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  1. VicQ

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Descent

    okay, thanks. I didn't miss much then :)
  2. VicQ

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Descent

    Nice review. I rented this on blu ray and the picture was sharp as tack! I have a question for any of you. Can someone let me know what happens on the alternate ending? I returned it withoug checking it our first...
  3. VicQ

    Yamaha Display

    Sorry, Howard, there's no way of overiding SUR. STANDARD to say something else... -Vic
  4. VicQ

    HK AVR 7300 Performance #'s WOW!

    Does this model suffer from the digital pickup delay as other HK models? -Vic
  5. VicQ

    Energy Speakers

    I have the C3 and I LOVE them. I'm using them as my fronts and have some e:xl for surrounds. With that price that GG is offering, I really wanted to get another pair to replace the rears, but my wife said NO. The price is really good. I have the CC1 as center, but Energy offers a bigger one. The...
  6. VicQ

    OSD and Yamaha Receiver Question

    Wayne.. I have the rx-v1400 and let it upconvert my composite and s-video to component. When this is done, the OSD such as volume or input appears on the tv. If the signal is component, the OSD does not appear. ONLY when you go into the menu does the OSD shows up and whatever signal you had...
  7. VicQ

    PSA: Darn Yamaha and their Dynamic Range Setting

    Wayne, I've owned four Yamaha receivers, so I should know when I tell you that the units ship with the MAX setting on. -Vic
  8. VicQ

    My modest home theater pics

    ericanthonE, My cables are from Yes, I live in an apartment, that's why I don't have a sub.. -VIc
  9. VicQ

    My modest home theater pics

    The Rotel is actually a 1075. The speakers are Energy C 3's. Yes, that's Pandora Tomorrow on the table. the main channels are driven by Rotel's RB 1070. The interconnects are a combination of Heartland and Element cables. The Power cords are from Zu cable. Eventually when I finally upgrade the...
  10. VicQ

    My modest home theater pics

    Thanks to all for the comments. Yes, having the receiver on top of the amp is not the best idea, but my wife doesn't want me to put it anywhere else. I have a fan off to the side (not pictured) that I turn on to blow the hot air off. -Vic
  11. VicQ

    My modest home theater pics

    I'd like to share my ht setup with you guys. comments and questions are welcome.
  12. VicQ

    Question regarding trigger jack between receiver/amp

    yes. Radio shack has this, it's called a minijack cable. both ends are exactly the same. :emoji_thumbsup: -Vic:
  13. VicQ

    Yamaha RX-V1400 Digital Input Question

    Yes, you can rename the digital inputs and actually have more sources connected to the receiver. I don't notice any differences with the upconversion. :emoji_thumbsup: -Vic
  14. VicQ

    Yamaha YPAO settings, what did you pick?

    Is there any way to turn the PEQ completely? If someone switches to GEQ and doesn't make any changes, is this one way of shutting down PEQ? -Vic
  15. VicQ

    Banana Plugs

    :emoji_thumbsup: I'm going to do this diy for my front three speakers as well. Thanks! -Vic
  16. VicQ

    Banana Plugs

    Shane, Another question. What size shrink wrap did you use,?cause they have different sizes. Thanks. -Vic
  17. VicQ

    Banana Plugs

    Shane, What speaker wire are you using? It looks great. -Vic
  18. VicQ

    How is the Yamaha 2400 at detecting a digital signal? Any delays?

    A new player might help, since newer players have typically faster layer changes. -Vic
  19. VicQ

    Yamaha RX-V1400 as pre/pro

    Kevin, I'm using the 1400 as a pre/pro mated with the rotel 1070 for the fronts and the 1075 for the rest of the channels. I personally like it. I can't say if it's better than others as I've always owned Yamaha receivers. However, the 1400 has the most features ever, and the YPAO it's very...
  20. VicQ

    I have new respect for Yamaha

    Jim, I went through the manual again and I'm sorry to say, it does say you can't run 7.1 channels plus the 2 front presence channels at the same time. You can have everything hook up at the same time but not working simultaneously. You can have 5.1 + 2 presence or just 7.1. I take it the...
  21. VicQ

    I have new respect for Yamaha

    Jim, I think I know which page in the manual you're referring to, however, it's a bit confusing but I sitll believe that you can have all 9.1 channels going at once. There's an option where you decide where you want the DSP for the rear surround to go to, either the presence channels or the...
  22. VicQ

    I have new respect for Yamaha

    Jim, I checked the manual. You can run all 9.1 speakers at one. It doesn't say how many watts the presence channels have. You hook them up to the presence/zone 2 speaker outputs, and everything is a go for you. :emoji_thumbsup: -Vic
  23. VicQ

    I have new respect for Yamaha

    Jim, Both the rx-v1400 (mine!) and the 2400 have 9.1 capabilities. The allow you to hook up 2 front effects channels besides ther main channels, so I don't see any reason why you're not on your way to the store.:emoji_thumbsup: -Vic
  24. VicQ

    Suggestions for amp/pre-amp?

    David S, As I recommended the Yamaha rx-v1400, these are the features that the Outlaw doesn't have. Component upconversion, audio sync delay, thx processing, 3 zone output, etc. (check this link for more info. The only thing the Outlaw has...
  25. VicQ

    Suggestions for amp/pre-amp?

    For amps, I would suggest the Outlaw 7100, that should be enough for the Klipsch. However, for the pre-amp, I would suggest something else besides the 950. I would suggest the Yamaha RX-V 1400 or the 2400 which should be coming out within the next few weeks, the features that these receivers...
  26. VicQ

    finally the new yamaha line!

    sigh. If I decide to upgrade, this will end up being my 4th yammie receiver ever since I got the hometheater bug. 1)rx-v795 2)rx-v596 3) rx-v1200. -Vic:D
  27. VicQ

    Looking to buy HDTV...thoughts on Mitsubishi TVs

    Bishop, I think you should consider ther ws-48313 instead. the 48311 is last year's model. The new model has DVI connection which I think might be very important in the future. Since you are looking at they have the new model listed. It is teh sivler series. the silver plus model...
  28. VicQ

    New Mits WS55413 or New Hitachi 55S500

    Ron, I think they're both very comparable. Except the mits is bigger :D. Unless you're talking about the 57S500 (I'm guessing you mean the 51s500). They both have user adjustable six-colors which should eliminate any kind of color push. The mits has a new 4:3 expand mode called stretch plus...
  29. VicQ

    Yamaha AV Recievers

    your only option would be to buy a separate two channel amp and split the signal. -Vic
  30. VicQ

    Preamp Output on Marantz not playing?

    Does your Marantz have A & B front speakers, sometimes a receiver will unselect itself and you have to choose which one you want to use. -vic