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  1. Derek Lauzon

    All the President's Men?

    This is one of my favorite movies and up to now have always resisted buying the current release. Is there any word on if the great movie is finally going to special edition treatment on dvd?
  2. Derek Lauzon

    Movie Death Scenes that really got to you...

    The scene in The Wild Geese when Richard Harris asks Richard Burton to shoot him.
  3. Derek Lauzon

    Movies that you think deserve/ need a special edition

    Shawshank Redemption Color of Money Titanic Deep Impact 2010 Seven Samurai
  4. Derek Lauzon

    Yet another What to Buy HELP

    Hi Mike, I just got the Toshiba 57H82 and can recommend it highly. I paid $2700 CDN and I think it can be had for as low as $1800 US, the new product line is coming out so it's a great time to get a deal on a big screen. Hope this helps.
  5. Derek Lauzon

    Is the Anthem AVM-20 garbage? My dealer said so.

    Patrick, Just take a drive over to Windsor and visit Live Wire. Here is the address for their web site there is a map with directions on how to get there. Great store with great service, not to mention the fact that you would save a ton of money with the U.S. exchange rate.
  6. Derek Lauzon

    Anthem customer service

    One of the channels has gone out on my MCA-5 and I will have to bring it in to be serviced. I was just wondering has anyone had to deal with them and if the experience was a positive or negative one. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  7. Derek Lauzon

    pronto neo or HTM MX-500

    Hi Mark, I purchased the MX-500 a few weeks ago and I love it. The remote is very easy to program and even my wife is able to use it with a little help;) . I have never used a pronto so I can't compare the 2 but I don't think you can go wrong with the MX-500. Check out for...
  8. Derek Lauzon

    Canadian Outlaws

    Thanks for the info Andrew, I wasn't aware that you could get the 1066 that cheap in Canada. Looks like I might have another option.
  9. Derek Lauzon

    Canadian Outlaws

    I'm also looking into getting the 950 to complete my home theater system. I know it's frustrating with all the taxes we pay but the fact is there is nothing out there for $1800 CDN that competes with the 950. The closest is the Anthem AVM-20 a very nice unit but the store I usually shop at wants...
  10. Derek Lauzon

    SVS in CANADA?

    I have owned a 20-39PC since Sept and I love it. Yes it cost more money to get it over here but we only live once, spend if you got;) . If you do not want to spend the extra money the PW2200 is a great sub for the price.
  11. Derek Lauzon

    Bought Progressive Scan....Can't tell a difference!! Help!!!

    Hi Kevin, I just bought a Tosh 4700 myself on Saturday and have been pleased with it's performance so far. The difference in picture quality between my old and new player is not night and day but there is a difference. I find the picture to be sharper and bright colours really stand out. Detail...
  12. Derek Lauzon

    Help with Buying a Progressive Scan DVD player

    Hi Rocky, I just picked up the Toshiba 4700 and for the money it seems to be a great progressive scan dvd player. The picture is outstanding and the build quality is very good for a player of this price. I got my for $400 CDN, I think it can be had for as low as $200 in the states. I hope this...
  13. Derek Lauzon

    Sub Decision: Opinions Please

    Hi Scott, congratz on the new home theater. As far as a sub goes if I were you I would wait and save my money for a better sub then the 2 you have mentioned. The paradigm PW2200 is a great sub for the money and would probably make you happier in the long run. I know it's hard to wait but for...
  14. Derek Lauzon

    Urgent Help: Anthem MCA-5 or Sunfire Cinema Grand

    I have owned a MCA-5 since May and it has been rock solid.
  15. Derek Lauzon

    Ghandi- A+++ Packaging!

    I agree great packaging and the tranfer is great to.
  16. Derek Lauzon

    Yet another home theater page, please check it out.

    Great set up, makes we want to go buy a LD player. I just can't wait for the SW trilogy to be on DVD.
  17. Derek Lauzon

    Shipping SVS to Canada.

    I should be getting my SVS sub today and I was wondering if any fellow Canadians out there can tell me how much the brokage fee was? Thanks in advance.