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  1. Philip_T

    Survivor: Tocantins

    I'm with you Brent. If Coach gets the boot next, the rest of the season will lose a lot of entertainment value. In fact, without players such as Tyson, Coach, Boston Rob, Johny Fairplay, I don't think I'd be watching this show anymore.
  2. Philip_T

    So I got robbed over the holidays....

    Did you have an xbox live account on your 360? I wonder if there is a way for MS to see if your unit is being used and locate it somehow? Honestly, I have no idea if that is even possible.
  3. Philip_T

    Severed Feet...Creepy!

    Friggin hilarious Brad. Even though the story is pretty gruesome. Strange things are afoot at the Canadian coastline.
  4. Philip_T

    Going thru life being unnoticed

    Hey, wait a second......Hoping I'm not part of that majority :) Good thread. Being a proud card carrying member of the Introvert club myself, I can truly say things got a lot less complicated for me when I finally realized that I was an introvert, and that there was nothing wrong with that...
  5. Philip_T

    Let's talk Beer

    Just wanted to thank you Greg for the Full Sail recommendation. Excellent stuff. Still working on getting to the other suggestions including Kurt's .
  6. Philip_T

    Let's talk Beer

    Lurked in this thread for quite awhile, but this my 1st post. I recently tried the Stone Brewery Imperial Russian Stout and must say, this beer is possibly the best I've ever had. I never thought a stout could taste this good! Anyone know of other stouts that come close to this? I never thought...
  7. Philip_T

    GTA IV

    When you bring up names on the phone list, instead of calling them, highlight 'job' (works for Roman and LJ) and run some errands for them. Eventually, you should get another mission. Also may want to check your messages to make sure there's not an option for 'retry mission'. The campaign...
  8. Philip_T

    Lightbulb Sun DVD-Audio (+CD)

    Can't wait to hear this album in 5.1. One of their best offerings IMO.
  9. Philip_T

    The Amazing Race 12 HTF Challenge

    Wow, no way I thought I had chance after loosing my #1 pick in the 1st week. Thanks for hosting Walter. All in all, it was a pretty good season of TAR.
  10. Philip_T

    Fear of a Blank preorder

    Jay H - Bummer, it does appear that LS is OOP. Checked Ebay and there was one copy for sale and it was already up to $41. does not list it either. I wonder if Itunes would have it?
  11. Philip_T

    The Amazing Race 12 HTF Challenge

    I'll take Ari & Staella Final 4 Nicolas & Donald Rachael & TK Azaria & Hendekea
  12. Philip_T

    Fear of a Blank preorder

    Wow, that is exactly how I was turned on to PT as well Jay (Radio Paradise). Picked up IA, then DW and was hooked. I've dabbled in some of their older albums and yes, Signify is pretty good, but my favorite pre-IA album is Lightbulb Sun. And for those who like the band, their live DVD is...
  13. Philip_T

    HTF - Fantasy Football 2007

    Oops, just noticed this tidbit. Let me know if there is a problem with me joining pre-invitation. Otherwise, I look forward to Brad beating me in 2 leagues now.
  14. Philip_T

    HTF - Fantasy Football 2007

    Hey guys, if the spot for the HTF FFL II is still open, I'll take it if you'll have me. I have been absent from HTF for awhile, but have participated in a lot of the HTF fantasy leagues in the past. Brad can probably vouch for me..... Phil AKA The Joe 12 Packs. Edit: Actually, I'm going to...
  15. Philip_T

    HTF Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

    Don't change it on my account, but if it does end up getting changed, the day after, Sunday, works for me.
  16. Philip_T

    HTF Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

    Yes, thanks Paul for setting that up. Won't be able to make it personally to the live draft more than likely, but will do the pre-ranks. J12P's
  17. Philip_T

    New Lebrons commercial song question.

    Actually, I just figured it out. Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang.
  18. Philip_T

    New Lebrons commercial song question.

    Anyone know what the song playing in the new Lebrons commercial is? The one filmed at the swimming pool. Sounds like Will Smith sampled it in Summertime???
  19. Philip_T

    2006 NFL Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    Hey guys, I haven't checked in this year, but thought I'd better. At 0-5, my team needs to make a serious run just to think about getting into the playoffs. I get to start 2 WR's and a W/T flex spot. Here are my choices. R. Brown @ NO J. Walker vs OAK L. Evans @ DET J. Cotchery vs MIA C...
  20. Philip_T

    Does the HD-A1 support DVD-A?

    I've searched, but can't find the answer. If I get this player, I would like to make room for it by clearing out a componant, but that would mean getting rid of my Denon DVD-1600 which does my DVD-A playback. Regards, Phil
  21. Philip_T

    2006 NFL Discussion Thread

    My vote goes for Houston passing on R. Bush. That will be mentioned for years to come. BTW, anyone else enjoy the second MNF crew better than the 1st (J. Foxx interview aside)? Brad Nessler, Ron Jaworski and Dick Vermeil were much more listenable and had me somewhat enjoying what was a...
  22. Philip_T

    Rock Star: Supernova

    Long time lurker of this thread as well. Dilana definately butchered that Cheap Trick song last night and was not only off time from the beginning of the song, but throughout most of the song. It was like she had never heard it before. Not suprising since almost every week we are treated to at...
  23. Philip_T

    THAT time of year-FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!

    Sorry for absence guys. Been away for awhile. If you still have a spot open in league I, I'll go ahead and sign up. If its full, I understand. Phil (The Joe 12 Packs)
  24. Philip_T

    Woodpecker Repellant?

    I've got one that is trying to make its home in my main vent pipe on my roof, which is metal, and it amplifies the sound throughout the ductwork in the house. I thought my furnace was going to explode the 1st time I heard it (since I didn't know that it was a woodpecker at 1st). Gonna have to...
  25. Philip_T

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    Completely spaced the draft last night and looking at my team (the joe 12 packs), I paid for that mistake. Ouch.
  26. Philip_T

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    Im in. The Joe 12 Packs
  27. Philip_T

    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    I wasn't into the keeper league set-up, but would like to get in this one. I was the 2005 league winner and have been in the HTF FBL's since 2003. (The Joe 12 Packs). If there's room, would like an invite.
  28. Philip_T

    More car buying advise

    Beat the car salesman Some good tips. Undercover journalist works for car dealers Interesting article on Edmunds by an investigative journalist who went undercover and worked at a couple dealers for awhile.
  29. Philip_T

    The Survivor Panama HTF Challenge (entries closed)

    After the 1st few episodes, I had a bad feeling about my picks. Last weeks episode confirmed that feeling. And I was so close to picking Bruce instead. I think they screwed up though by voting off Ruth M. who looks like would have been faithful till the end. Potentially, a very bad decision.