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  1. aaron campbell

    Uninvited dog question

    I would tell them to leave the dog at home or just not come to my house. I run a business and have customers who walk their dogs in like it's no problem. I tell them to walk them right back out. No consideration to others who may have allergies, or just plain rude.Why people have to take their...
  2. aaron campbell

    Home AC Freon

    R-12 was used in automobile air conditioning, but mostly refrigeration R-22 air conditioning (still in use) R-134a replacement for R-12 R-410A (Puron) replacement for R-22 As I said before, R-22 is still cheap at $4.00 a pound R-12 on the other hand is $40.00+ a pound
  3. aaron campbell

    Home AC Freon

    "FREON" which is R-22 for central air is still in production and will be until 2020. In 2010 no new R-22 equipment is allowed to be produced. R-22 will be available for years to come, but will be more expensive in future years. 30 lbs. of R-22 is currently $119.00($4.00 a pound)
  4. aaron campbell

    Spider-Man -films (Blu-ray) on 10-30-07

    It says 4 disc trilogy for Bluray.
  5. aaron campbell

    300: HD DVD edition - Best hidef disc, period? A review.

    Not on disc. I saw it at the theater ( DLP showing). I also have the free dvd they gave away before the movie was out. And the PS3 trailer download.
  6. aaron campbell

    300: HD DVD edition - Best hidef disc, period? A review.

    The grain haters will be all over this release.:)
  7. aaron campbell

    300: HD DVD edition - Best hidef disc, period? A review.

    David, Tuesday can't get here fast enough to grab that Blu disc for me.:)
  8. aaron campbell

    300: HD DVD edition - Best hidef disc, period? A review.

    According to this post by Robert George says the 300 HD-DVD smokes the PS3 downloadable trailer .
  9. aaron campbell

    Warner's 300 to have HD DVD exclusives

    Its no different than when dvd came out. Players were $1000 and didn't have DTS output. Did you do no research on Bluray players before putting out the money on one? You are on the Home Theater forum you know.
  10. aaron campbell

    Ice makers and water dispensers

    Most ice maker failures I see are water softener related. If possible, by-pass the softener to your ice maker.
  11. aaron campbell

    Yet another crazy lawsuit...

    Is he suing the pot dealer too? No ones held accountable for their own actions anymore. What the hell is wrong with us America?
  12. aaron campbell

    Jeff Gordon vs Tiger Woods

    Nascar is a team sport. Golf is not.
  13. aaron campbell

    Paradigm ps-1000 problem

    Arthur S ChrisWiggles Thought I would let you know what I figured out what was happening. I have a room humidifier that is on the same circuit my sub is on. Evidently when it would cycle on, the sub would turn on from the voltage spike. Go figure. Thanks for the help. Aaron
  14. aaron campbell

    A retailer's comment on HD

    I live in SW Ohio(Dayton) & I see the opposite of the op. Stores are making space for titles , and Blu-ray discs are taking up more of that space constantly.
  15. aaron campbell

    Paradigm ps-1000 problem

    Hi Arthur, Thanks for the reply. Yes it does come on and go off when it should. I just happen to catch the indicator light coming on, the going off when Im not using the system. thanks
  16. aaron campbell

    Paradigm ps-1000 problem

    Please help. My sub is turning on/off with my receiver off. The sub has no power switch. Its only an auto sensing model. Is this something to be concerned about? I wouldnt think it would be good for the amp to cycle like that. Guess I can get a better sub soon lol. Any input appreciated. Thanks
  17. aaron campbell

    How Long do You Bake Your Ribs?

    I bake my baby backs at 320 for 2 hrs. 20min. They fall off the bone.
  18. aaron campbell

    The Departed: Feb. 13

    I think the 2-disc art is awesome. A buy for me.
  19. aaron campbell

    South Park Season 10

    The worse episode ever. Very disappointing.
  20. aaron campbell

    Football Broadcasts Look Brutal

    Who is your carrier?.Ive had TWC & now Dish Network. ESPN was phenomenal up until the last few months.
  21. aaron campbell

    Football Broadcasts Look Brutal

    NBC-HD and ESPN-HD football games are unbearable to watch anymore. I wish they would get their act together like CBS has.
  22. aaron campbell

    Went to my first college football game.

    O-H I-O!! Awesome experience. Makes the hair on your neck stand up going in with the band playing.
  23. aaron campbell

    Cable company DVR versus Tivo

    I think Tivo is screwed with the series 3. Cablecards suck. I had nothing but trouble when I used 1. The cable co's don't want customers to have them, so they can charge you more for a box. Just my 2 cents. Aaron
  24. aaron campbell

    CSI: Miami season 5 thread

    I watch it, although I don't know how much longer I can tolerate David Caruso.
  25. aaron campbell

    Leak in the central air/heat unit

    Patrick, If they brought you a 2.5 ton, the coil would have to be minimum 2.5 also. Are you sure the coil will fit in your furnace? Going from 1.5-2.5 doesn't sound good. Was your unit having a tough time keeping your comfort level? Did they do a 'j' manual calculation for heat gain/loss? Aaron
  26. aaron campbell

    Don't Qualify for VA Benefits, Ouch!

    Holadem, Are you an ILLEGAL alien, or a legal immigrant? Apples and oranges.
  27. aaron campbell

    Don't Qualify for VA Benefits, Ouch!

    It's sad that we pay for all the illegals that come here, but can't take care of those that defended our country. Semper Fi
  28. aaron campbell

    Yamaha 2600 question

    BrettisMckinney Does your current receiver have preouts? If so, I would buy a 2 channel amp for the Monitor 7's and wait on the receiver upgrade. Aaron