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  1. Oupei

    passive bi-amping for more power?

    eh, tried to get something for nothing. oh well i guess. thanks though.
  2. Oupei

    passive bi-amping for more power?

    I've read the bi-amping information in the primer/faq, and I wanted to just try to get some more power through passive bi-amping . I'm using a Pio514 to drive a pair of JBL E60s. If set the receiver to 5 channel stereo and send both fronts and surrounds to the E60s, then would this give me more...
  3. Oupei

    Budget Subwoofers: Velodyne VX10 vs Dayton 10" 100watt

    either way, I don't think you'll be able to control the volume of the sub with the receiver. You can either drive the sub with the high-level output from the receiver or get a new receiver...
  4. Oupei

    Pio 1015 finally available

    I know all those 1080p computer demos have wma9, but is wma9 the next thing for hd-dvds? And how do you transfer from the source, same SPDIF as DD/DTS? If I can future proof myself for the next generation of media, then I'm definitely waiting on this one.
  5. Oupei

    Thinking about buying jbl

    Oh how I wish they were. Unfortunately the price for E50 is 250 for a pair, and for E90 it's 235 for one.
  6. Oupei

    JBL E Series?

    which JBLs are you guys comparing with the Infinity primus 250? I, too, am looking at the Infinity and JBL, for a 2.0 music setup. My options are: Infinity Primus 250 - $150 each JBL E-50 - $250 pair JBL E-60 - $150 each I'm leaning towards the JBLs but I'm still working on getting an...
  7. Oupei

    inexpensive/low-power 2-channel amps -- nonexistent?
  8. Oupei

    craptacular frequency response

    wow, I had no idea a flat frequency response is so difficult and costly to achieve. I thought pretty much every HT on this forum would have like +/- 4.5dB at least. I can toe the fronts a degree or two by adding extra rubber feet behind them, and I'm still working on making speaker stands...
  9. Oupei

    craptacular frequency response

    heh heh, do I sense someone getting sick of me draining them for advice? eh, don't sweat it, I'm pretty much ready to give up on this. all this measuring and photoing and nuthin to show for it. well except solid evidence that my HT is not what I hoped it would be. How good is good enough? well...
  10. Oupei

    craptacular frequency response

    alright, i got some up to date pics of my ht up (links at the first post). John G, yup, it's 7.1. Would it help if I lined the insides of the coffee tables that are in the back corners and next to the loveseat with rigid fiberglass? Yeah, i know it doesn't cover much area, but that would...
  11. Oupei

    craptacular frequency response

    ok, i redid the plot... I'm pretty sure there's some interference going on in the upper frequencies though. When playing frequencies over 100hz, moving over a seat or so moves me from a null to a peak. I think the front left and right mounted on the wall like that creates a comb filter...
  12. Oupei

    craptacular frequency response

    ikka, the measurements were taken quite a while back, I just never got around to plotting them so I dunno if maybe the results are inaccurate. The sub is an atlantic technology 172 bpm, a 12incher that claims 20-150 +/-3dB. John S, not using dual centers, this was measured using L/R and...
  13. Oupei

    Anybody using JBL Northridge bookshelf speakers?

    the JBL website rates the E-20s at -3dB. does that mean +0/-3 dB or +/- 3 like pretty much everything else i've seen. If these are really +0/-3 dB speakers, then I've been spending my money on the wrong speakers...
  14. Oupei

    craptacular frequency response

    edit: updated plot. old plot can be found here I made this plot using the RS SPL Meter with corrections and 16bit 44kHz mono wav files burned on a cdr played on mains and sub from my Atlantic Technology 170 system. I know I can BFD the bass, but everything above 90hz is played by the...
  15. Oupei

    subwoofer on an anemic budget

    man... now the 10in version of the jensen is on sale for $38.88 plus tax. Even though Jensen is synonymous with crap, it's too tempting to resist taking one home and testing it out to see how it sounds... not until after the new year though... hopefully... edit: did a search for "jensen"...
  16. Oupei

    subwoofer on an anemic budget

    hey guys, I'm putting together some scrap pieces of audio equipment to make a sound system for the playstation 2 and I just need an adequate subwoofer. I'm using the philips AV receiver that's shown here and sound old weatherproof altec lansing "model 52" speakers. These speakers aren't on...
  17. Oupei

    Radio Shack SPL Meter Corrections - any higher resolution?

    I tried out the analogue spl meter on my Atlantic Technology T170 theater and applied the corrections from here and here's what I got: Hz dB 20 73.5 25 71 31.5 71.5 40 75.5 50 82.5 63 80 80 80.5 100 82 125 78.5 160 82.5 208 75.5 (used corrections for 200hz) 250 81.5 500 76.5...
  18. Oupei

    Plasma TVs- lower than HDTV resolution?

    if anything I'd assume europe would use 576p, which is what my infocus sp5700 displays.
  19. Oupei

    Denon 3802 dying...need help with the diagnosis, doctor!

    man, I'm in the same denon repair nightmare right makes six months now that my 2803 has been in repairs. If I had heard the stories you heard, I definitely would have bought me something else...
  20. Oupei

    need help with black levels - dlp front projector

    well, my DVE disk hasn't come in yet, but I found color bars on my Rush Hour 2 disk. For the brightness, I can't see the gray rectangles in the bottom right until I turned the brightness almost to 100%, washing out pretty much everything else on the screen. But then I turned on the "black...
  21. Oupei

    Aspect ratios and projectors

    I have an infocus 5700, and I can only speak for my projector but here goes: the display options I use the most on my projector are: 4:3 - interprets the picture as a 4x3 image, puts black bars on the sides 16:9 - interprets the picture as a 16x9 image, fills the entire screen...
  22. Oupei

    need help with black levels - dlp front projector

    hmmm... It seems like you guys are talking about absolute colors and stuff. For now, I'm looking just for higher contrast in the darker scenes so that I can make out more details and see what's going on. at this point, it doesn't matter if blacks show up as greys as long as blacks can be...
  23. Oupei

    need help with black levels - dlp front projector

    so turn the brightness down from maximum level until the black images in the movie look the same as the black bars. ok, I think I got it. I'll go try it tomorrow. And I'm gonna go buy that DVD then, hope it comes in this week :) thanks everybody.
  24. Oupei

    need help with black levels - dlp front projector

    is this the right dvd: ? It says it's fullscreen 1.33... or is their info wrong? Stephen: I'm a little confused here, which area is which now? One of them I assume is the black bar. What's the other area?
  25. Oupei

    Mission Impossible ?

    MI is not anamorphic? I just watched the DVD at home and the "widescreen" version is definitely wider than 1.78. wait, if they put 2.35 in a letterboxed format on 4x3 it's still called "anamorphic" right?
  26. Oupei

    need help with black levels - dlp front projector

    hmm... calibration - 3 wall color - 0 (maybe half a vote from chris?) ok, i guess it's time to go tweak with the picture settings. I looked up dithering in the glossary but it was only defined in the context of audio, I assume it is low-level noise in the video signal that would only show...
  27. Oupei

    need help with black levels - dlp front projector

    hey guys, I'm having some trouble with black levels with my new home theater and I'm not sure who's the culprit. First, here's the gear: InFocus 5700 DIY 106in. screen with BO fabric DIY component and composite cables (50ft) S-Video Cables from Sony DVD/VHS combo...
  28. Oupei

    3805 best price - not authorized dealer

    i bought an 2803 from an unauthorized e-tailer back in march. it broke in may and I took it to norman's electronics (one of the service centers listed on the denon website) and they took a copy of my receipt (actually my shipping statement) and are repairing under warantee. might i draw...
  29. Oupei

    CATV RF signal amplifier

    hi, I have regular analog cable tv and internet and I want to split it 7-8 times to really long cable runs so I assume I need a signal amplifier. The signal is currently already split twice and running across the whole house and it's not exactly crystal clear, but I checked where the cable...
  30. Oupei

    20~25ft from htpc to projector, what cables to use?

    I haven't seen any 25ft dvi cables and I assumed it was due to some limitation of the nature of the cable. by amp, do you mean an inline amp to amplify the signal? as in connecting: htpc >> inline amp >> projector? I haven't seen any inline amps for dvi, but I'll go searching. and vga...