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  1. Scott W.

    HDR question.

    I may have posted on the wrong forum. Could someone move it to where it should be? Thanks
  2. Scott W.

    HDR question.

  3. Scott W.

    HDR question.

    Hi. I have a 4K television which did not come with hdr. I bought a 4K hdr Blu-Ray player. Why when I watch a 4K movie using my br player, does the word hdr on / off show on the screen? I thought the tv would have to have it. Do I get hdr like the player says, or is it nothing? I really need to...
  4. Scott W.

    RIP - Macho Man Randy Savage

    RIP Randy. You were one of the best! Scott.
  5. Scott W.

    Your ONE Most Favorite Film of All Time?

  6. Scott W.

    Alien trilogy coming to blu-ray?!...

    Hey guys. So from what I read in previous messages, does this mean the burke cocoon scene will be in the upcoming alien anthology region 1? The video button i clicked on didn't play the scene. Was it supposed to? Scott
  7. Scott W.


    What is the difference between the two things just mentioned? What do they mean exactly, and which should I look for/get.. cause i'm getting a new 3dtv soon. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :) Scott
  8. Scott W.

    Alien trilogy coming to blu-ray?!...

    Maybe they could include the infamous missing burke cocoon sequence in the next aliens release? At least as a seperate deleted scene? :)
  9. Scott W.

    Quick Xbox 360 question

    Can I play original Xbox games on a 360? An answer would be appreciated. TIA. Scott
  10. Scott W.

    Quick question

    Hi. I have a basic question, and I don't really know where to ask it. I've noticed that lately my TV and DVD viewing is abit green in color. What setting do I need to change to fix this? It's only happened recently, and the picture really is noticeable. Any help would be greatfully...
  11. Scott W.

    Friday the 13th: The Series: Season 3

    Me too. Can't wait to get it from e-bay.
  12. Scott W.

    Your favorite childhood book?

    I enjoyed reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Lion, Witch Wardrobe'.
  13. Scott W.

    What was your very first DVD?

    Mine was the movie Se7en. It was the flipper version. Scott
  14. Scott W.

    Alien trilogy coming to blu-ray?!...

    Maybe beg cameron to release the burke cocoon scene? Either include it in the film itself, or seperate as a deleted scene perhaps?
  15. Scott W.

    Any news on Friday the 13th tv series?

    Can't wait for this one!
  16. Scott W.

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Friday the 13th - The Series: The 2nd Season

    Can't wait for this one!
  17. Scott W.

    Quick AVP 1 @ 2 question

    Never mind. The disk I mentioned for blu-ray is the unrated version. Thanks. Scott
  18. Scott W.

    Quick AVP 1 @ 2 question

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if the upcoming AVP that comes with AVP-R combo is the unrated edition? I'm talking about the Blue-Ray edition on 4/15. I know there's an unrated AVP 1 on Dvd. How about blue-ray? TIA. Scott
  19. Scott W.

    007's tease, Maxwell, dies at 80

    RIP Lois. I enjoyed your acting very much in the bond films.
  20. Scott W.

    You guys see the size of this hog ?

    I can't believe it went on living so long and never found out. Woah, saw it here and on local news as well. Scott
  21. Scott W.

    Family Matters

    I'd buy season 1 anytime. Scott
  22. Scott W.

    What Got you into Home Theater?

    I got into DVD/movies when my parents upgraded from VHS to DVD. They bought the best equipment available at the time, and I spent many, many, many hours in front of the tube spinning disks daily. Started my collection of those I liked during the years gone by, and the titles I heard were real...
  23. Scott W.

    Anyone afraid of Driving?

    I'm 27 and have my liscense, but I hate driving. I do not have the concentration to safely drive a vehicle at anytime. I never will drive, and am probably stuck with the busses and pick-up rides. Oh well... Scott
  24. Scott W.

    Pat Morita Dies at 73

    I enjoyed the first three KK movies immensely. RIP Morita. Scott
  25. Scott W.

    The WWE™

    RIP Eddie. Scott
  26. Scott W.

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection

    Nice review Michael. I'll be double dipping for this release. Seeing those movies in 5.1 and anamorphic is just gravy. Can't wait till this weekend when i get paid! Scott
  27. Scott W.

    TNA Impact!

    I really liked the six sided ring. What an idea! Go Raven!! Scott
  28. Scott W.

    Anyone else bitten by the 'Eastwood Collection' bug?

    I recently bought some 'harry' titles found in the bargain bin in a local store. About $7.99 each up here in canada, I bought these: Magnum Force, the enforcer, sudden impact and the dead pool. I also already have (for quite awhile now)the original dirty harry on dvd. Scott
  29. Scott W.

    How many times do you watch special features/bonus materials?

    It depends on how much I like the movie. Scott
  30. Scott W.

    __Sean Bean - Underrated Actor__

    I really like Sean Bean. He played a great villian in GoldenEye. Scott