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  1. gregD

    Marantz 7300 OSE noise - is there a fix?

    Here is contact info for authorized Marantz service in the US... no info for Canada. Servicewide 2239 Curtiss St Downers Grove IL 60515 630-969-7333 They did some mild repair work on an SR5000 for me a few years ago... the guy I talked to seemed well versed in Marantz issues.
  2. gregD

    any bad experiences with b-stock subs from svs

    Email the guys at SVS with your room specs, they'll reply with solutions and suggestions, pronto. I've got a 25-31PCi cylinder in a 14x14x9 room, and it's way more than I need... could've easily gotten by with the PB-10, but I wanted both line and speaker connex... great sub. B-stock...
  3. gregD

    Can't get my Pioneer 578 hooked up right

    There was your first mistake, listening to the CC kid... :D Yes, what the others have said... DVD-A and SACD are processed by the player and can only be accessed via the analog connections... your single digital cable will get you CD music (PCM) and DVD-V movie audio (DD, DTS), in which case...
  4. gregD

    Pioneer DVL-919 DVD/Laserdisc Player

    Thanks Rachael Didn't consider DVD-R longevity... maybe I should also think about getting those toons on a hard drive somehow. Yeah, deep down inside I know that my mid-level 919 can only be re-furb'd so much... there's no substitute for superior lasers, transports and components. Or...
  5. gregD

    Pioneer DVL-919 DVD/Laserdisc Player

    Rachael... What kinda 'falling prices' are you talking about? Particularly on the Elites: 97, 95, 99, 79. And where does one go looking for them? This thread got me to thinking LD again... I don't watch them so much, but I really am interested in archiving all that classic animation...
  6. gregD

    Pioneer DVL-919 DVD/Laserdisc Player

    Another 919 owner here... and I'll also echo the above posts. For the money, it's nice enough... I'd characterize the picture as 'good' in DVD via component, and 'decent' in LD via composite -- as viewed on a 32" CRT... nothing fancy. If you're a critical LD viewer, or want to archive LDs...
  7. gregD

    phono stage for Goldring GR-1

    Many phono-pre's at many price points: The one I use is a Parasound PPH-100... big performer @ $120. Others that get regular positive feedback: Creek, Pro-Ject, Lehman... and many insist that the bare-bones Radio Shack pho-pre works...
  8. gregD

    Does SACD really have a future?

    Won't be hard for me to do... my general interest in video is waning... watch less and less TV, movies etc... with diminishing resources, I direct my efforts to my music collection. I committed pretty heavily to Laserdisc... I don't regret that, or even Laserdisc's passing, but it did make me...
  9. gregD

    King Crimson gone for good?

    Cirkus might be out of print, but not hard to find in the used bin. Vrooom Vrooom, hands down... B'B is made up of live tracks by the Double Trio early in its existence (1994), so new material was being broken in, and it's OK, but... VV is live tracks of this band in full flight... one disc...
  10. gregD

    King Crimson gone for good?

    Addicting, isn't it... Even if TCOL is somewhat flawed, it does contain three essential, all-time Crim classics -- LTIA 4, FraKctured and the title track... you can find better performances of LTIA 4 on the live discs, but FraKctured is found on only one other concert CD, Heavy ConstruKction...
  11. gregD

    What was the First concert you ever went to?

    Gotcha beat, geezer... Beach Boys -- summer, 1964.
  12. gregD

    King Crimson gone for good?

    Do not underestimate the chops of Pat Mastelotto!... PM owns that band these days... there is so much going on at his drumstool it is as if there are still two percussionists back there, reminiscent of Bruford / Muir. The consensus is that, despite inclusion of at least 3 essential Crim...
  13. gregD

    King Crimson gone for good?

    Not a peep on hi-res... an SACD ITCOTCK has been scheduled for 3-4 years, but has never materialized... they're probably waiting to see if there's even going to be any hi-res format survivor before going forward. Meanwhile, give their latest studio effort, The Power to Believe, a try... a...
  14. gregD

    King Crimson gone for good?

    In addition to Kevin's and Mike's info... Crim's contractual obligations with Virgin have expired, and from here on, DGM / Fripp / Crim will take ownership of the classic catalog... in this transition period there seems to be low stock in many stores... but the catalog will be re-issued...
  15. gregD

    What are some of your favorite 'music' quotes?

    Frank Zappa: "Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid"
  16. gregD

    Cartoons!... auto chapter marking when recording LD > Pio 420?

    Shameless bump. Elizabeth, are you out there? Anyone? Beuhler? Beuhler? Beuhler?
  17. gregD

    Cartoons!... auto chapter marking when recording LD > Pio 420?

    Am considering a Pioneer DVR-420 or 520... or a 320 if I think I can get by without a hard drive. Ultimately, it will be (sparingly) used to record TV via regular analog cable (thus replacing the VCR)... and also to record and edit my buddy's home movies. But the first and most important...
  18. gregD

    I don't see why anybody is suppourting Dual-y Disc!

    On the nose-y!... this alone should be a screaming red alarm that precludes the sale of a single DualDisc... I can't imagine this isn't getting more attention, though the hardware manufacturers' public disclaimers should have been sufficient. Potential player damage is not guaranteed, but why...
  19. gregD

    I don't see why anybody is suppourting Dual-y Disc!

    I refuse to be a beta tester for a gimmicky format that brings no added value to the listening experience... convenience and a few throwaway videos do not make for added value... 'extremely small handful' of incompatible players? -- inevitable that it will include mine... and I'll be damned if...
  20. gregD

    Looking for some heavy metal or prog CDs to add.. reccomendations?

    The godfather of them all --- King Crimson
  21. gregD

    Songs named after or containing lyrics about old movie stars?

    Friends of Mr Cairo -- Jon and Vangelis
  22. gregD

    Phono pre?

    Vinyl is not stupid. Here's a bunch of phono pre's at a bunch of different prices: I use a Parasound PPH-100... small, silent, sounds great... $120.
  23. gregD

    Researching early hi-fi equipment!

    These links might yield something for you...
  24. gregD

    Since I've Been Loving You

    I'm a Misty Mountain Hop man, myself...
  25. gregD

    Marantz DV-9500

    Neat... I had high hopes for this player when it was announced. The video specs / test result numbers at Secrets seem to fall short of the best, but the write-up suggests this piece is at least a worthy candidate to take home for serious testing. Now if they can just shave about 500 off...
  26. gregD

    cambridge sound works

    And... They're currently in the midst of holiday sale pricing, especially for the speakers... anywhere from 5-50% off. The retail outlets (if you live near one) will match their online pricing. Worth a look, anyway.
  27. gregD

    Frank Zappa - QuAUDIOPHILIAc - Anyone else having problems with this disc?

    Your local repair shop is ripping you off good... call 'em on it! Call Pioneer customer support USA: 1-800-421-1404 Report your problem, get a case number, and have them arrange for your local guy to install the firmware upgrade for FREE... when I made the call to Pioneer, they were...
  28. gregD

    cambridge sound works

    CSW -- very worthy speakers... their heritage is of respected speaker designer Henry Kloss... highly recommended... the entire line will easily compete with the JBL and Klipsch you mention... but my usual disclaimer applies: audition as many speakers as you can. CSW the store is a very good...
  29. gregD

    StereoPhile Continues to Posture

    Dowsers also used to be called "water witches." How's that for sound scientific reasoning?
  30. gregD

    Onkyo DV-SP1000 vs Apex AD7701

    If only to stir up this thread further, I'm looking forward to the arrival of the new Marantz flagship, DV-9500... supposedly Marantz-built from the ground up (i.e. their own proprietary platform, not a Pioneer)... loaded with features and connections (HDMI)... and promising performance numbers...