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  1. cafink

    Looking for a 27" or larger FS120 Sony Wega CRT in New Orleans area

    I'm looking for a 27" or larger FS120 model Sony Wega CRT. Specifically, model numbers 27FS120, KV-32FS120, or KV-36FS120. Due to the size & weight, I'm hoping to fid something I can pick up locally in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. I'd be willing to drive an hour, maybe two to pick it up...
  2. cafink

    Does Independence Day 20th Anniversary Edition contain the true theatrical version?

    The new 20th Anniversary Edition of Independence Day corrects a major omission of the previous Blu-ray by including the extended edition. A lot of people were disappointed that the previous release included only the theatrical version, but I remember one commenter who was happy that that the...
  3. cafink

    Sin City Blu-ray skipping/freezing?

    I have the two-disc "Recut, Extended, Unrated" version of Sin City on Blu-ray. It's been sitting on my shelf for some time, and I finally watched it last night. I watched the theatrical version of the film on disc one. Unfortunately, it was plagued with glitches. The image froze briefly...
  4. cafink

    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    The corrected version will include the missing scene from "Marsha" and the narration from the pilot, so 2 discs are being updated/replaced. Additionally, "The villain tags will be re-issued as an assembled string on one of the aforementioned discs."...
  5. cafink

    Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (New Blu-ray Packaging) Available for Preorder

    Like others, I enjoyed the show from the beginning, but it definitely improves as it goes along. Like the others, I suspect you'll be hooked by the time you finish season 2, but the best stuff will still be ahead of you!
  6. cafink

    Friends - Extended Cuts?

    Also, both seasons of Hannibal include extended "producer's cuts" of several episodes, though those mainly just reinstate a few brief shots originally cut for content.
  7. cafink

    Friends - Extended Cuts?

    In addition to the F-bomb, Season 4 of The Walking Dead also included one episode ("The Grove") with a few minutes of additional footage on Blu-ray:
  8. cafink

    I had given up on classic TV/DVD releases, UNTIL this year. 2014 turned out great

    I couldn't agree more. You mention some great, "when hell freezes over"-type releases that somehow all saw the light of day in the same calendar year. And don't forget about Batman!
  9. cafink

    Batman DVD Set Missing Tag Scene In S2 Episode

    If you mean, did they re-issue a disk with the advertised remaster, the answer is no. Instead, they published a statement saying "Oops, the press release was wrong."
  10. cafink

    Batman DVD Set Missing Tag Scene In S2 Episode

    They did with the recent reissue of The Neverending Story, which was advertised in the press release as including a remastered version, but actually just re-used the same video master as the previous version.
  11. cafink

    Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow: THE HTF ADDICT 3D REVIEW

    I watched this for the first time last night. It was okay, but I was a little disappointed after all the glowing reviews. I was surprised at how funny the movie was, I guess the premise lends itself to a lot of absurd situations and the script took great advantage of that. And I really liked...
  12. cafink

    WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series Review (See Posts #218 & 356 for Info)

    Weird Science and Sixteen Candles were the ones that had music replaced. The Breakfast Club has always been intact as far as I know.
  13. cafink

    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    My player was set up for a 4:3 TV, too. But unlike DVDs, Blu-rays aren't encoded with a 4:3 or 16:9 video image. Everything is encoded as 16:9, and any other aspect ratio is just letterboxed or windowboxed within that 16:9 frame. So there was no way for the player to "know" that the...
  14. cafink

    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    Before I got an HDTV, I had a Blu-ray player connected to a standard-definition CRT television via composite video. It worked fine, but 4:3 material was problematic in that it was windowboxed within the 16:9 image, which was letterboxed within the 4:3 TV screen, leading to a substantial black...
  15. cafink

    River's Edge (1986) from KL Studio Classics on 1/13/2015

    Coincidentally, I was listening to a podcast interview with Crispin Glover just last week. This movie was brought up, and though I'd never heard of it, I was interested enough in it that I thought I should check it out. I guess I will wait until January to do so on Blu-ray, now!
  16. cafink

    Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Isn't it "A Dame to KILL For"?
  17. cafink

    Jeepers Creepers Double Feature (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    There's already a double-feature Blu-ray of these two titles out there, but with different cover art. I wonder what's different about this one?
  18. cafink

    The Official Disney Movie Club Blu-ray Exclusives Thread

    What exactly is the Disney Movie Club? Customers can't just order these movies from Disney? Their website is surprisingly coy about this. I love The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and would love to buy it on Blu-ray, but this sounds suspiciously like some kind of sketchy subscription service...
  19. cafink

    Could the original, unaltered STAR WARS be on its way to Blu-ray?

    Cleanflicks was a business selling their own edits and trying to make money off of them. It's an apples-and-oranges comparison to fan edits like the despecialized edition. Those kinds of fan edits are created by fans because of their own love for the film, and typically shared for free with...
  20. cafink

    Hades froze over......Wonder Years!

    I'm actually pretty confused about that. There are at least a couple of songs on the "cleared songs" list (like A Kind of Hush and The Letter) that explicitly list artists different than the original, but then there are other songs that are on the "replaced songs" list (like the Blood, Sweat &...
  21. cafink

    Pre-90s catalog on Blu - A comprehensive list

    Wonderful news about The Emerald Forest! It's a visually stunning film, and I've long thought it would be the perfect candidate for a Blu-ray release. I'm very excited to see that it's finally being released.
  22. cafink

    ALIEN 35th Anniversary blu-ray

    I have a modestly-sized HDTV (42"), but have never had any issues watching laserdiscs on it. They don't look great but I find them perfectly acceptable.
  23. cafink

    Seinfeld Season 4 - why is the only season without updated packaging?

    I noticed the same thing every time I peruse the TV section at Best Buy. All of the seasons except 4 are in keep cases.
  24. cafink


    With Weird Al in the news again thanks to his new album, I watched UHF last week for the first time in years. I was struck by how Michael Richards pretty much made the whole movie. I had great fun watching it and would love to purchase it on Blu-ray.
  25. cafink

    TV Shows that are unavailable to DVD due to music clearance BS

    Hey, the fact that a cut version is coming out this year doesn't mean that an uncut version won't be released some day.
  26. cafink

    The Difficulty of Restoration and Preservation in 2K/4K

    "8k is equal to 4"? I don't understand what this means.
  27. cafink

    Hades froze over......Wonder Years!

    The price doesn't bother me in the least, especially given the music licensing issues. But like others, I really don't like that packaging and will probably wait to see what kind of more traditional packaging option becomes available.
  28. cafink

    Hades froze over......Wonder Years!

    I've been following this release pretty closely but this is the first time I've heard Shout put a number on the music clearance. I know they've set the bar pretty high by focusing on the music as a large part of their advertising campaign, but 95% or higher is simply incredible. I never...
  29. cafink

    Nicholas Roeg's THE WITCHES

    Where did you get the information that The Witches was produced for television? I haven't heard that before and I believe it was released theatrically, and the German DVD is widescreen. I'd love an HD release of this movie, in whatever is the intended ratio.
  30. cafink

    Final Destination Boxed Set (2000-2009) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I think this is just a wide release of what was previously a Best Buy exclusive. Yes, it includes only four of the five films in the series and doesn't include the 3D version of the fourth one.