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  1. Jim Bivins

    PAL-NTSC Problem/question

    2 questions, actually. First, I have a Malata player (DVP-520) and have noticed on the PAL DVD's a 'shimmer' effect, especially on bright scenes with sharp details and the edge's of the letterbox. This is only present on PAL DVD's and not on NTSC. It is quite annoying, and only tolerable...
  2. Jim Bivins

    Dazed & Confused: SE in September?!?

    I knew this would happen...I just purchased D&C on DVD a couple months ago, had been holding out for a new edition...dummy! Jim
  3. Jim Bivins

    Warner Brothers 2-disc DVD Survey + complete 3/8/04 Live Chat Transcript

    Since nobody can confirm anything about the Forbidden Planet SE, that will top my list... Forbidden Planet SE Superman The Movie (ABC cut) This title deserves a full-on 2 discer! Batman Returns SE - Not a hige fan of the Batman films, but this was the better one, the play between...
  4. Jim Bivins

    Warners Chat - LIVE Transcript Questions and Post Chat Discussion

    Any word on the Forbidden Planet SE that's been mentioned many times before? Also, Goodfellas SE? Thanks Jim
  5. Jim Bivins

    The Manhattan Project cut?

    You are correct, that line of dialog existed. Jim
  6. Jim Bivins

    Screen capture software recommendations

    Any recomendations for MAC users?
  7. Jim Bivins

    midnite movies

    Suck! Every year I look forward to their Aug. release of Midnite Movies! I hope they don't eliminate the line, I agree with Paul, the only line they are consistant on. It seem's they have gradually scaled back every year or so, in the beginning it was a quarterly release sched. if I remember...
  8. Jim Bivins

    Are movie geeks (us) just too fussy these days?

    Plus, there's ALWAYS a reason to like or dislike something, you just may not know what it is, or be able or willing to elaborate. Jim
  9. Jim Bivins

    Are movie geeks (us) just too fussy these days?

    George, If your a food geek you would! :D
  10. Jim Bivins

    Are movie geeks (us) just too fussy these days?

    I don't believe for a second that movie geeks,buff's, etc. can be too 'fussy'! If your critisicsm is based on some knowledge of the filmaking process and love of the craft and not simply uneducated, vile dialog. I mean, I say a movie 'sucks' or 'rocks' often enough, but I will always elaborate...
  11. Jim Bivins

    Whats the longest its taken you to acknowledge disappointment with a film?

    I do know what you mean. Batman is a title that stands out as being a movie I refused to admit was not as good as It should have been. I remember being so jazzed to see it during my senior year that I wouldn't accept it not being a great film, saw it about 5 times in the theater over a 4 month...
  12. Jim Bivins

    What's become of D.O.A. (1988)?

    Hey look, I think were the three people who liked this one! :D
  13. Jim Bivins

    What's become of D.O.A. (1988)?

    Damn! I keep forgetting to look for this when I'm out...thanks for reminding me! This is a really good neo-noir, a must get! Thanks Jim p.s. DVDempire has it in stock if you want to order online.
  14. Jim Bivins

    In the spirit of Halloween, what are 10 horror movies you plan on watching?

    For fun and ideas, I'm looking for as many people as possible to list 10 (in no particular order) horror movies you plan on watching this week before Halloween. Here's mine... The Thing ('82) The Haunting (the original) Night of the Living Dead (B&W and/or remake) Halloween (yeah, I...
  15. Jim Bivins

    "Escape from New York" SE: A TWO disc set?? Details...

    GOD I hate to be this person, but I love the original poster art and kind of wish they used it, or some variation of it. No biggie, this one is mine when it hit's shelves! Later
  16. Jim Bivins

    "Escape from New York" SE: A TWO disc set?? Details...

    Here comes the special edition we should have had in Nov. 2000!!! Finally, can't wait for this one. Don't care much for the comic though. It would be cool if they had preview of the anime movie that Production IG is working on. Damn! The last half of this year is shaping up to be my most...
  17. Jim Bivins

    Weird Science DVD

    Does anyone know what extra's (if any) will be on these DVD's? I really enjoyed Hughes commentary on Ferris Bueller. Later Jim
  18. Jim Bivins

    The consolidated, all-in-one DUEL DVD discussion thread

    DUEL was a made-for-tv movie, 'widescreen' would be an improper presentation. The picture could be matted, overcropping visual 'information' at the top and bottom of the frame, but why? To my knowledge, this film was framed for TV ratio. Later Jim P.S. The ULTIMATE DVD of DUEL would be an...
  19. Jim Bivins

    The consolidated, all-in-one DUEL DVD discussion thread

    My bad! It's been posted as 'unavailable' since offer still stands though. Later Jim
  20. Jim Bivins

    The consolidated, all-in-one DUEL DVD discussion thread

    DAMN!!! I should have checked here this weekend, Amazon is now stating that this title is 'currently unavailable'...crap! If anybody has a spare copy, I'm definately interested in purchasing from you, at a resonable price (i.e., no ebay prices). e0-mail me @ [email protected] Thanks Jim
  21. Jim Bivins

    Degrading the transfer for Animal House to suit the director's vision. Going too far?

    This is an issue that always makes me part ways with home theater geeks, and seperates lovers of film from lovers of tech. Some tend to forget that the advantage of DVD is to present the film as close to the directors vision as possible, NOT to look good on an expensive system! The director...
  22. Jim Bivins

    Any digitally fimed live-action DVDs other than Star Wars: Episode II?

    Don't forget Jackpot, with Jon Gries. Shot with the Sony 24fps cameras.
  23. Jim Bivins

    Buffy S4 scratched discs... NOT AGAIN!

    Just started checking out my season 4 and sure as hell, the opening credits sequence on the first 3 eps. have this horizontal video noise, it's also appearent during certain cuts or even quick action, though not as bad as the opening logos. I've only checked a few eps. on the first 3 disc's, and...
  24. Jim Bivins

    Cronos: SE - due in November

    I haven't heard anything on this title in a while, anyone know if it's still coming out this year? Thanks Jim
  25. Jim Bivins

    Mad Max

    Any thoughts on the R2 (Japanese) version of Road Warrior and Thunderdome? I need these on DVD, and am not sure about the video and adio quality of the US release...any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim
  26. Jim Bivins

    Convoy, which version?

    I'm debating over which version to purchase, the UK version or the German version (3 min. longer) do they compare audio and video wise? Also, where is an online retailer that I can purchase German DVD's from, I am in the USA. Thanks
  27. Jim Bivins

    Question about Scream Uncut??

    Hi Matt, try, I've ordered from them several times and it usually get's to me in 3-4 days. Later
  28. Jim Bivins

    Kingdom of the Spiders DVD is OUT

    We don't support Pan & Scam nor Fullscreen releases here, and doing so can be dangerous to our health! :)
  29. Jim Bivins

    HTF REVIEW: " The Sum Of All Fears" (with screenshots)

    Personally, I found Harrison Ford's adsence a relief, he never had Jack Ryan right, and put too much of himself in the role, as many celebrities do. Though Ben wasn't my fave choice either. I may just rent this one, particularly for the Clancy commentary. I see changing the villians from...
  30. Jim Bivins

    I'm on the Fence about Fraility

    JonS First of all, I liked the movie and felt it was very effective, so saying I saw the ending at the beginning is NOT an excuse for 'hating' it...secondly, I DO NOT appreciate being called a liar! Later Jim