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  1. Arno P

    Price Sony 1272

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what a good price would be for a Sony 1272 in mint condition ? 3000 USD? Thanks
  2. Arno P

    PTAE-300 manual

    Hi, I am very interested in having a look at the panasonic PTAE300 manual before I buy the projector. Does anyone know if I can find it on internet or does anyone have a scanned-in version? Thanks
  3. Arno P

    Filling factor LCD projector displays

    Actually it's funny that a factor that is that important for the screendoor effect is never mentioned..nor known...
  4. Arno P

    Filling factor LCD projector displays

    Would be good somewhere around 80%. What I heard up till now is a filling factor between 40%...60%....
  5. Arno P

    Filling factor LCD projector displays

    Hello ? No one ....? :-)
  6. Arno P

    Filling factor LCD projector displays

    Does anyone know where I can find information on the filling factor of the LCDs that are used in recent projectors such as the panny 300. It would be nice if this value (pixel area versus pixelgap area) would be standard in the specs. This would give a fisrt indication on the visibility of...
  7. Arno P

    Panny L300 is in and running

    Kai...great to hear...where did you buy it (company) and what was the price...???? I am very curious since our supplier in Holland "Beamerland" can't get the panny...
  8. Arno P

    MLA, which PJ has it, and which one doesnt ?

    Is it true that if the PJ specs don't mention MLA it's not in there ? Is there an overview of PJs that do or dont have it ?
  9. Arno P

    XGA or 9:16

    Seems to be that 9:16 (960x540) almost results in the same resolution as XGA projecting widescreen. Does this mean it is always better to get 9:16 instead of true XGA (PC based) for homecinema ? Extra advantage of 9:16, is that there are almost no "grey" bars.
  10. Arno P

    Any Screen door effect on PT-AE300E

    Has somebody purchased the 300, if yes what are your experiences ?
  11. Arno P

    What projector should I buy ?

    The InFocus X1 almost seems perfect, almost no pixelation, but since it's DLP, the response is rainbow effect. Has anyone experience with the X1 (in general), the rainbow effect and in best case the rainbow effect on the X1 ????
  12. Arno P

    What projector should I buy ?

    Seems an odd question and many people have asked this before, but I would like to hear your advice and experience anyhow. My room will be about 5m long and I expect a screensize of approx 2.5-3 m diagonal. Budget (well in my mind) 2000 USD (I know I always end up higher). And I am thinking...