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  1. UlfKristensson

    What Titles Would You Like to see on Blu-Ray???

    1. Heat 2. LOTR Trilogy 3. True Romance 4. The Abyss 5. A.I. - Artificial Intelligence 6. Alien Quadrology
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    King Conan Dead!

    Good news! King Conan is not so dead after all! Considering TheArnoldFans' online petition will have gathered a fast approaching SEVEN THOUSAND signatures to keep John Milius and Arnold attached to King Conan, wouldn't you think Fred and Theo from Paradox would attempt to...
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    First image of Arnold in Terminator 3!

    The shooting have started and here it is: Link Removed
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    Kristanna Loken will be the terminatrix in T3!

    (Variety) - Newcomer Kristanna Loken will be the terminatrix who goes up against Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." Loken, a 22-year-old actress who starred in such TV series as "D.C." and "Philly" and the film "Panic," has landed the much coveted role of the TX, a...
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    *** Official "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" Discussion Thread

    Cees, I read an interview (can't remember wich one) with Andrew Davis and he said that they shot a new ending, but they did it in july or august something so nothing have been altered because of the WTC incident. ---------------------------- | Link Removed |
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    *** Official "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" Discussion Thread

    Does anybody know how much the Collateral budget is? ------------------------- | Link Removed |
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    Terminator 3: What's the current scoop?

    Arnold talks Chyna in T3 Our own David Korn just got back from the New York City press day for "Collateral Damage," and here's what Arnold had to say about Chyna in T3: "I was in the limo and saw her get out of another car. So I called her over and told her she should come in for an interview...
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    True Lies 2 - Latest News!

    Schwarzenegger: "Jim Cameron finished the script a few months ago. But I'm not sure it will shoot this year. I'm going to go away for a long time to do 'Terminator,' and it's not my style to go away again so quickly and do another huge movie. I like to do one movie a year at the most. We'll...
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    King Conan, latest news! Schwarzenegger says that John Milius is re-writing the script as we speak. He had written it and it was a 168-page script. But the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix) told him that it would take too much time to make it. It would be like a 3 1/2 hour movie. So they are...
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    Terminator 3: What's the current scoop?

    The latest hot-news from T3: Linda Hamilton might be in it after all... Spoilers ahead! Schwarzenegger mentioned that Linda Hamilton will be appearing in the third installment but "as flash backs...Let's just assume that she died already and he (John Connor) is on his own rather than his...
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    My 'PREDATOR' appreciation thread.

    Here are some pictures and the script: Link Removed
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    Terminator 3: What's the current scoop?

    Three rumored candidates for the recast role of John Connor. - Chris Klein (Rollerball) - Scott Speedman (Dark Blue) - Shane West (Dracula 2000) Source: Link Removed
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    LOTR bloopers

    I think it is when Frodo & Sam just started off their journey and are talking in the field with the scarecrow.
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    Here is a page with the latest news and rumors. Link Removed
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    Terminator 3: What's the current scoop?

    Current status: - The plan is to begin shooting the sequel in April in Los Angeles and film for eight weeks and then the production will go to Vancouver, Canada to film for 14 weeks. - Releasedate: July 4th, 2003 Latest news: Link Removed
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    'COLLATERAL DAMAGE' finally hits theaters Feb 8th!

    Collateral news: The test audiences gave thumb down to the ending so a new one have been shot. Source: Link Removed
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    TRUE LIES: What a shame :(

    There are some miniatures of the impact when the harriers take out the bridge. Link Removed
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    Collateral Damage release date???

    Warner Brothers has set February 8, 2002, as the new release date for Collateral Damage. There's lots of more news over at Link Removed!