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  1. Kurt_M

    Decent camera....?

    I was in a pretty similar boat as Brian. We had an older (3 years) Olympus D-460 which had 1.3 megapixels. It worked ok for what we needed but then I dropped it on the lava while in vacation in Hawaii. After having one and knowing what my uses were I went after a much cheaper one to get by. I...
  2. Kurt_M

    Need recommendation for speaker wire

    Having never had a HT before I am definitely a newbie but have been reading on this forum and checking out others pictures. After reading this simple post I found I know less than I thought. I am currently in the process of finishing my basement and thought I was done with the wiring. My...
  3. Kurt_M

    Why 2x4's?

    Looks like a lot of the same issues I ran (am running) into. To frame around the ducts I would frame the walls underneath the ducts and nail to the floor. I would also get some pliable metal strips that can be formed around the 2x4's and screw them into the concrete block close to the top of the...
  4. Kurt_M

    Wiring Through New Drywall

    I just put up my framing and am running my speaker wiring through the 2x4's but have a couple of questions before continuing: 1) I plan on hanging my rear speakers from brackets attached to the walls. What is the best way to get the speaker wire to the speaker? Just cut a hole in the drywall...
  5. Kurt_M

    In-wall vs. Std Speaker Cable

    Thanks for the reply. Looks like I'll search for in-wall rated wire at either Lowe's or Home Depot. If no luck there then Parts Express it will be. BTW I'll take the advice but I don't understand why the need for in-wall rated wire. If the in-wall wire is for fire saftey then it seems like a...
  6. Kurt_M

    In-wall vs. Std Speaker Cable

    I am framing up my HT and am to the point of running some speaker wire. I went to Home Depot to pick some up but they don't have in-wall rated wire. Does it matter if I use the regular stuff or am I better off/ forced to use the in-wall wire? I went to and the in-wall stuff...