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  1. Kyle McKnight

    The Discovery Channel's Neanderthal

    I guess we'll never get an official release.
  2. Kyle McKnight

    Anyone remember a retail VCD format from ~1997?

    Well if anyone comes across any MovieCDs, I'll pay $3-5 delivered. --here's the only image I could find of the packaging --
  3. Kyle McKnight

    Anyone remember a retail VCD format from ~1997?

    I remember buying some movies from CompUSA that came on two discs in possibly a white clamshell with a yellow design. I don't know why I just thought about them, but it's really bugging me that I can't remember the name of the company that made them. --EDIT-- Oh, I just found it. I'd been...
  4. Kyle McKnight

    Top/Bottom, Left/Right one pixel of video mirrored?

    Thanks mustafa811 for joining just to help a stranger out, and thank you Parasoar for letting me know new drivers had been released! Really appreciated. I just installed the newest 9.5 drivers and they solved my issue.
  5. Kyle McKnight

    All My Movies software for organizing DVD collections. Anybody else use it?

    I still like DVD Profiler...but if I decide to go Mac, I will also go Delicious.
  6. Kyle McKnight

    Christmas 2008

    Merry Christmas to everyone! (on a side note...I had iTunes playing music on random and it just happened to be playing Paranoid from Kanye West's "808s and Heartbreak" that synced up perfectly with your animated profile pic drobbins - YouTube - MOV00483)
  7. Kyle McKnight

    Top/Bottom, Left/Right one pixel of video mirrored?

    I just upgraded the video drivers to the latest from the ATI website...didn't fix the issue. I got VLC to work properly by telling it to output video with OpenGL...but anything else that plays video still has the issue.
  8. Kyle McKnight

    Any profound regrets?

    So you have a story to tell, but you're asking for others to share before you spill your experience? Not really the way to start a thread. For me, nothing comes to mind, but I love reading about those kind of experiences. Maybe someday something will click with me.
  9. Kyle McKnight

    MGM Midnite Movies: Poe/Tomb also, Thistle hill media

    This would be the wrong area. You're not posting a deal/bargain. I love the Midnite Movies series so I thought I would check this thread out lol.
  10. Kyle McKnight

    Lionsgate to Release Select ABC Studios Series on DVD

    I figured Shout! would get BMW...bring on the remaining seasons Lions Gate!!!
  11. Kyle McKnight

    Need Help Stolen Corvette!

    If anyone finds my ipod nano around the DFW Airport, please let me know.
  12. Kyle McKnight

    Top/Bottom, Left/Right one pixel of video mirrored?

    OK, first time running Windows Vista here (ultimate). My video card is an ati radeon HD 2400 XT 256mb. When playing video files using VLC/iTunes/WMP, the very top horizontal line of video shows the colors of what is on the bottom of the video and vice versa...same thing goes for the left/right...
  13. Kyle McKnight

    Does anyone remember...

    They just showed an episode of Fresh Prince where the family goes to the mall to get Halloween costumes and Vivian goes nuts in one of the booths
  14. Kyle McKnight

    iTunes 7.7 and App Store is live!

    You guys on an iphone plan get all the fun early on :frowning: lol The wait is on for a prison...err..jailbrake.
  15. Kyle McKnight

    Penny For Your Thoughts

    I agree with everything being card-based. I only have cash when I've paid for something for someone and they pay me back. I'd much rather pay for something with my debit card...actually, I'd like to pay for everything with my cell phone, but I know if that ever happens, I'll probably have to pay...
  16. Kyle McKnight

    MGM Titles for $3 at Big Lots

    You've got one helluva memory!
  17. Kyle McKnight

    No tethering for iP3G

    So is MMS which is lacking from the first iPhone, and from the 3G version. It's now available on the most basic cell phones bust still not on the iPhone. Don't expect "software issues" that you might expect on a phone to be added when something that everyone WOULD expect still hasn't been added.
  18. Kyle McKnight

    A question about my denim jacket...

    You should feel honored.
  19. Kyle McKnight

    Worth Converting DVD Collection to Blu-Ray

    I think if you own 300-400 DVDs, like I do, you should only upgrade your absolute favorites. I don't know how to put a number on that. I find myself debating each time I can get a good deal on HD Media of a film I like. Have you ever watched a DVD upconverted via a HTPC? They can be great...
  20. Kyle McKnight

    Forget about "seat-kicking" and this vid explains my theatrical experience...

    Ya, I even find him annoying, but I've been watching his videos for a long time.
  21. Kyle McKnight

    Forget about "seat-kicking" and this vid explains my theatrical experience...

    Sorry guys, don't know how I didn't post the link or check back. I rarely am in the Theatrical section. Thanks to a PM from Tony, here's the video link.
  22. Kyle McKnight

    In case you missed the iPhone / iTouch SDK info

    Too bad none of the programs will be able to run in the background. :frowning:
  23. Kyle McKnight

    Circuit City: Buy 3, Get 2 Free HD-DVD

    I was gonna say, this doesn't seem like a clearance deal...more like a normal (crappy) sale.
  24. Kyle McKnight

    Forget about "seat-kicking" and this vid explains my theatrical experience...

    also, add the fact that even when people put their phone on silent, about 99% of the time I see people in my field of view checking their phone to see if they have any messages. How annoying is it to see the screens of phones turn on in front of you during a movie? In a theater with 75' screens...
  25. Kyle McKnight

    UFC Ongoing Thread

    Inside MMA is great. You'll love the channel. I love having more access to MMA fighting with it. The fact they also show a mix of extreme sports makes it my fav channel to have on in the background during those times.
  26. Kyle McKnight

    PS3 Discounted at Sony site, 25% off

    If there is a Sony retail store in your state, they are required to charge sales tax.
  27. Kyle McKnight

    GPS Anybody got one??

    I just placed an order for a TomTom Go 720 from WalMart for $280+tax. It's 4.3" widescreen with TTS and now features a community-driven map system (in addition to their standard updates) to keep up with local conditions. Keep an eye on the page as it has been fluctuating in price. I don't...
  28. Kyle McKnight

    Free Blu-ray disc with completed training!

    Mine showed up in Texas today after completing the training a few weeks ago. I thought I ordered Deja Vu but got The Prestige.
  29. Kyle McKnight

    Has been there a BOGO Blu-ray deal since Warner went exclusive?

    I keep checking to see if they have brought back their sale that had Sony Blurays for $9.99 each and quite a few for $13.99. I had about ten titles in my shopping cart trying to choose which I actually wanted. I went back a day or two too late. :frowning: