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  1. Armand G

    Rapa Nui ( in Germany only )

    Hi manus. If I'm not mistaking the Laserdisc is the only way to view the movie in widescreen format. No DTS or DD, just plain old PCM. The picture of the laserdisc is average as far as I can remember. I can't help you with the dvd. I have never seen it, but I almost know for sure that...
  2. Armand G

    HEAT is available in DTS DVD!

    Edited my earlier post.
  3. Armand G

    HEAT is available in DTS DVD!

  4. Armand G

    Pink Panther Strikes Again (R1, remastered): faulty disc? (replacement?)

    Hi. I have have the boxset and have had no problems whatsoever with any of the dvd's. What player do you use?
  5. Armand G

    SVS = Bad Neighbors...?

    Go for option B and add subs to all channels with your windows open:D
  6. Armand G

    New Independence Day: Special Edition With DTS

    Another one to add to my collection? I already have the DD and DTS Laserdisc and the 5 star colection dvd. When does it ever stop.:angry:
  7. Armand G

    Are there any GERMAN SVS Owners out there??

    Hi Axel, Guten Tag. There is a Dutch forum where there are several SVS owners. It's in Dutch only. There is no search option possible at the moment. This is thelink: Or check out these reviews:
  8. Armand G

    Are there any GERMAN SVS Owners out there??

    Hi, I am not a SVS owner, but there are several SVS sub owners in the Netherlands who all rave about their excellent performance. Best regards, Armand
  9. Armand G

    Say, whatever happened to MICROCOSMOS?

    Yep and it's also in DTS 5.1 Surround Sound.
  10. Armand G

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Highly Recommended)

    Any of you guys also having problems with the last crusade disc? It jumps from 25:10 to 26:40. I've tried it on two different players. On the second one it totally freezes. The first two movies play without any problems. Just curious.
  11. Armand G

    Is Dark City worth a blind buy at $10.00?

    Choices choices... There is also an French DTS release available to you with region 2 playing capabilities. Further I can highly recomend the DD LD or even better the DTS LD for those still hanging on to the unbeatable sound of LD's.
  12. Armand G

    Sunfire Ultimate 7.1 Receiver Review!!!!!!!

    It also has been reviewed in the last Widescreen Review. They were also very positive on this new piece of gear.
  13. Armand G

    French DTS Sleepy Hollow and Tosh 3900

    Let's see. Making of 30 min., Document "avant" Tim Burton, Interviews Tim Burton/Johnny Depp, 8- page booklet, Commentaries by Tim Burton. Just buy it. Awesome DTS sound!
  14. Armand G

    Exclusive to Laserdisc - help compiling a comprehensive list!

    Rush Hour - DTS only on LD.
  15. Armand G

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: X2: X-Men United w/ Screenshots!! (VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    Excellent review.:emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  16. Armand G

    Trade and Want list

    Hi Vijay: I don't know if you're able to play other regions, but the UK release of Bound is far better since it's anamorphic Widescreen. Regards, Armand
  17. Armand G

    The Final Laserdisc Sale!!!

    Hi Tim, I see that you are selling your DTS LD's. Why??? Best regards, Armand
  18. Armand G

    connecting a second sub

    Depends on what you want. If you want the second sub on the .1 Channel as well than you can use a Y splitter like David suggested. Remember that in getting the best results you have to buy an identical one. You can also connect it to the front/surround channels. It's up to you.
  19. Armand G

    Surround subwoofers?

    Hi Vincent, I own one for the surround channels. It has improved my system quite a bit. My rears extend to below 20 Hz now. Actually there is a lot of movie material with < 25hz bass in the surround channels. Especially SW Episode 1. I have connected my Rel Strata III with the High level...
  20. Armand G

    New Casper Specs!

    I'll also hope they manage it, but since I compared a lot of DTS LD (1235 Kbps) to their Fulbitrate (1509 Kbps) dvd counterparts I'll doubt it. It's time the studio's are finally getting serious with mastering DTS tracks on dvd's.
  21. Armand G

    New Casper Specs!

    Without even watched the future dvd release I can tell you that the dvd won't come even close to the DTS LD.
  22. Armand G

    LFE and Dolby Headphone

    Correct! When you select Dolby Headphone on a DTS track it says DTS + dolby Headphone. It really is a nice feature. You can also chance the room size when listening to it. I think it's really nice when you want to keep the relation with your neighbours intact.
  23. Armand G

    Dr.No - Man With Golden Gun / 5.1 DVD?

    I just connected the right/left cinch cables again to be able to listen to the mono soundtrack. I listened to the 5.1, PCM and monotrack.
  24. Armand G

    LFE and Dolby Headphone

    Ok Jonathan welcome to the world of hometheater! When I was your age I spended most of my hard earned cash on audio gear. I know it's not easy to buy a setup with very little money. You always have to choose:frowning: . That's why I bought it in steps. In the end you will get there, it just...
  25. Armand G

    Strange days R2

    You should try to get your hands on the DTS LD if you can. Amazing sound.
  26. Armand G

    Evita DTS DVD (French R2)

    I'll bet it sounds better than the DTS dvd.:D
  27. Armand G

    LFE and Dolby Headphone

    When I plug my headphone in I have to select DD on my remote and it switches to Dolby Headphone.
  28. Armand G

    Dr.No - Man With Golden Gun / 5.1 DVD?

    I am still holding on to my THX Laserdiscs. I have Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved me and Moonraker. Any of you guys compared them to the dvd's?