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  1. Leo Kerr

    Complex Question

    there are HDMI and DVI "extenders" that convert the video into (generally) two Cat5/6 cables. But this is not ethernet, and doesn't go through regular switches and hubs, but only directly to a matched "receiver" at the other end. There are a couple of ways of doing what you're looking at...
  2. Leo Kerr

    Best ceiling mount for drop ceilings?

    as you may have noticed, there are countless mounts out there. Even if you subtract out the ones that, for various reasons, are unsuited to your projector, there are still probably hundreds that.. are. Likely one of the best things to do is answer a number of questions. Not that we need to...
  3. Leo Kerr

    Speakers behind black out cloth screen?

    There are other materials for "home brew" AT screens; I've made a variety over the years, to more-or-less success. If you're doing a permanent installation -- as in, the screen doesn't need to go away when not in use -- then it's not hard. Granted, a DIY acoustic-transparent screen will be...
  4. Leo Kerr

    Wuold like some opinion on placement of some diffusors

    Interesting; I hadn't seen diffusers over absorbers before.
  5. Leo Kerr

    I would pay $100 to $150 for a truly complete saga that includes the Original (original un-altered,

    I suppose you might get into some purists asking, "what's original?" Some would say the original release without "A New Hope" at the crawl. And particularly with SW:ANH, it sounds like there were 4-6 different audio mixes in circulation. That said, if I could get a clean, HD version (not an...
  6. Leo Kerr

    The Rocketeer Blu-ray available for preorder on Amazon

    sometimes, a film has a certain sort of "feel." And some of the best action/comedy films are the ones that it feels like everyone on-screen is having a good time. This, and the, what, 1994? Phantom are two of my most obvious examples of the cast having a ball with making the film. This is one of...
  7. Leo Kerr

    Yamaha DSP A1 - no sound on main speakers with surround hooked up?

    I may have to go back and check ... I think I bought a Service Manual when I got mine, and I sort of had the impression that the five primary amplifiers were all independent sections; the only ones really "ganged" were the two front effect channels. But then again, I don't trust my memory much...
  8. Leo Kerr

    Yamaha DSP A1 coupler links

    if you're more adventurous, my recollection is that they're only coupling the center-pins. I can't quite remember the AWG, but you can make your own simply out of either #8 or #10 copper wire. I suspect it was #10, 'cause I don't think I had any #8 lying around, but it's just about the size of a...
  9. Leo Kerr

    Which Plasma to buy?

    another point on plasma burn-in. If you keep the brightness and contrast "reasonable," it's not a significant problem. If you run it in "torch mode," like you might find at a big-box store, well, that's different. I once heard a number for a brightness measure off of the screen, but I don't...
  10. Leo Kerr

    Problem with a Yamaha DSP A1

    Carlos, it's not quite clear to me, but... can get some (but not all) speakers to work? ...if you plug one speaker at a time in -- for example, front-left, into front left, and it works. Unplug, and then connect front-right to Front-left. unplug, and then put the center into front-left...
  11. Leo Kerr

    Bulb Exploded ..

    The first time is always the worst. Actually, come to think of it, I've only witnessed it once, and it actually wasn't that bad. Fortunately it wasn't one of the 1.2kW xenons! Most of these lights contain a trace of mercury, as well as some thallium-204 (radioactive, poisonous, see...
  12. Leo Kerr

    UHE (E-TORL) bare bulb polarity?

    the only place I'm familiar with the high frequency AC is during the initial ignition phase in a Xenon arc.. where they ionize the xenon by pumping it with several megahertz HF, HV, no current, before blasting it with the high current DC... I'm not familiar enough with these "tiny" lamps...
  13. Leo Kerr

    UHE (E-TORL) bare bulb polarity?

    Hm. Interesting. I know xenon lamps are polarity sensitive -- DC arcs. I kind of suspect that the smaller lamps are DC arcs, but I don't know that for certain. While I am not an expert, however, I offer this suspicion: if the polarity matters, and you get it wrong, a. the light...
  14. Leo Kerr

    Battery power for my plasma TV?

    "reasonably," no. In actuality, you can get battery back-up systems that can last long times under high loads. (Worst I heard of was to be able to supply 100,000w for 20min.) Leo
  15. Leo Kerr

    Why do I see so many artifacts while watching STANDARD DVDs?

    I'd speculate that it's the player at fault. Can you turn off SD Upconversion on the player, and let the monitor handle it? Leo
  16. Leo Kerr

    Todd AO and Oklahoma

    I can't say I ever heard that the mag-coat application was particularly dangerous. After all, it's not significantly different than adding mag-coatings to mylar, polyestar, acetate, or any of the other plastic substrates used in floppy-discs, cassette or reel-to-reel tape, VHS tapes, or...
  17. Leo Kerr

    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Review

    No, my first introduction to Bebop was with the film. It's not that it doesn't support itself and its content, but rather that there's quite a lot going on, they (the filmmakers) don't spoon-feed the viewer, and, of course, I'm also reading the subtitles. I feel like I have a pretty good...
  18. Leo Kerr

    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Review

    It wasn't clear to me if the title-change was a USA thing, or a Non-Japanese-Market thing from what I could find. In my case, for some reason, even just knowing the original, more detailed title, was... useful for me. Leo
  19. Leo Kerr

    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Review

    They’re here to save the planet. But not for free. Gekijban Kaubi Bibappu: Tengoku no Tobira or Cowboy Bebop: The Movie or Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Image Entertainment releases a Sony Pictures/Columbia Tri-Star and Destination Films, um, film: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, an...
  20. Leo Kerr

    Why is my Plasma image so UNimpressive?

    yeah, there are a lot of magical noise-reduction filters that can make a perfectly nice picture look like crap. Go through ALL of the menus, even ones that don't seem like they should have anything to do with it. Also, something my brother found, if your display supports high frame-rate...
  21. Leo Kerr

    Oddity with speakers

    Any idea how close you are to the culprit radio station's transmitter? Sometimes, you can be too close that you really can't do much about it. And/or, it's possible it's not the wire, but the actual electronics inside the speaker's amplifiers. Leo
  22. Leo Kerr

    Display Issue I'm Trying to Diagnose

    Still, seems like something's doing some limiting. Although by the scene, it's not luma limiting, so much as a color-depth issue. Possibility: your player is doing deep-color; the display can do deep-color, but the receiver isn't, and when it truncates, you get issues like this? I'm...
  23. Leo Kerr

    RS - 232 control.

    Somewhere on the LG site, you should be able to find a list of RS232 commands. If you're lucky, LG uses a straightforward sort of control language, something like ABBBCCCD (A= header, B=command, C=Variable, D=end-of-block.) If you're unlucky, it'll be like some other equipment I've been stuck...
  24. Leo Kerr

    How to flag a 4:3 video as 16:9

    I know I've fought this problem in the past, and I think I won, but I can't be sure. One of the tools I use a lot (although I don't recall if it was successful or not) was MPEG Stream Clip from Squared 5. Leo
  25. Leo Kerr

    Are all screens created equal?

    I've not had any troubles with my Elite screen, which at the 135" size, seems to be about $1000 for a matte-white power retractable. I guess for a matte-white, the big concerns are: • flatness (optical/hot spotting) • flatness (geometric/ripples) • reliability It's been some...
  26. Leo Kerr

    Display Issue I'm Trying to Diagnose

    It almost "feels" like some sort of "digital clipping," for lack of a better term. Since it "pauses," it should be completely repeatable. Get it "paused" off of a Blu disc or something like that, and then try a direct connect. If it goes away, then there's some active process in the...
  27. Leo Kerr

    Star Ceilings... Painted vs. Fiber optics

    I'm not a star-ceiling expert, but I can offer some advice that I hope isn't too far out-of-line. On a paint-perspective, there's a maker of theatrical black-light paints that (allegedly) go on clear. They're Wildfire. On a light perspective, I've run into a lot of black-light...
  28. Leo Kerr

    Problems connecting a computer to receiver

    you may have been bitten by some curiosities... VGA is an analog signal connection. DVI-I is a mutant/bridge format between VGA and DVI-D, which supports both digital and analog signals, DVI-D is a digital-only connection that is pin compatible with HDMI -- except without the audio...
  29. Leo Kerr

    Screen slightly flickering, is my lamp on it's last legs?

    In my experience, here are the early warning signs for lamp age/failure: 1. longer time to full brightness from a cold start. 2. much slower time for the color to stabilize during start-up (and may emphasize green more for longer.) 3. some flicker in the overall brightness (which may...
  30. Leo Kerr

    Best way to ensure HD projector longevity?

    also, depending on where any additional fans were, you might get some more vibration on the projector itself. At work, we had a situation where we needed to fan a projector. The added vibrations really hurt the lamp-life, which is actually kind of odd. At least, about the only thing I can...