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  1. Brian Brown

    Any M&K to SVS converts?

    Collin, I have the 350 and also a svs ultra. I also have the Denon 5800 and MK s-150 setup. I use a carver 1.0t in bridged output mode to drive the ultra. From my experience the 350 stays close to the ultra untill the 30hz range in my 3024 sq ft room.(16'w 21'l 9'h) then after that the ultra...
  2. Brian Brown

    M&K MX-350 MK II THX or SVS

    Hi all, I have a 350 and an svs ultra and love them both. If you do a proper setup they will blend very well together. If you haven't spent your money yet it would make more sense to get dual svs subs. I was thinking about selling my 350 so I could by another ultra but just not in a big hurry...
  3. Brian Brown

    Finally took the SVS Plunge!

    BOB, Congradulations, I also have the ultra in a 16 by 21ft room and it is fantastic. I also have a M&K THX-350 sub but have decided to keep it (at least for now) because they seem to work well together. BTW watch out if you play TPM :D :D
  4. Brian Brown

    SVS 20-39CS Review

    Ron, Your right!! the ART-351 looks like just the ticket. I also think the second sub is a good idea. I guess it's time to buy the wife another diamond ring or...btw what advantage would the samson amp have over the carver?
  5. Brian Brown

    SVS 20-39CS Review

    Hi all, I had a different problem with TPM than you. I bought the cs-ultra and hooked it up to a Carver 1.0t in it's mono mode which is rated to 1000 watts (give or take). I calibrated it after finding the best location and then tried the exploding planet. Much to my horror, my ultra bottomed...