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  1. Seth=L

    HDMI -> DVI connection

    HDMI is a smart connection. Many components auto detect resolution. If it doesn't auto detect just set it to 720p or 1080i (not 1080p). 720p and 1080i on most modern displays are not noticeably different in most scenarios but since LCD displays don't natively display 1080i it's probably best to...
  2. Seth=L

    Researching new receiver .. anyone try the Rotel 1550?

    I'm not completely following this part. This rec doesnt do any processing with hdmi so what goes in goes out(no degradation). Do you mean to say you aren't doing any audio or video processing over HDMI? Are you using Blu-ray as one of your sources? To get the best sound from Blu-ray you'll...
  3. Seth=L

    Simple Stupid Question

    1/8" stereo - stereo rca (phono) adapter. Sold at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, RadioShack, etc....
  4. Seth=L

    Sony STR-DN1000 Audio

    What is the model number of the Panasonic Blu-ray player. Some early players from certain manufacturers didn't bitstream DTS-HD at all.
  5. Seth=L

    HTiB with HDMI repeater?

    Sony has one, can't recommend it though since the receiver isn't really a receiver. Yamaha is another option, but be warry of which one you choose, the speakers that come with some of them are the worst I've seen. Some of the speaker packages are pretty good too. Listen to them if you can...
  6. Seth=L

    Marantz NR1501 or Pioneer VSX 819

    The Marantz is definitely much nicer looking and better built. I've observed the Pioneer VSX-819 inside and out and I can tell you that it's a low end OEM from Sherwood. The display is very cheap and dim on the 819, but I believe it has an OSD (on screen display). Both receivers are 5.1 out of...
  7. Seth=L

    Help me choose between these 2 receivers guys...

    What about this lossless decoding? You do realize that the H/K can perform the D/A conversion from a uncompressed (lossless) multichannel audio stream, correct? The sound quality would be no different.
  8. Seth=L

    Sherwood Newcastle R-972 HDMI 1.3 Receiver

    It's dissapointing this model isn't out yet, and for the record, the Sherwood Newcastle receivers are very much in line with Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, Integra etc... Sherwood used to manufacture Rotel receivers in part or whole.:)
  9. Seth=L

    rotel RSX1055 vs Denon 2803

    Who's "we"?
  10. Seth=L

    Amp hook up help

    I agree with John. The Onkyo should have no problem with the Polks, even if they dip low in impedance (which they reportably do), the Onkyo is THX Ultra II certified and can handle down to 3.2 ohms stable. Did you use the Audyssey EQ? Did you set the Polks to small with the receiver's x-over...
  11. Seth=L

    AVR for my xbr2 needed

    For well under that budget you can get the Onkyo TX-SR805 (sometimes less than $800). It's got tons of power. You mentioned scaling, and if you feel you really need it, the Onkyo TX-SR875 (about $500 or more than the TX-SR805) has one of the best scalers available in a receiver. I say one of...
  12. Seth=L

    Receiver upgrade

    The Onkyo TX-SR805 can be had for around $700 online. It's a 50 pound monster. It's power benchtests rival that of the $5000 Onkyo TX-NR1000 (72 pounds) and $6000 Denon AVR-5805 (97 pounds). Refer to Sound and Vision mag for details. The Onkyo TX-SR875's bench tests are there. The Onkyo...
  13. Seth=L

    Help me choose between these 2 receivers guys...

    You might want to take a look at the Harman Kardon AVR-247 as well, probably the most feature laden receiver in this price category, also pretty hefty (30 pounds).:)
  14. Seth=L

    least expensive true DTS-HD DD-HD reciever?

    I am not going to quote anyone, but I will respond as best possible Now we are talking about limitations of each receiver, now this I completely agree with. I don't expect the Onkyo TX-SR605 to stack up against any Rotel receiver in terms of drive (low impedance handling), and overall output...
  15. Seth=L

    I always thought it was hogwash receivers had a specific sound.. boy was I wrong.

    No, they should sound the same. Doing a level matched DBT can prove this.
  16. Seth=L

    least expensive true DTS-HD DD-HD reciever?

    LOL, which JVCs have you had?:D I have owned many receivers. I have owned one Sony, and it sucked (not because of sound, just cheaply built and had lots of issues), one Denon (had some problems with sound on DVD menus, but I feel this was an isolated incident), one Sherwood (two if you count...
  17. Seth=L

    least expensive true DTS-HD DD-HD reciever?

    I don't want you to feel like I am picking on you here, but what is it about Onkyo's amplifiers that you do not like? WRAT is a name, and IMO, a gimmick. Their amplifier design isn't dramatically different from other manufacturers. A double blind level matched test could confirm SQ...
  18. Seth=L

    I always thought it was hogwash receivers had a specific sound.. boy was I wrong.

    OMG, the coincidence!:D The new Insignia receivers are made by Sherwood! And guess who used to manufacture most of Rotel receivers, SHERWOOD! Sherwood has been making stuff for everyone for a long time, but it is worth noting that Sherwood manufactured the Rotel receivers to Rotel's...
  19. Seth=L

    I always thought it was hogwash receivers had a specific sound.. boy was I wrong.

    Wattage ratings on receivers doesn't mean squat anymore. The Onkyo should sound better, it has balls. I have personally owned that Kenwood, and it has no balls. I slight variance in impedance sends it into a fit (sounding like crap), but that is Kenwood. I would say any well designed current...
  20. Seth=L

    Mid Level 7.1 Reciever Advice

    My vote goes to the Onkyo.
  21. Seth=L

    Looking to upgrade my receiver...

    Onkyo TX-SR605 Harman Kardon AVR-247 Marantz SR-4001 MARANTZ SR4001 Dolby Digital EX®/DTS ES® Surround Receiver | Accessories4less I believe each of these receivers does what you require, below your budget.
  22. Seth=L

    been out of the game for a while, in need of a new receiver

    I would look at the Yamaha RX-V661 (Same as HTR-6060), the Onkyo TX-SR605, and the Harman Kardon AVR-247. The AVR-247 is an outstanding deal because it has the same heft as the Pioneer VSX-1017, so you can expect to get about the same amount of power from it (regardless of specifications) and it...
  23. Seth=L

    Is my Onkyo TX- SR601 dying ?

    Check the speaker levels on the TX-SR601. The audio dropouts on the center channel while watching broadcast tv could be the broadcast signal itself.
  24. Seth=L

    Pioneer VSX-1015TX or Denon AVR-988

    Power and SQ wise they will be nearly the same, perhaps with a slight edge to the Pioneer in terms of power. The HDMI features are the major difference. The Denon can process audio over HDMI and supports Deep Color (HDMI 1.3). Also decodes Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital TrueHD, and DTS-HD...
  25. Seth=L

    NOWA Reciever Any Help?

    There doesn't seem to be anything about this piece of equipment. Could you explain how you came to own this receiver?
  26. Seth=L

    Do I need to replace my Denon 3803??

    Well it all ends up being analog, the only thing that changes is where the D/A conversion takes place. Say you get the Denon AVR-3806. It has HDMI and can process multichannel uncompressed PCM, but the HD player has to process the bitstream HD audio format. The AVR-3808CI has HD decoders built...
  27. Seth=L

    Do I need to replace my Denon 3803??

    Panasonic has a Blu-ray player with 7.1 analog outputs.:)
  28. Seth=L

    least expensive true DTS-HD DD-HD reciever?

    Sorry, but I am going to have to contest that. The TX-SR605 does not run that hot. The TX-SR805 and up are the hot running receivers. The sound quality of the Onkyo TX-SR605 is the same as any other receiver and comparable in power and features to competitively priced models. And there is...
  29. Seth=L

    AV Receiver Modes (DD / DTS) making me crazy !

    Make sure the DTS output setting is on as well. Most DVDs require that you use the DVD menu (specific to each DVD) to select the DTS track for playback, otherwise the DVD's default surround format is Dolby Digital. Some DVDs also allow you to change the audio stream by pressing the "audio"...
  30. Seth=L

    White Van Speaker Scams

    In response to whom ever mentioned Bose. Yes, Bose is the biggest scam of all time.