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  1. dave wright

    What was the last live concert or show you've been too?

    Bouncing Souls tonight and tomorrow at stone pony , Lucero & Hold Steady NYE in NJ
  2. dave wright

    THE BOWERY BOYS on DVD: continuing discussion of Warner's eventual release plans (NEW UPDATE 10/2 Po

    Just purchased , THANK YOU WB ! ROUTINE # 9 BOYS !!!
  3. dave wright

    'THE BLOB'. Original or remake? Your choice.

    Well,ill have to throw in a vote for the original.Its always had a place in my 50s movie geek heart,from the theme song (Burt Bachrach i think had something to do with it) to the great movie theater scene. That being said im surprised at all the love for the remake,ill have to give it another...
  4. dave wright

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Sunshine

    Im glad this was a rental for me. Tho borrowing from Alien,2001 etc SUNSHINE does not come close to the suspense,storylines and thrills that those films offer.The eye and ear candy offered up by SUNSHINE are substantial,but at this blu rays price tag im glad i rented.
  5. dave wright

    THE BOWERY BOYS on DVD: continuing discussion of Warner's eventual release plans (NEW UPDATE 10/2 Po

    Id like to see the series split up into 4 sets.Release 2 sets per year starting with the higher quality film elements first....this would give another year or so to locate any better prints. By that point im in favor of releasing whatever Warners can come up with.I would like to see somewhere...
  6. dave wright

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Third Season -- A Personal Review

    Joe....Very intresting Irving Berlin tidbits,thanks for sharing.
  7. dave wright

    Bilko - 50th Anniversary DVD on 5/9

    If the news is true about a "best of" set that will be a major bummer. VERY disapointing news.
  8. dave wright

    Busby Berkeley Set Dancing to DVD

    Great news!! Thanks for the heads up.
  9. dave wright

    Anyone here going to see 'THE SHINING' in Jersey tomorrow (10/30)?

    Had a great time the previous night at The Lafayette for a late night spookshow screening of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!
  10. dave wright

    McHale's Navy & Phil Silvers

    Any distant rumblings about bringing Bilko or Mchale to DVD yet?
  11. dave wright

    A Few Words About A few words about... Sin City

    Dont want to get too technical,but watching this movie on my 80" x 45" screen is a "Total BLAST" :)
  12. dave wright

    Brian Wilson Present SMiLE: The DVD

    Wonderful package,great documentry and incredible music.Will be seeing the tour here in jersey during august.
  13. dave wright

    Classic Films on the Big Screen in New York

    The big screen classics series at The Lafayette is a movie going experience second to none,i plan to make my way down at least 5 or 6 times this spring.(and i might take you up on your kind offer pete)
  14. dave wright

    Universal players : My head is spinning!

    Im ready to upgrade.Looking to play sacd,dvda,mp3 discs as well as above average video.After reading threads for weeks all over the net ive come to the conclusion that ill have to wait........until SOMEONE can put out a product with NO chroma bugs NO bass management issues NO skipping jumping or...
  15. dave wright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Warner Brothers Gangster Collection (VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    yes,tho i dont recall the name of the night club cartoon,its included on the WB vol 2 cartoon set.Cant wait to get ahold of the gangster set,it may well be the classic release of the year.
  16. dave wright

    Decline of Western Civilization trilogy coming to DVD?

    I grew up with the LA punk of decline #1 and would love to see this great flick out on dvd.Lets hope all of her films find their way to dvd.......soon! punk fans take note that one of the best band documentries ever- X : THE UNHEARD MUSIC will be relesed on dvd next tuesday jan 25th
  17. dave wright

    House on Haunted Hill?

    I saw ZACHERLE this past weekend at the chiller festival in new jersey.Zach was looking and feeling fine(i think he may have turned 80 last year)I had zach aotograph a dvd that he just put out with the help of his brother,a disc filled with some very early tv clips,great stuff.I beleive you can...
  18. dave wright

    "Spectacular Science Fiction" Film Festival in Suffern, New York

    Hey folks, I recently wrote a short review of the science fiction weekend for the Port Halcyon website.Hope you enjoy,you can take a look here..........Dave
  19. dave wright

    "Spectacular Science Fiction" Film Festival in Suffern, New York

    I was there for the 2 shows friday night and had such a great time i drove back up for THEM on sat afternoon.What a beautiful theatre and how about that wurlitzer!!The obvious care and love for film was so apparent in every little detail this past weekend.Hats off to Peter,Nelson and the...
  20. dave wright

    OASIS - "Definitely Maybe" DVD coming soon!

    Picked up mine last night at a b&m.2 disc set very nicely put together,would have liked to seen something in 5.1 sound but no complaints about the sound or picture.Great package for oasis fans.............dave from jersey
  21. dave wright

    "Spectacular Science Fiction" Film Festival in Suffern, New York

    Looking forward to my first trip up to the Lafayette!,and my first look at peters wonderful film series. Dave from jersey(greenbook)
  22. dave wright

    Gunga Din/I Remember Mama/Buster Keaton

    Great news! ive often wondered why there hasnt been more kicking and screaming for GUNGA DIN on dvd,one of the greatest adventure movies ever.
  23. dave wright

    Over the top Kung Fu/Samurai movies?

    there are 50 kung fu genre trailers on the something weird release-karate: the hand of death.also a tip o the hat for crippled masters and master of the flying guillotine-------------dave from jersey
  24. dave wright

    Triplets of Belleville DVD

    Le magnifique! in any version.the opening is among the most memorable of any film in recent times------------------------dave from jersey
  25. dave wright

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Around the World in 80 Days (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    great job patrick,looking forward to adding this to my collection.--------dave from jersey
  26. dave wright

    The farthest you've travelled to see a band?

    new jersey to vegas for the las vegas grind in 99(garage,surf fest)i also fly out to austin a couple of timesa year to see my buds the paladins(great roots trio from san diego). Austin is just an incredible spot for live music,and dont get me started on the BBQ!
  27. dave wright

    Don Cherry's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Hockey

    don cherrys contract is up at the end of this season,but i dont think his leaving is a sure thing.Don has come out and said hell retire bsfore he works for a network other than the CBC.I had don and ron maclean sign my rock em sock em dvd during the finals here in new jersey a few seasons ago:)...
  28. dave wright

    Laser disc - did you sell them or keep them?

    i guess i had 125 or so and now im down to about 50,ill be keeping the universal horror boxes,vitaphone jazz and big band box,tex avery box,and the criterions. at this point it would be tough to sell off the remaining stock so i guess ill be holding on to em-------dave from jersey
  29. dave wright


    Thanks for the review.Really looking forward to this set,hopefully it will set in motion the release of the remaining marx brothers catalogue. ps:whats happened to the leafs offense?-----besides the flyers defense. dave(devs fan)from jersey
  30. dave wright

    Where are the 1950s shows?

    would love some sgt bilko!