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  1. David_P

    SHORT TIME (Dabney Coleman)

    still haven't heard anything about this... I wonder if there's a way to get it made available for one of the MOD programs? David
  2. David_P

    SHORT TIME (Dabney Coleman)

    thought I'd bump this one... still no news I can find about this very very funny and entertaining movie. David
  3. David_P

    SHORT TIME (Dabney Coleman)

    so...... anyone heard anything about this movie possibly making it to DVD? Best car chase ever!
  4. David_P

    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: WALL*E

    great movie, what crappy packaging... They must really want you to rebuy this DVD over and over as it gets scratched to crap. My copy has been played once, pulled in and out of the packaging probably a half-dozen times, and it's already scratched up. Irony: buying a DVD in 'enviromental...
  5. David_P

    Get Smart!

    I'd echo this post... I haven't seen anything about seasons 2-5 being released individually, and would like to know if I'm going to have to rebuy season 1 to get the whole package. Anyone know? David_P
  6. David_P

    Win a copy of Forbidden Kingdom!

    clearly, Chuck Norris, who round-house kicks all other martial artist wanna-be's into oblivion. David_P
  7. David_P

    HTF DVD DOND (Contest!) Entry thread

    deal me in too David
  8. David_P

    Timecop release May 27th anamorphic?

    I purchased the set, and wanted to confirm that Timecop is indeed anamorphic widescreen. Timecop and Hard Target are on one DVD (single sided, dual layer) and Street fighter / The Quest are on another. Timecop is actually 2.35:1 and Hard Target is 1.85:1, both anamorphic. On the DVD...
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    Win a copy of Stargate Infinity: The complete series!

  10. David_P

    Win a copy of Cassandra's Dream

    Daredevil DP
  11. David_P

    Win your choice of the new MERIDIAN collection disks!

    clearly... the blue-skinned opera singer in "The Fifth Element". DP
  12. David_P

    Win your choice of Night of the Living Dead or Diary of the dead!

    I like the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead... DP
  13. David_P

    Timecop release May 27th anamorphic?

    As part of a Van Damme quadruple action pack (Timecop / Hard Target / Street Fighter / The Quest): stated as 1.85:1... anyone know if the whole set is widescreen anamorphic? DP
  14. David_P

    Subwoofer Program?

    After launching Excel 2003 on a new shreadsheet, go under Tools-->Macro-->Security Set Security to medium. If it's set higher than that, I dont' think the macros will run at all. At medium, it will ask you/warn you about a possibly dangerous macro, but the macro will launch if you OK it...
  15. David_P

    Subwoofer Program?

    Ditto... I built this sub: using Unibox as the modeling tool. The actual measured values of Fb and Q of the system ended up being astonishingly close to the predicted values. David
  16. David_P

    Subwoofer Program?

    You've dismissed the two best free ones... WinISD Pro and Unibox. If you're freaked about about excel macros, I've got my excel set up to ask me every time a macro launches to ask me. For Unibox set macro security to medium... this will stop all macros from running without permission.
  17. David_P

    Problem with Transformers DVD

    there's DTS on this DVD?
  18. David_P

    8/22 GRUMPY duo not anamorphic; anamorphic versions coming (Correction in Post #7)

    anyone heard anything further about the OAR anamoephic release of these two titles?
  19. David_P

    THE ABYSS anamorphic release? (MERGED THREAD)

    I have the two-disc Canadian version, and it has a DD5.1 track... it also says anamorphic, though it's not.
  20. David_P

    THE ABYSS anamorphic release? (MERGED THREAD)

    Not so... In Canada, at least, there are a number of Abyss releases which state that they are anamorphic video, and DD 5.1. They are in fact letterboxed and DD 2.0
  21. David_P

    Whats the Status of the Following Re SE?

    I for one am skeptical... There was a recent release (6 months ago) of a Schwarzenegger collection which allegedly included an anamorphic release of commando AND True lies as part of the package... NOT! The packaging specifically states anamorphic widescreen for all three titles...
  22. David_P

    Non-Anamorphic DVD's wanted Anamorphically Enhanced

    The Abyss True Lies Mr Holland's Opus American President Emma (Pwaltrow) All of Me (currently pan and scan) The Game (currently pan and scan) 1941 Ransom LadyHawke Armageddon Mrs. Doubtfire (still not really out, is it) Twins (currently pan and scan) Kindegarten Cop (currently pan...
  23. David_P

    The Proposition (2006, Nick Cave) - Canadian version

    I purchased this a while back and just got around to watching it... Very violent, but a fabulously filmed movie. Great soundtrack as well. The version I have was released in Canada by Maple Pictures. Of interesting note is the fact that the specs on case state the film is "letterboxed"...
  24. David_P

    BFD or LT for sealed sub EQ?

    A BFD (or more flexibly, a DEQ2496) will do SOME of what a LT can do, but not all. LT allows you to modify system Q, and increase low end extension (lower Fb). E.g., you can build a sealed system, size it such that it is power-limited (e.g. volume is small enough that the power you're...
  25. David_P

    New MRS. DOUBTFIRE edition

    and the ABYSS...
  26. David_P

    Need Help building a better sub than my AV15

    AFAIK, the ADA-1200 plate amp is not currently available. If you need that much power I would suggest you look at an offboard pro amp... Behringer ep2500 for example. Best drivers/cheapest currently available seem to be the TC-2000 series and the line of soundsplinter drivers. The Tempest...
  27. David_P

    HD-DVD and Standard DVD Combo list:

    something to keep in mind... Most, if not all, of the combos listed are HD-15/DVD-5... single sided, both sides. In essence, by purchasing them, you are buying what was first generation DVD technology, something none of us would accept in todays world. You get a crappy SD DVD transfer...
  28. David_P

    DIY full range center! Need some input...

    You lose some headroom is all. 3 db is audible... whether it matters depends upon how loud you listen, how big your room is, the amount of power you input, and the power handling-Xmax of the drivers you're using. David
  29. David_P

    DIY full range center! Need some input...

    go to this link and poke around for bipole designs: Bipoles have four advantages: 1) greater efficiency (3db with drivers in parallel) 2) no bafflestep with drivers in phase... this means that the bass is typically fuller, and the...
  30. David_P

    DIY full range center! Need some input...

    I can answer both questions with one answer... You DO NOT want to use four full range drivers in one box, all pointed at you. You will get horrendous "combing effects" as the high frequencies from the full range drivers become both additive and subtractive at your listening position. You will...