtracks" for Twister. There is an orchestral soundtrack and the "popular hits" soundtrack. You'll want the latter to get the song you want. Steve "Twister is guilty pleasure." Peterson
  5. Steve Peterson

    Official "Bump" Game Discussion Thread.

    At the bottom. Up you go! Steve "Lurker." Peterson Edit: Whoops, wrong thread. :D
  6. Steve Peterson

    "Seldom Posters League" & Lounge Dedication

    [ /lurk ] You rang? Steve "Watching from the backround." Peterson [ lurk ]
  7. Steve Peterson

    Now I know why Amtrak will fail......(long)

    Just so you understand the 12 hour thing, all engineers and conductors are required by federal law not to exceed 12 hours on duty. When the 12 hours are up, the crew goes "dead on the law". They cannot continue to the next station, they pull into the nearest siding and call in that they've gone...
  8. Steve Peterson

    Tales of the Trail

    When I was a youth, I had a cheap Huffy 10 speed with the crankiest front derailer that I've every encountered. The adjustments could only be accessed with the bike was in the normal upright position, so it was either a 2 person job to adjust the derailer or you did it while you rode the bike...
  9. Steve Peterson

    Ever wanna push someone down a set of stairs?

    96673 current high. Favorite way to push him down: Power: at or near max. Angle: 0 Pitch: 36 Body part: left foot. Camera angle: 3. This one will leave you wanting some aspirin. Steve "Ooo, that's gotta hurt." peterson
  10. Steve Peterson

    Staying at the Grand Canyon

    A completely different way to get to the canyon: I personally enjoy the north rim of the canyon more, but to get there it adds an additional 200 miles of driving. Steve "Other to see around Flagstaff: Walnut Canyon, Meteor Crator, Petrified forest" Peterosn
  11. Steve Peterson

    Used car buying: what's a "salvage", and should I ever consider one?

    Here's the problem with salvage vehicles: An insurance company declared the car a total because it would cost them more than the car was worth to repair it correctly. Most of these salvage repair guys take BIG shortcuts that leave the car with fundamental weaknesses in the unibody and/or safety...
  12. Steve Peterson

    Which house to buy?

    As someone who once did long commutes (35.4 miles one way, one hour drive), I can tell you they suck big time. If you have to spend 2 hours on the road every day, it gets on your nerves real quick. The builder should be able to drop the fireplace easy. These modern fireplaces just have studs...
  13. Steve Peterson

    Flexy: not just for hifi?

    Flexy desk. It does "wiggle" a little bit, but no where near what you'd think (maybe a 1/2" total and you have to really be trying to make it move). You most definately want the wood at the bottom to help hold it together. Steve "I had a 3 sided U shaped flexy desk at one time, but its no...
  14. Steve Peterson

    Going to, suggestions, things to do?

    Ah yes, tubing. I've been here long enough to remember when you needed a runner to drop you off and pick you up. Not the bus runs they have now. I personally would not go tubing this year as the flow on the Salt River is waaaaaaay down since the state is under extreme drought conditions. I'm...
  15. Steve Peterson

    CSI Miami pilot

    It has potential. I'll watch it to see where it goes. I see future head butting between Miami:CSI and the FBI. Steve "When is it suppose to start?" Peterson
  16. Steve Peterson

    The "I've been electrified! " II thread!

    At my last employer, we had a back room repairing terminals. One of the guys doing the repairs told me his story about eletricity. When he was in school for TV repair, a classmate was wearing a thin gold chain around her neck on a day that they were learning how to discharge the caps in TVs...
  17. Steve Peterson

    The Latest Supermarket Insanity

    Children? Children?!? Feh! Children are only a minor annoyance to the problem that I face in the grocery store. The Blue Hair Crowd. I live next to one to one of the biggest "Master Planned Adult Communities" (aka Retirement Community, or as I like to called them, Death's Waiting Room) in...
  18. Steve Peterson

    Today is the "Great American Meatout"...

    [/delurk] Dogs are actually OMNIVOROUS(sp). Most dry dog food is made up of mostly grains with some protein. Your dog can live on a veggie diet, but you MUST be more cautious as it is very easy for you to get you dog's diet way too far out of wack. (Not enough protein.) Steve "And I had a...
  19. Steve Peterson

    Does anyone else have MINI COOPER fever???

    $20k ish. Of course the dealers are going to add an additional $10k of "dealer markup". Steve "Truck guy myself, but they are cute." Peterson
  20. Steve Peterson

    The Last Roast (for me)! Haiku-fest 2002

    Yes, haikus are hard. 5, 7, 5 thing is tough Patman, get a life. Steve ":D" Peterson
  21. Steve Peterson

    Crest VS amps - any good for powering a sub?

    I'll toss a word of caution out about the Crest V/Vs amps, especially if you are looking at an old used amp. It appears that some of the early V/Vs have power supplies that eventually self destruct. I had to take one of our church's Crest Vs amps in for warrenty repair on the power supply, and...
  22. Steve Peterson

    Question for all the dog owners

    Use a wireless Dremel with a sandstone. No kidding! It's more like filing your nails than cutting them. You'll have to do it more often, say, once a week to once every other week; but the dogs don't seem to complain quite as much. A dog trainer here in town said that her rotweillers actually...