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  1. Kent Keltner

    Boomtown on DVD!!!

    This news makes me especially happy as I was a big fan of season 1 and have been sitting on the fence on ordering the UK box set. (I think it'd come out to around $80 shipped, though which I can't afford right now... sigh...)
  2. Kent Keltner

    Vacation! Iron Giant SE! Bottom! More AYBS?! More Eastwood! HERE's WB;s SUMMER SLATE!

    Man, so many British shows on that list and YET, no domestic release of SPACED. (At least I have the R2's, but still...) Americans (who didn't stay up at 2-6am to see it on Bravo as that's when they aired the whole series weekly) who love British Comedy should really get the chance to see/enjoy...
  3. Kent Keltner

    Monk - First Season - June 24th!

    Yeah... I saw the stuff before about just the pilot ep... and thought at first on the main page they just made a typo, but to repeat it in the FAQ... and IMO that's something you usually wouldn't confuse (a single episode vs. an entire season on disc...), we'll have to see.
  4. Kent Keltner

    Monk - First Season - June 24th!

    Hey all... I don't know if this is a repeat of info, the search isn't working right now... but I thought I should post it here... Season 2 of Monk airs starting June 20th (Friday) and all previous news said the Pilot episode of Monk would be hitting DVD on June 24th. According to USA's...
  5. Kent Keltner

    So....tell me about FUTURAMA

    God I love this show. So many great episodes. When I heard the show was being put on Hiatus last year, I discovered they were holding a event for the show in LA, so I ordered the Region 2 set (the xbox can easily be made into a dedicated region 2 player, it does pal -> ntsc conversion and even...
  6. Kent Keltner

    Alias possibly coming to DVD in September '03!!!

    From the Mediaweek Neilsen Ratings listing:
  7. Kent Keltner

    Xanadu Region 4

    Yes, Mike. We could tell from the review. I didn't mean "good" as in a good dvd... "good" as in it's not biased by the studios like some stuff here and actually mentions the flaws and gives a detailed comparison against the R1... thereby helping to save importing a horrible disc. I've never...
  8. Kent Keltner

    Xanadu Region 4

    If you mean the 21st Anniversary Edition, there's a really good review of it here. Explains the plusses and minuses compared to the R1 release.
  9. Kent Keltner

    The Ring on DVD - When?

    I was up at the Metreon in San Francisco the weekend before the movie came out and was waiting on some friends there for an anime thing. One wanted to stay until the thing was over, it was 7pm, 90% of it had ended right at 7, and there was only this party with really loud music and a costume...