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  1. Gabriel_Lam

    South Florida Deal on LG 4200a

    Wow, that's a GREAT deal on that box. I wish they were around here.
  2. Gabriel_Lam

    Review of Dell 24 inch 16:10 LCD

    When Dell brings out the 25% off and $75 stackable, I'll be first in line. ;)
  3. Gabriel_Lam

    Review of Dell 24 inch 16:10 LCD

    Down to $1004.10 shipped now. Dell 2405FPW, HomeTheaterForum Link Use coupon code: ?LBP9VN9BDDFT2 good today, 3/2/05 only.
  4. Gabriel_Lam

    Review of Dell 24 inch 16:10 LCD

    All LCD's support reduced blanking intervals.
  5. Gabriel_Lam

    Review of Dell 24 inch 16:10 LCD

    This is incorrect. I wish manufacturers would stop putting that spec on their boxes. That video card can actually go up past 1920 x 1200, just like all 6800 cards, or at least, every single 6800 card I've encountered.
  6. Gabriel_Lam

    DVI resolution problem

    You tried 1080p using PowerStrip?
  7. Gabriel_Lam "DVD Secret Sale"

    If you'd like to support HomeTheaterForum, please consider using this link: Super Secret Sale
  8. Gabriel_Lam

    Review of Dell 24 inch 16:10 LCD

    Considering the 2001fp/2005fpw were $506.75 today, I don't think it'll be too-too long before the $1199 24" drops down to $800 or so after discounts. :)
  9. Gabriel_Lam

    Review of Dell 24 inch 16:10 LCD

    I can't wait for the deals to come in on this puppy. :)
  10. Gabriel_Lam

    Anyone interested in Brand new Morel speakers?

    I'd be interested in the Integra Ovation 6 (a pair of car speakers). Please let me know. :)
  11. Gabriel_Lam

    Help getting online coupons

    First, open up a folder, any folder. Click on Tools -> Folder Options Click on the "View" tab Click on "Show hidden files and folders" You should now be able to see those hidden folders and get to your hosts file.
  12. Gabriel_Lam

    Help getting online coupons

    Rename your hosts file to host.tmp. It's probably here: c:windowssystem32driversetchosts Then, reboot.
  13. Gabriel_Lam

    Are Dells quiet enough for HTPC?

    I wouldn't suggest the XPS, it's louder. The 8400 is a good choice though.
  14. Gabriel_Lam

    FS: Panasonic TY-42TM6D DVI Blade for 6UY and 7UY Plasma's

    Price lowered to $100 shipped. :)
  15. Gabriel_Lam

    Does anyone have the 20" LCD Dell monitor?

    I had a 2000fp, and now a 2001fp. Absolutely love it. The extra resolution over the 1280 x 1024 models allows me to get my work done faster. Definitely worth the difference.
  16. Gabriel_Lam

    FS: Panasonic TY-42TM6D DVI Blade for 6UY and 7UY Plasma's

    I have a TY-42TM6D DVI blade for use with Panasonic's 6UY and 7UY series of plasma displays. I unfortunately bought an LST-3510A (with the new, even less compatible firmware), which is a great HD set top box, but it's one of two sources that seem incompatible with this blade (the other is the...
  17. Gabriel_Lam

    Need/Want a lot of 2-channel power? Check this out!

    What an incredible deal for this amp!
  18. Gabriel_Lam

    To be blunt: Is there an affordable 42 inch HD plasma that doesn't suck?

    The problem with the $3500 budget is it's really inbetween two sweet spots. The majority of the 42" sets really should be low $2k, and the 50" start at $4k. I'd personally check out that P42HDe from Costco, or save up a bit more and step up to some of the 50" choices (if that'll fit on your mantle).
  19. Gabriel_Lam

    10k tv?

    If you're going to go plasma, the Panasonic TH-65PHD7UY 65" is very very close to that price point now.
  20. Gabriel_Lam

    OneCall and CC

    OneCall is an authorized dealer for everything they carry, but they don't carry a bunch of brands that people look for (ie. Denon, Rotel, NAD, etc).
  21. Gabriel_Lam

    How long DVI cable?

    I'm using a 30'. The issue is length & bandwidth (resolution + refresh rate) vs cable quality, especially at lengths over 15 feet or so. The longer the cable, the higher the cable quality is necessary. Higher the resolution & refresh rate, same thing.
  22. Gabriel_Lam

    LCOS HDTV Technology - any good??

    The Philips is a 1-chip system, but fewer people TEND to see rainbows with them because of their spinning prism color system instead of the spinning colorwheel with DLP machines. Some people still experience the rainbow effect, but it's reasonably rare.
  23. Gabriel_Lam

    HDCP-DVI? Is it bad???

    Display has DVI w/HDCP compliant input: Good Source has DVI w/HDCP compliant output: Bad if TV's DVI input is non-HDCP compliant, works ok if it is compliant Source has DVI w/o HDCP compliant output: Good
  24. Gabriel_Lam

    Immersive Simmetry DVP Scaler/DVD Player/Video switcher

    Holy smoke, that's awesome! Wish I pick it up. :frowning: Here's a bump for you.
  25. Gabriel_Lam

    what Projector for 110" screen

    You may want a slightly higher gain screen for a big 110".
  26. Gabriel_Lam

    Anyone here have a Panny 7UY series Plasma?

    Oh man, totally missed it, or I would have definitely gotten back to you. Is it still running? I have a JVC D-ILA projector in the theater room, but the Panny is in my bedroom. I had an Akai 42" plasma, then a 37" Panny 5UY, then the 42" Panny 6UY. The 42" 7UY I will only have for another...
  27. Gabriel_Lam

    Anyone here have a Panny 7UY series Plasma?

    I have a TH-42PWD7UY, but I haven't tried S-vid yet (using DVI and component). I guess I can plug the DVD player into the S-vid slot and pull out the pluge pattern. It seems like a hit and miss sort of thing. Hey, you're in CA now?
  28. Gabriel_Lam

    Hard to believe...

    FYI (from another forum), from SID 2004: From what I understand, the current generation of plasmas would be considered 4th gen or newer. From NEC (one of the better CCFL manufacturers for LCD), which seems to support relatively similar...
  29. Gabriel_Lam

    Hard to believe...

    Almost all higher end LCD screens can have their backlight replaced, true, but at a cost equal or greater than a brand new replacement panel.