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  1. Aaron Howell

    receivers with ipod compatability

    The headphone jack sounds horrible. I got some dock-to-stereo rca cables from compusa for $15. They are made by Nyko. The cord is actually 6ft long, so don't pay attention to the amazon link. I would prefer an actual dock though. Being...
  2. Aaron Howell

    Run a stereo amp with different loads on each channel?

    Thx! That is exactly what I'm checking into. Just going over everything since I remember hearing the above. I could have sworn it was a member of the Cult forums, but searching it has come up with nil. :frowning:
  3. Aaron Howell

    Run a stereo amp with different loads on each channel?

    I've read that running a single channel of a stereo amp can be harmful for an amp. I don't remember why, and I can't remeber where I read it to search. Is anyone familiar with this? At the same time, would it be harmful to run a different load on each channel? IE: running a mid off the right...
  4. Aaron Howell

    Amp kit for bass shakers

    Why not go with PE for the amp to? I've heard about an inexpensive plate amp from mcm to, but don't know the info on it.
  5. Aaron Howell

    Polyfil dead links

    Thx guys! I was remebering a different one, but that one will do to. :)
  6. Aaron Howell

    Polyfil dead links

    Great! Could you email it to miaaron yahoo? I've gotta start saving some of my references. I never imagined it would have been taken down.
  7. Aaron Howell

    Polyfil dead links

    I had a link to a polyfil test done by Nousaine or Dickanson, but they are dead. Does any have this still? I found it to be a really good resource. Thx, Aaron
  8. Aaron Howell

    WTB: Small 'subwoofer'

    JBL PB10 $150 plus shipping. Excellent condition. IIRC, it has one 1/8" mark on a corner. Worked on a daily basis for over 4 years. Original box, manual, etc.
  9. Aaron Howell

    New NIN news

    Like everyone else, the more I listen the more it grows on me. I've listened to the album at least 30 times now. Unfortunalty most of the time it is while driving in very stressful traffic that requires a lot of attention. So far I definitely have to agree with Kevin T about the album being...
  10. Aaron Howell

    Ok some choices here...

    There is a guy on that is selling an RE SE 10" for $120 shipped. Otherwise, I second the IDQ.
  11. Aaron Howell

    shiva or titanic?

    Hey Kyle, is the upcoming 12" shiva even going to be the same as the old shiva?
  12. Aaron Howell

    New NIN news

    I am SO looking forward to May 3rd...
  13. Aaron Howell

    Alpine CDA-9835 questions

    The glide strip isn't so hot. I suggest you go try one out before purchasing.
  14. Aaron Howell

    Volume Difference Between 2 ch. stereo and Surround Mode?

    [email protected] This guy helped me out with all my nad questions. Those he couldn't answer, he walked down to the engineering office and got the offical answer.
  15. Aaron Howell

    WTB: Radeon 9800pro or GeForce 6600

    A guy on another forum posted this yesterday. If interested just email me I'll give you his email.
  16. Aaron Howell

    Ascendant Atlas 15 - IB install pics

    :emoji_thumbsup: So what does it sound like from INside the closet??:D
  17. Aaron Howell

    Best budget receiver?

    JR usually has the 502 on sale for $200 shipped about every two months on amazons friday sale. Check the "deals" section on this forum every Friday, it'll pop up soon.
  18. Aaron Howell

    Incredibles killed my sub

    FWIW, Onecall has it one sale for $128. Go to the "Deals" section on this site and look under yesterday's date.
  19. Aaron Howell

    New Garbage Record "Bleed Like Me"

    The released song is okay, but it would be better if it didn't have the obnoxious guitar rif. I'm hoping one of my friends buys it first to see if I want it...
  20. Aaron Howell

    IDMAX in home

    Memory got me on that one. :b I thought they had an Fs of around 28hz. Don't mind me.:)
  21. Aaron Howell

    IDMAX in home

    Great sub, I have one to. IIRC, it has a pretty high fs.
  22. Aaron Howell

    Experts please help!

    Sounds like the midrange is out of phase. Very common in cars.... If you have bought a alpine 9835, there isn't much stopping you from going active and ditching those passive networks.
  23. Aaron Howell

    Do Nady pro sound amps have loud fans?

    Thanks for the buttkicker recommendation, but I think I'm down to the nady xa-1600 and xa-1100. The 1600 is $.05 less expensive than the 1100, but I don't know if I need all that extra power. I'll only need about 200x2 @ 4ohm, and realistically I'll probably be using like 10x2 most of the time...
  24. Aaron Howell

    Do Nady pro sound amps have loud fans?

    I've been looking into the Nady Pro sound amps to power my IB sub. My biggest concern is fan noise. Can you usually hear them while talking to others in the same room? Please include what model you have heard and an approx distance to your listening position. Thanks, Aaron Edit: I've...
  25. Aaron Howell

    Adire Kit 281 Tweeter polarity issue:

    Wasn't this issue addressed in the audioexpress review?
  26. Aaron Howell

    WTB: Pioneer 1014 & 250+w plate amp Jason is a knowledgable and well respected member on that forum. I'm sorry if this isn't allowed mods, it just seemed to work for all parties. :)
  27. Aaron Howell

    Has anybody gone from a good sub to an Infinite Baffle?

    When I told my fiance I could get rid of the big sub box, she agreed before I even said another word.
  28. Aaron Howell

    My first attempt at building an enclosure

    Or just eliminate the back panel on your amp box. You could even put a grill on the backside if you're worried about protecting it. I have similar enclosures for my plate amps, just without the back as I have described. I've never had an amp shut down on me.
  29. Aaron Howell

    will a power amp NAD 216 add any improvement

    Sorry, I thought the NAD's had a phase switch in their software. So yes, just double check to make sure all the connections are the right polarity( + to + and - to -). Wiring the speakers out of phase will result in dramatically less bass output. You should do it on purpose once just to hear...
  30. Aaron Howell

    will a power amp NAD 216 add any improvement

    I've done it many times also. If something doesn't sound right it is the first thing I check. :laugh: