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  1. Dewitte

    2006 WB Animation and Television Chat Scheduled for June 6th. See Post#7

    Another series missing from that semi-exhaustive list above is Human Target. It aired in the summer of 1992 for seven episodes. Supposedly there's an alternate version of the pilot episode too.
  2. Dewitte

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete First Season

    There was a planet called Archer IV named in "Yesterday's Enterprise" (TNG). Besides, how many times did we hear about John Harriman or Rachel Garrett aside from their sole appearances? Why didn't Zefram Cochrane mention Picard and company (or the Borg) in "Metamorphosis" (TOS)? De
  3. Dewitte

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete First Season

    I know I'm going to regret this, but... Watch "The Last Outpost" (the first appearance of the Ferengi on TNG) again and pay attention to the dialogue regarding previous encounters with the Ferengi. There's some wiggle room for an appearance on Enterprise, even if the episode portrayed the...
  4. Dewitte

    Star Trek FX Collection: Would you buy this on DVD?

    Check out the Star Trek: New Voyages site for a fan series using some decent CGI and new actors playing the parts of the TOS crew. Though I wish the acting were better, the stories are kind of neat and there's a lot of nice CGI eye candy. De
  5. Dewitte

    New Warner multi-disc sets coming!

    Mr. Harris, I only know you through your incredible work in addition to your highly informative articles over at The Digital Bits. However, I was a bit saddened to read your post that implied that I had somehow spread some kind of false rumor while invoking market research as a crutch to prop...
  6. Dewitte

    New Warner multi-disc sets coming!

    I apologize for my disappearance just when the questions began popping up. With regard to the King Kong release, the survey mentioned it was indeed the 1933 film. The survey also mentioned the special editions of Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden that have already been mentioned by other...
  7. Dewitte

    Spider-man & His Amazing Friends

    I met Kathy Garver (the voice of Firestar) last weekend and she had no news of DVDs :frowning: De
  8. Dewitte

    New Warner multi-disc sets coming!

    Once again, I was contacted to take one of Warner's DVD surveys (through a third-party market research firm) and respond I did. According to the survey, the following titles are forthcoming: Ben-Hur: Four-Disc Collector's Edition September 2005 Special Features are scheduled to include...
  9. Dewitte

    Justice Leauge Unlimited- 1/22/05

    This episode pressed all of my geek buttons, though I mistook Pow Wow Smith for Scalphunter at first. Probably not an uncommon mistake since this episode was based on Justice League of America 198: I also thought this was odd, but it didn't bother me too much. I had hoped to see the Atom in...
  10. Dewitte

    There has to be a way

    What about using a capture card attached to a PC with a dedicated hard drive for your media? Also, you can add software that would allow editing as well as limited restoration ability. Or... Back up your tapes onto one of the fine DVD recorders mentioned here, then transfer the files onto...
  11. Dewitte

    Universal releasing Non-OAR dvds including "The Forbin Project, "Charley Varrick"

    Does anybody know where I can find a laserdisc copy of Colossus: The Forbin Project? I'd rather have a homemade DVD-R than a panned-and-scanned abomination of this classic. If anyone knows, please drop me a line or PM me. De
  12. Dewitte

    Ben Browder joins Stargate SG-1

    That's precisely it. You can expect more bottle shows in the future. De
  13. Dewitte

    The Star Trek Enterprise appreciation and Season 4 discussion thread (this one's for the fans).

    We'll get one more new episode next week and then it's repeats until mid-January.
  14. Dewitte

    The Star Trek Enterprise appreciation and Season 4 discussion thread (this one's for the fans).

    While I highly enjoyed "The Forge," I wasn't as taken with "Awakening." If V'Las had a mustache, he would have been twirling it. Hopefully some of the more questionable stuff will be explained next week. De
  15. Dewitte

    Record VCR tapes to DVD?

    Dave Miller wrote in Post #17: You will need a video capture device of some sort, be it an internal card or a separate piece of hardware. I'm using an ATI All-in-Wonder 9600XT card, but I have an issue with sound. I'm not entirely clear on how to record an acceptable sound level. My first few...
  16. Dewitte

    The Star Trek Enterprise appreciation and Season 4 discussion thread (this one's for the fans).

    I thought "Home" was a marked improvement, but the guest talent seemed to have a hard time hitting their marks in places, especially the racist bully taunting Phlox. De
  17. Dewitte

    After thousands and thousands, I have spent my last dollar at Best Buy

    Andrew wrote in Post #62: They picked up this trick and the "Reward Zone" from when they owned the Musicland company (the folks who bring you Suncoast). The mentality behind that boner is that folks will pay a couple more dollars for a catalog title if they're buying that week's hot release for...
  18. Dewitte

    The Star Trek Enterprise appreciation and Season 4 discussion thread (this one's for the fans).

    Jason Seaver wrote in Post #108: Check out the transcript from Coto's chat at Paramount's Star Trek website. He explains the reasoning for "Storm Front" somewhat frankly. De
  19. Dewitte


    Keep in mind that the biggest competition in that timeslot was ABC's Lois & Clark, which drew big numbers from younger audiences. Unfortunately, behind-the-scenes politics made that series take a creative nosedive in its second year as well. De
  20. Dewitte

    The Batman - new cartoon

    JLU repeats at 5 p.m. Eastern today, Ray. It was a good one too. De
  21. Dewitte

    Spider-Man 90's cartoon may have been edited for content, recent toon disney

    When I caught the episode where the Chameleon is introduced on ABC Family last year, I was quite surprised that it wasn't edited for content. Nick Fury laid out the Chameleon's crimes, including the bombing of churches in Sarajevo! De
  22. Dewitte

    Justice League Unlimited

    So what did you guys think of "Kids' Stuff"? I normally hate it when there's some contrived reason to turn main characters into kids, but this episode was a keeper. The Leaguers as kids were cute and who didn't love the baby Etrigan? The cameos by Blockbuster, Cheetah, Copperhead, and...
  23. Dewitte

    Justice League Unlimited

    Mongul's dream was: the destruction of the League and his eventual installation on a throne of some sort, ruling a planet. It's been a while since I've read Superman Annual #11. De
  24. Dewitte

    Justice League Unlimited

    I'm watching "For the Man Who Has Everything" for the second time as I type this. Terrific episode, though I kept looking for parts of the comic that weren't adapted (like Robin's appearance and Mongul's dream). Daniel BH wrote in Post #22: Well, the Fortress of Solitude is supposed to be in...
  25. Dewitte

    MST3K Vol. 6 Due 9/21/04

    Kepp in mind that if you don't pick it up, you could be subject to TOR-CHA! :D
  26. Dewitte

    Justice League Unlimited

    Todd wrote in Post #17: Season 2's "A Better World" (the Justice Lords episode) dealt with this a little bit. De
  27. Dewitte

    Justice League Unlimited

    Moe wrote in Post #12: .
  28. Dewitte

    Justice League Unlimited

    That would be Black Canary. She and Green Arrow have had an on-again-off-again relationship for decades. If I remember correctly, they did meet in the pages of Justice League of America. De
  29. Dewitte

    Justice League Unlimited

    The series kicked off at 8:30 EST tonight with "Initiation" (repeats Sunday at 5 EST) and I'm curious as to what the rest of you thought about it. It was nice seeing Green Arrow and the multitudes of heroes assembled in, what appeared to be, the new "Watchtower." However, I'm not entirely...
  30. Dewitte

    Stargate Atlantis

    As did I. It was close though, as SG-1 did have Pierre Bernard from Late Night with Conan O'Brien in a cameo. :) De