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  1. Bruce_S

    Improve your streaming audio: win an Arcam airDAC!

    Honestly, I have never heard of this device. If i win, I would enjoy playing with it. :)
  2. Bruce_S

    FS: PSP Bundle

    Bump Price reduced to $275 shipped. Paypal or money order only!! Drop me an email for pictures
  3. Bruce_S

    FS: PSP Bundle

    The PSP Bundle includes the following items: PSP Unit (upgraded to v2.00) Charger/headphone/case/32MB memory stick PSP Games: Tiger Woods PGA 2004 Midnight Club 3:Dub Edition UMD Movie: Bogeyman Punisher Resident Evil Asking for $300 or best offer!! Drop me an email with any...
  4. Bruce_S

    FS: Sony Vaio PCG-K33 Laptop

    The unit works great! I'm planning to upgrade to a lighter laptop once this is sold. I will include Windows XP Professional full version with manaul, installation cd, and activation code. # Model PCG-K33 # HARDWARE # Processor Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 532 (3.06GHz, 1MB L2 Cache)1...
  5. Bruce_S

    PSP - It's a beautiful thing

    Leo, Did you get the value pack? If so, how's the headphones and remote features? After reading about it of the Japan released, the accessories that are included are not worth the extra $$. I will probably get the unit alone once it gets to the US.
  6. Bruce_S

    FS: PS2 slim (NEW)

    That is correct!! What is wrong with me trying to make some extra money with the toughest product to find this xmas? Remember, the ages of tickle-me-elmo or cabbage patch dolls. Consider it as a finder's fee... :)
  7. Bruce_S

    FS: PS2 slim (NEW)

    I have a brand new PS2 slim avaiable for sale!! Asking for $200 shipped!!
  8. Bruce_S

    Us Psp < $185 Usd

    Great news!! I'm getting one for sure now. Nintendo is screwed!! There goes their handheld marketshare.
  9. Bruce_S

    Feds probing P2P...

    Big brother is upon us more than ever!! I found this article very interesting... WOuld like to hear about yoru thoughts are about it? The U.S. Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that it has launched a federal criminal probe of piracy on a peer-to-peer network...
  10. Bruce_S

    Sony PS2 new model?

    Chris, What's the model number on the back of the ps2? What other features does it have? I think, Sony removed the i-link port. thx
  11. Bruce_S

    Sony PS2 new model?

    Does anyone know when the new model of the PS2 is coming out? I read a few months ago, its suppose to have infared sensor for the remote control and progessive scan features. I"m not sure if there are other features included except those major ones I mentioned. thanks in advance
  12. Bruce_S

    FT: dvds for a router?

    My apologies if this thread is in the incorrect section. I'm not sure of where to place it. I'm looking for a four port cable/dsl router (non-wireless) to use w/my comcast broadband. Does anyone have an extra one they aren't using and willing to accept a couple of dvds in exchange? lmk...
  13. Bruce_S

    "IF" Spielberg was to make another Jaws...

    Didn't we have that with Deep Blue Sea?
  14. Bruce_S

    Smallville S3 finale "Covenant" 5/19/2004

    After Kara showed Clark of her flying ability and mentioned it to him. Forget the "no tights, no flight' for next season. They can't make Clark become this stupid guy, with all these powers and leave his flying ability to go on for another season without being discover. I'm looking forward...
  15. Bruce_S

    where to buy Dreamcast accessories?

    Have you tried your local used cd/dvd ma and pop stores or pawn shops? We have some in PDX that I frequently visit and gets some good deals.
  16. Bruce_S

    Sony PSP and Gamecube DS Pics

    I'm sold on the PSP. It's more appealing to me than the DS b/c of its versatility. PSP will be able to play mp3, movies, and games. That is what I'm looking for in my portable entertainment. In addition, the graphic is close to the PS2 comparable to the DS graphic which is just better than N64...
  17. Bruce_S

    FT: PS2 and Gamecube

    Darren, Take your pick of any titles... I'm interested in GC/PS2 games at this point... Looking for Metal Gear Twin Snakes.
  18. Bruce_S

    FT: PS2 and Gamecube

    All games in mint condition VF4: Evolution Rygar Splashdown GTA: Vice City Soldier of Fortune (no manual) Gran Turismo 3 Splinter Cell Metal Gear Solid Ultimate Code: Tekken 4 and GT3 Gamecube: Mario Kart: Double Dash Soul Calibur 2 I'm open to all offers..
  19. Bruce_S

    New Saving Private Ryan DVD Question

    I am quiet happy with my DTS version of SPR... I'll pass on this edition and future ones... Let the double/triple dipping begin: next up - 10th, 15th, 20th years anniversary editions.
  20. Bruce_S

    Quizno ad misrepresent?

    The any coupon deal was few months ago. This is their latest tv ad that been running for a few weeks and states of saving over a buck on their mequiste chicken sandwich, which happens to be the small 4" one for $2.99 but its regular price.
  21. Bruce_S

    Quizno ad misrepresent?

    I just had lunch at Quizno's and tried their mesquite bbq chicken sandwich for $2.99. It was the small 4" one, which is listed for $2.99 on their menu board. Now, their commercial states a saving of over a buck. I'm not good at math but how is that a saving? hehe Wouldn't that be...
  22. Bruce_S

    Tiger Wood 2004

    I'm wondering if anyone else is playing TW2004 on a regular basis. I've completed the World Touranments and is in June on the PGA Season. I haven't play the real-time events at all and it won't let me go back - or is there a way to go back? What is the best way to maximize your endorsements...
  23. Bruce_S

    best films from first-time directors?

    bryan singer - usual suspects chris nolan - memento (not sure) mel gibson - braveheart kevin costner - dances w/wolves clint eastwood - unforgiven
  24. Bruce_S

    Forever Eden

    What's the premise of this show? Do they win money or just trying to hook up?
  25. Bruce_S

    X-Box games for trade

    Would you trade ESPN NBA for any of these: Jak 2 SSX3 Splinter Cell Splashdown Rygar GTA:Vice City Crazy Taxi Virtua Figher 4:Evolution SSX Tricky Solider of Fortune (no insert) MotoGP2 Metal Gear Solid Xbox: Madden 2004 (disc only) Sega GT/Jetset Radio Future...
  26. Bruce_S

    FT: Like new Platinum GameCube w/2 Controllers

    Please check my collection. I have memento and others to trade for your gamecube. ~bruce
  27. Bruce_S

    Want to Buy: MST3K, Warner 2-Disc SEs, TV boxes, etc.

    Dane, I'm interested in the Gamecube. I have Memento.. plz check my list for others dvds you might be interested. ~bruce
  28. Bruce_S

    Smallville 2/18/04

    Finally, I got a chance to watched this show after taping it on Wed. - had some vcr issues. I can't afford TIVO yet. hehe I got a few questions, I hope someone might able to answer them. 1) What happened to Alicia at the end? She got plastered by lead paint? I don't think, Clark or anyone...
  29. Bruce_S

    History of Cinema - 12 DVD set - for $5.94 at Amazon

    I placed an order of 10 this morning. I hope it comes... :) -bruce