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    New Onkyo HDMI 1.3 receiver already out?

    And the 605 goes for $399. That seems like the sweet one!
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    Weekly RoundUp 8-29-2006

    Thanks for the prices!
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    Weekly RoundUp 6-6-2006

    Yeah I see that now. Sorry I was only looking for last 3.
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    Weekly RoundUp 6-6-2006

    This was posted at Dvdtalk, but Amazon is selling X-Files Season 7, 8 , and 9 of the new sets for $24.97.
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    Weekly RoundUp 6-6-2006

    Thanks for the prices. Big week!
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    Weekly RoundUp 5-30-2006

    Thanks for the prices.
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    Weekly RoundUp 4-25-2006

    Edit::Duplicate post.
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    Weekly RoundUp 4-25-2006

    Going to get: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children The Wedding Singer SE Maybe (waiting on reviews): Windtalkers (Director’s Cut) The Patriot (Extended Cut) Renting: Aeon Flux SE Shopgirl
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    Weekly RoundUp 4-18-2006

    After reading DVDTalk's review on Event Horizon SE that is what I am picking up this week.
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    Weekly RoundUp 4-11-2006

    Thanks for the prices. Just rentals this week.
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    Weekly RoundUp 4-4-2006

    Already preordered Chronicles/Narnia: Lion…Wardrobe CE (2-disc) from Tower. The only thing I am getting. I want Robin Men in Tights only so I am going to hold out and hope that is gets released on its own.
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    Weekly RoundUp 3-28-2006

    Thanks for the prices. Just King Kong 2 disc for me.
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Ice Age - Super-Cool Edition

    Thanks for the review. Looks like I will stick with my current 2 disc.
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    Weekly RoundUp 3-14-2006

    Thanks for the prices. Just Anastasia & Remember The Titans DC for me. Will rent Good Night, and Good Luck and A History of Violence.
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    Lord of War: 2-Disc Special Edition 1/17

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    Weekly RoundUp 3-7-2006

    Jimmy I saw the same thing. None at CC or Target. So far I am glad I preordered it from Amazon.
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    Weekly RoundUp 3-7-2006

    Thanks for the prices. Just Jarhead SE and Harry Potter SE for me.
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    Weekly RoundUp 2-28-2006

    Just got back from BB and they price matched Lady and The Tramp to CC and gave me the free plush. The register has no problem with this.
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    Weekly RoundUp 2-28-2006

    Thanks for the prices. Will be picking up. Lady And The Tramp Walk The Line (Two Disc) Charmed Season 4 Going to rent Ice Harvest.
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    Weekly RoundUp 2-14-2006

    Thanks for the prices. Will pick up Zathura and will rent Saw II.
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    Weekly RoundUp 1-17-2006

    Thanks for the prices! Lord of War SE (2-disc) for me. Will wait on Lois & Clark.
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    Weekly RoundUp 1-3-2006

    Thanks for the prices. Just Dumb & Dumber for me. Will rent Wedding Crashers.
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    Weekly RoundUp 12-13-2005

    Will Buy Airplane: Don’t Call Me Shirley Ed. Kronk’s New Groove Sin City: Recut/Extended Valiant Will Rent 40 Year Old Virgin Bad News Bears The Island
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    Weekly RoundUp 11-22-2005

    Thanks for the prices. Polar Express 2 Disc War of The Worlds LE And later Aeon Flux
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    2005 War of the Worlds 11/22

    $10. BB has 1 disc for 14.99 and 2 disc for 24.99
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    Weekly RoundUp 11-15-2005

    Thanks for the prices. Madagascar Stealth Charmed Season 3 Buffy Complete Set
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Boxed Set

    They will give you a full refund on unopened packages. I have done it before.
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Boxed Set

    Jeff it is a preorder, but DDD is very good about shipping early. So that is why you got charged. It probably is already being packed to be shipped.