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  1. Lewis Collins

    Co-Workers. Do they drive you mad?

    A few years before I retired I was promoted to a supervisor position of my unit. When you become a member of management you find those who are and are not your true friends quickly. It was sheer Hell and made my decision to retire that much easier.
  2. Lewis Collins

    What Three Albums Would You Most Like To See In Hirez?

    The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper & Abbey Road (it's a tie for me) The Doors - All their studio recordings (have L.A.Woman) ELP - All up through Works I & II (have Brain Salad Surgery) I know The Doors & ELP make it more than three recordings, but it seems that most of their recordings would lend...
  3. Lewis Collins

    New Panny 53wx53 arrived yesterday!!!!!!!!!

    I've been drooling over the 53" Panny for awhile now (and as recently as yesterday at CC)as well as a couple of 51" Hitachis. Substantial price difference between the Hitachis and the Panny. I'm pondering whether or not the PQ of the Hitachis over the Panny is really worth the price difference...
  4. Lewis Collins

    Panny 47" or 53"

    Ralph, The price seems very good. Just keep in mind that as a demo unit the CRTs probably already have agood bit of wear to them. I don't know how many hours they last vs how many hours/day and days Tweeter had it up and running.
  5. Lewis Collins

    Panny 47" or 53"

    Thanks for the info guys.
  6. Lewis Collins

    Panny 47" or 53"

    I'm looking into purchasing either a Panasonic PT47WX53 or PT53WX53, hopefully in the next couple of months. The room it will be in is 12'X12'. Has anyone had any experience with either of these models. Any pros and cons regarding these models.I was also wondering if the the base and the screen...
  7. Lewis Collins

    *** Official "THE HULK" Discussion Thread

    Well, I found myself fast-forwarding alot hoping the movie would get better. It didn't and I finally fell asleep watching it. Ithought the picture quality was pretty good and the sound was excellent. Very good workout for the sub and good use of the surrounds. As a movie :thumbsdown: , I'm glad...
  8. Lewis Collins

    CA shooting caught on tape

    Where are those Catholic school girls when you need them? Heh, heh, heh.:D Sorry couldn't resist. It slipped out before I knew it.:eek:
  9. Lewis Collins

    Female Singer with the Most Beautiful Voice?

    I still get goose bumps listening to Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris & Dolly Parton - together or individually.:p)
  10. Lewis Collins

    new Doors CD Box set?

    I hadn't heard anything about this, but would also be interested. I'd also read in a dvd website (can't remember which one)that The Doors first recording (self titled)would be coming out on DVD-Audio. Haven't seen anyting further, i.e. release date on this.
  11. Lewis Collins

    What is Everyone's Occupation/Age?

    53 - Retired parole & probation agent/field supervisor. Music trivia specialist. Currently considering seeking part-time employment (anyplace but criminal justice system)as boredom is begining to set in and daytime TV leaves alot to be desired. For some reason stocking shelves at Wal-Mart...
  12. Lewis Collins

    The Legacy of Led Zeppelin

    The Tuesday these went on sale I went to my local CC which ran a special - buy the dvd and cd set together for $30. I got there just as they opened. The cds were already on the shelf and they were just taking the dvds out of boxes. I grabbed a set for myself and a set for my 23 year old daughter...
  13. Lewis Collins

    Finding (in your favorite store) CD's that come with Bonus DVDs

    Jesse, In reference to what is on the dvd that came out with the Rush compilation cd, there are videoes of the following songs: (1)"Closer To The Heart" (2)"Tom Sawyer (3)"Subdivisions" (4)"The Big Money" & (5)"Mystic Rhythms".
  14. Lewis Collins

    Mits, Sony, Panny, Hitachi

    Thanks again guys. The article was interesting. I think I'm going to do some window shopping tomorrow, just to see what's out there. There's a Sears, Tweeter, Best Buy & Circuit City all within a couple of miles of each other fairly close to where I live. They're also in Delaware which...
  15. Lewis Collins

    Mits, Sony, Panny, Hitachi

    Tommy & Hugo, What is your source that indicated the Mits 2003 models will have DVI & firewire? Also, when do the 2003 models hit the stores? Do all of the different brands usually bring out their new models about the same time (would make sense if they want to compete). I know questions...
  16. Lewis Collins

    Mits, Sony, Panny, Hitachi

    Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated.
  17. Lewis Collins

    Mits, Sony, Panny, Hitachi

    I'm getting ready to drool over rear projection TVs and the following sets are the TVs I'm considering: Mitsubishi 42" WT42311 Sony 46" KP 46WT500 Panasonic 47" PT 47WX42 Hitachi 43" 43FWX20DB At present I'm leaning towards the Mits. The room this will go in is only 12'X12', which I...
  18. Lewis Collins

    Finding (in your favorite store) CD's that come with Bonus DVDs

    Here's three more that were packaged as a CD/DVD combo. Eric Clapton - "One More Car, One More Rider" - This is a 2 CD set with a DVD (2 hrs) of an LA concert. Rush - "Spirit Of The Radio, Greatest Hits 1974 - 1987" - This is a single CD packaged with a DVD containing 5 videoes. Ringo...
  19. Lewis Collins

    So, who has heard of these 70's performers...?

    I saw Ramatam in concert once as a warm-up act for ELP. It was Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD in the summer of 1972. If I'm not mistaken the drummer was Mitch Mitchell from the Jimi Hendrix Experience. A Ramatam album just might be a collectors item.
  20. Lewis Collins

    Music you liked at 15--Do you still like it?

    The Who. How could I have left them out of the British Invasion line-up? "I Can See For Miles" was and still is a killer song. It is a kick-ass song that holds up very well today. The album "The Who Sell Out" that it was on is a very good listen from start to finish with the BBC style radio bits...
  21. Lewis Collins

    Music you liked at 15--Do you still like it?

    OK, Jim (The Elder) Armstrong, has it over me and Marty age-wise.;) Jim's taste in 50's music is excellent. You can't beat Little Richard. I still have my parent's (sorry JA) copy of The Killers "High School Confidential". I used to play the hell out of that 45. Probably my favorite JLL song and...
  22. Lewis Collins

    Music you liked at 15--Do you still like it?

    Like Marty M, I'm another old fart and I turned 15 in '65. I was heavily into the British Invasion groups at that time - Beatles, Stones, Animals, Kinks, Dave Clark Five, Zombies, etc. I still listen to alot of them today and feel that alot of the music holds up. Of course there's some that...
  23. Lewis Collins

    So... I Bought My First Hooters Album

    I also second TonyD's recommendation for checking out the "A's". Saw those guys perform at the old Brandywine Club on Route 1 in the Chadds Ford, Pa area. Also saw The Hooters perform at The Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Pa. Both very good bands.