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  1. jasonSH


    Ive had mine 6 months now, no problems what-so-ever...picture is beautiful. sounds like you got a faulty set, hopefully you purchased a warranty.
  2. jasonSH

    Thanx HTF: I went with the Toshiba 52" (52HM84)!!

    I was in there and called a buddy of mine who looked up some prices online. (Originally the girl told me the 2658.00 ticket price was their lowest price). He came across J&R who was selling it for 2299...Apparently Best Buy typically does not match J&R but in this case, maybe they were trying to...
  3. jasonSH

    Thanx HTF: I went with the Toshiba 52" (52HM84)!!

    Delivered on SuperBowl Sunday!!! I'm certainly no audiofile by any means, but I have spent the better part of the last year on and off this board bouncing back and forth between the JVC DILA, Samsung DLP, Mitsu DLP, and the Toshiba. I waited on the price to come down a bit and went to Best...
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    Philips 42PF9976 AmbiLight Plasma...Should I???

    Like most of us, I've been poking around, browsing back and forth on what set to get and when to buy. I've been doing this for about 8 months now :-)...I've almost gone DLP, almost gone JVC DILA, and now, after seeing the new Philips 42" PLasma (42PF9976), you can add PLasma to that list...
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    Which 32-36" HDTV?

    I bought the 36" JVC Flat HDTV with DVI about 5-6 months ago and the picture is the best in the 36" CRT class IMO, hands down. Not the sony, panny, or any other 36"...The Zoom (Aspect) feature on this set is excellent as well when used to zoom non-hd broadcast over the hd channels. The HD...
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    Anyone familiar with the RCA 50" DLP, HD50LPW42?

    I've been looking at DLP's for a while and last night I noticed at Circuit City they had this set on an Open Box for 1899.00! So, for 2300.00 I could get the set and the 4 year CitiAdvantage Warranty Coverage, which does include bulbs... My only question on this is the quality of the set...
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    New JVC D-ILA or Samsung DLP? Need advice... I am, still undecided. I'm thinkin I'll go take another look at the 3 TV's side by side. Someone is also now telling me that going the projector route is a nice option too, but then I have to start all over because I know less about those then I know about the sets I'm looking at...
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    New JVC D-ILA or Samsung DLP? Need advice...

    Are you referring to that new "Star Trek" lookin model thats built into the stand? I saw that one but wasn't all too impressed given the 4k plus range it falls into...
  9. jasonSH

    New JVC D-ILA or Samsung DLP? Need advice...

    I can get the 52" JVC D-ILA set at my local Sears $2999 even or I can get the Samsung 46" DLP for 2799...(the Mitsubishi DLP is 3rd to me now) One of my concerns is that I am a heavy PS2 Sports gamer (Madden) and have read on some boards about the lag which is caused when the Samsungs...
  10. jasonSH

    If your TV has Component Video Inputs will it display High Definition from HD Source?

    Not to go disgreeing with anyone because I am anything BUT adn expert in this arena...BUT I will say this from personal experience... I used to have a Panasonic 32" True Flat Tau (non-HDTV but with component inputs)...Knowing that I was planning on purchasing a true 36" HDTV set in the near...
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    Purity problems...what can I do?

    I just messaged you with my email...thanx man
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    JVC I'Art 36-DF74 - Opinions?

    I just purchased the set you ordered a few days ago. I love it! Got it for $1159 from PC Richard & Son... Unfortunately I am having a Purity problem on the edges that the built in feature does not resolve. I will attempt to move my speakers further away and hopefully that works... Other...
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    Purity problems...what can I do?

    In the corners of my tv i seem to have some issues with magnetic fields or something cause when the back drop is white, I can see discoloration in the corners. I've tried adjusting the Purity setting on my TV but it doesnt really do much...Any ideas?